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Reptile City Reviews 2004-2019

Reptile City Reviews 2004-2019


Review On - 03/24/2004
I just wanted to let you know that I am over and above happy with the scorpion. He was cold at first arrival but he is huge and active and always hungry. We are enjoying him so very much. Thank you for your wonderful service and prompt attention. We will use your company in the future and pass on how happy we were with our new pet.

Review On - 04/14/2004
hi again, i wanted to thank you and compliment you on the quick replacement of our snake. this new one looks very healthy.he is quite a bit bigger so i could not tell my son it was the same snake but he understood.
i just wanted to let you know it was appriciated.
thanks again, tim becicka.

Review On - 07/14/2004
Hello Felton and Nina,

A quick note to say 'Thank You'. Received my turtles today and they are perfect. I will make this letter short and sweet. Quality, delivery, and customer relations are unsurpassed. I asked for specific turtles and you took the time to hand pick them for me. That is wonderful customer service. I even got a choice of the sex I wanted. No one could ask for more! Reptile City is definitely #1 on the net. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

I wish you all well and Great Success!!
William Taylor
P.S. The extra Rio Grande that got slipped in was sooooo cool.....

Review On - 09/14/2004

Thank you for you e-mail, I will look for my shipment sometime after the 21st of Sep. Your website is the best on the Internet, your selection of turtles is also the best and I hope to do much business in the future with you. As I said, I hope the succession of hurricanes this month did not hurt your operations in any way. Thanks Again, Vic

Review On - 10/14/2004

A+ for humane shipping!

hi guys!,
Just wanted to say that you have the most humane shipping for turtles that I have ever seen. I've ordered from other places and not only are they 2 1/2 times more expensive but they also ship the reptiles by truck, which is a 7day trip, compared to your overnight shipping. The turtles you shipped to me arrived in perfect shape and they don't look depressed like my other purchases from your competitors. So thanks again and 3 cheers for taking care of OUR future little pets as well as you do!

Review On - 01/25/2005

I recieved my package today, it arrived well. I thank you for your buisness's patience and promptness when dealing with my replacement. I look forward to doing buisness with you again.

Justin Fraga

Customer Review On - 02/16/2005

Dear Reptile City;
When my pet turtle Titi died, I knew I wanted another friend but was not sure who to trust. After much research on the web I found your site best. There was great information to review and clear decription of many choices. It was hard to decide and Felton was very helpful. Sent on Monday 2/14/05, my 2 new Rio Grande friends arrived well packed and safely at lunch time the next day. Taking them out of the box they were both so bright eyed and with beautiful yellow markings. Felton made great selections!! I could see the difference in their personalities as soon as I put them in their new home. One was more curious, and would stop to look at me, the other likes to hide. They are already eating and happily swimming about. I am enjoying their company and wanted to thank you. I am a very happy and satisfied customer!!

Thank you very much;
Amber Edwards
North Carolina

Customer Review On - 04/28/2005

Our turtle came in the mail today and he is beautiful!! He arrived, seemly, none the worst for wear, alert and active. My children are excited and happy and have gone in searched of earthworms for his first meal in Alaska!

Thank you!

Reptile City Review On - 07/28/2005
My order is here and is in great shape! Thanks to you all as always for you great customer service and healthy pets.

Rich Ruiz

Reptile City Review On - 08/02/2005
Thanks, today I got my stuff I order from you guys for my Gecko now I'm ready and buy a gecko. Also thanks for the fast delivery and everything is great thanks for the free pen. Very satisfied customer glad to do business with you guys. Please let me know when you have sale again and free shipping.


Reptile City Review On - 08/06/2005
Hello Felton: This is Bill from Maryland. I received the Ball Python I purchased last Saturday 7/30/05. The snake arrived in excellent condition.
The snakes coloring and temperment are great. I plan on expanding my collection 1 snake at a time and the ones I choose will be purchased through you. Thanks for the great deal and you will be hearing from me in the near future as soon as I'm set up and ready for my next selection. Thanks again, Bill

Reptile City Review On - 08/29/2005
All was great with this order. There was a snag with the painteds (they died shortly after receipt) but Felton replaced them with older, healthier turtles that are doing fine! The Maps are all doing fine as well.

Thank you for the follow up. Your customer service is what most impresses me about your company.

Thank you again,

Reptile City Review On - 09/11/2005
I got a GREAT little boy anaconda from you he's not agressive i was woundering do you guys haveany female anaconda's that arent agressive if so please e-mail me back right away

Thank hope to hear from you soon

Reptile City Review On - 10/13/2005
Hey! I got my turtle today, and he's swimming around like crazy! Lots of energy. He seems to be doing fine. Thanks again for the fast shipment and great price!


Reptile City Review On - 01/11/2006
you guy's are great thank you i love my new snake. i will be recominding yall to other people.

Reptile City Review On - 01/19/2006
I have received the turtles today. They are all in excellent shape, and they have already been put in their new habitat.

Thanks a lot for everything!!
Luis Miguel Cortell

Reptile City Review On - 01/30/2006
Mr. Felton:

I just want to congratulate you on your business very well done. It is good to see a black man succeeding in life and taking care of his children. Can I just start by saying your site is very resourceful. I love the pictures and the care tips. I have so many of my friends are going to love you and this business that you have put together. Can I just start by saying I am going to bring you a whole lot of business. Also on a side note I wrote to you about emerald swift lizards and pink bellied swift lizards. I wanted to know can I mix a water dragon with the two reptiles or is this not safe? I am asking because I would like diversity in my tank or compatible animals that I can put together that will be interesting.

Reptile City Review On - 02/08/2006
My replacement conehead arrived at 10:30 am. Thank you for the prompt service. All three lizards (with the exception of the dead one) are beautiful and appear to be very healthy. Tokays are hard to find around here, too and they sometimes cost upwards to $90. Coneheads are never seen in pet stores here, either. We could use a reptile store like yours here. Would you be interested in franchising? Anyway, thanks again and your service and animals are exceptional, especially the replacement conehead who is a beautiful specimen.

Eric M. veach

They arrived today, safe and sound. The female Jackson's is GORGEOUS!!!

I'll keep checking your website for new additions to my menagerie. Do you have those milk snakes that are red, black, and yellow striped?

Brian Hoffmann
Fort Collins, CO

Hey i just got my newts a few days ago and i love them ! They seem to be very healthy and compatible with my setup. Only problem ive been having is feeding them...i tried earthworms and bloodworms and they seem disinterensted....I was tryin to feed them with tweezers...Ive been leaving theses things in a certain area of the tank with hopes that they ill eat wehn im not aruond but im not sure if they are...What did you guys feed them or do you know what the people you got these newts fed them ? Any input would be greatly appreciated

Satisfied customer.

Hi Felton,

I greatly appreciate what you have done to make US happy I found your site for crickets in a search for reptiles a now with the kind of customer service we have received we will be returning costomers. Eric Wickline

Felton THANK YOU SO MUCH! The kids love their new exciting turtles! We will tell our friends about you guys!

Nicole Ludtke

Our two turtles arrived today -- both in very good shape. They are now enjoying their new lives in our backyard pond. Thanks for the prompt shipment.



Hello !!!
I received this order almost a month ago. Everything is fine, but I was wondering if the male ball python that I purchased had been fed before shipping.

Could you please tell me what you fed him ? He doesn't seem to like the white mice I give my Desert King Snake.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Shana Robinson

HI, I received the 2 reeves just fine, all is well with them, ferousious little eaters they are! Good swimmers too.

My question is - Can you tell me an approximation as to when they hatched? What month or week of what month were they "born", or how many weeks old at shipment date, I received them December 28, 2006.

Thanks, I am keeping good track of their measurements and growth and I could surely use this information for my comparisons.

Thank you for your service.
Diane Townsend

Hi, my toads arrived and they look great! They are way bigger than I thought, so I was wondering, how old are they?


Thanks for the quick shipping turtle arrived in great condition doing great in its new home. I was very happy with your buisness and will come back again if I ever need a new pet.


Dear Sirs,
My baby ball python arrived yesterday. This snake is perfect, with beautiful markings and so easily handled. I look foreward to dealing with you again.
Thank you all so much,

J. Dyer

I recently purchased a frilled dragon from you, and let me just say I am extremely happy with him! He is doing wonderful and seems to already be used to human interaction, or at least not afraid of me. But because of that I was wondering if you possibly had any sandfish? I did not see any on the website but just to make sure I thought I would send an email, due to the fact that I have already received a healthy lizard from you I would try you guys first. Thanks, Allen

I have to say when I first happened upon Reptile City I wasn't completly sold on purchasing animals online, but I was impressed with the information you presented and decided to give it a try. I'm glad to say that my first impression was completly wrong. I ordered three green tree frogs, the service and transaction was fantastic. All three frogs arrived when you specified and in great health, in fact looked healthier than any local pet stores had to offer. Now, for any more amphibian or reptile needs I will now look on Reptile City before even considering looking in a pet store.

Appreciate the great service and great animals

Thank you,
Allyn Greer
Parkersburg, WV

America Toad


not a doa in the bunch
as felton willis promised recieved my shipment of superworms on thursday, before lunch no less. all are lively and healthy. am planning to dump all other sites i have bookmarked for superworms, and buy exclusively from you fabulous folks. thanks bunches, i now have happy beardies.


I completely understand. An attempt to try to do so, however, is greatly appreciated. I also would like to commend you for running such an outstanding business. I received my original order in a timely manner, and when I did have issues, such as the deaths of two of my reptiles, your company reacted in an expedious manner in order to have replacements sent to me. I have, and will continue, to recommend your company to all of my friends. My son and I are extremely satisfied customers!!!

Thank you,
Sue Webster

Thank you for my rose Hair order i received him/her today and looks very healthy you will be hearing from me very soon in the future and is there a way to know the sex of my tarantula??


Thanks , I love him he's a wonderful reptile. From all the research that I have done I expected him to need some taming at first, but he is very docile. Do you guys work with them to make them more agreeable? Will definitely keep you guys in mind for future orders as I have been very satisfied.

I bought my red tail boa from you and I could not be happier with my boa (he or she) you have a new customer for life and I will let many of my friends know about you. Marco A alicea thank you very much.

Mr. Willis,
Thank you very much for the turtles you sent. You made good choices and I like them very much! Thanks for the extra one!!
Debbie Rice

Montrose, WV

Thank you so much!!!!!
I just wanted to thank you for my awesome Red kneed Mexican tarantula and my baby Goliath Frog! Both arrived healthy and quickly! I have recommended you to several of my friends who love reptiles and amphipians! You guys are awesome and you can bet that I will be back.

My husband said that (Goliath that is what we named my frog),was not a frog but a monster.... lolololol!
Here are few pictures of Zorro and Goliath, and I will be sure to send you more as they grow!
Gosh I cannot thank you enough,your helpfulness and kindness when I called goes far beyond the call of duty!

A very Grateful Customer~
Lori Nauman

Thank you so much! The toads are happy, healthy and big! I had dampened the garden, and thrown down a handful of kingworms. They were very active and hungry. I will enjoy them for years... I will be back again...thanks!


Hi, Felton
Just wanted to thank you for the followup and sending me the replacement horned lizard. She arrived alive and is doing great!

I was so impressed with everything about our transaction and would be very happy to recommend Reptile City as THE absolute first choice to order reptiles from.

I look forward to ordering from you again.

Meanwhile, thanks & take care!

Jim Dillard

Hi. I just wanted to compliment your company. My turtles arrived on time in perfect shape. I was nervous ordering from you guys at first because I thought there was no way that I would receive healthy turtles for such a low price. I have ordered other reptiles online and your turtles arrived in the best shape by far. They are very healthy and active. I will defiantly recommend your site to many people. I can not express how impressed I am! I am really happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Felton.
I received my turtles just a bit ago and they are beautiful! Very healthy looking and active. I am thrilled. Thank you again.
Is it possible to sex the Sulcato this young? Also, when were they hatched?
Thank you!

The Boa came today. Thank you so much. She is very docile. My fiancée wanted to know when she last ate and the size of mice she is on. We would also like to know when she was hatched. He is very happy with her, thanks.


So I received the spiders today as you stated I would. I must say they are absolutely incredible specimens. I tried to call earlier to tell you by phone but was unsuccessful. They are all tucked into their new enclosures and have already eaten. I hope the Chaco golden knee will be as spectacular. Please let me know about the status of this spider and the adjustment of price to my order. Thanks again.....
They are gorgeous.

Wanted to let you know that we received our newts (all 8) as scheduled the next day. They arrived healthy, and unstressed, perfectly packed. They started to eat immediately which is always a good sign of a healthy animal. A month later they are all still thriving and a few are very fat!!! They are beautiful. We have them in a 55 gallon aquarium half filled with water with ramps for them to come out of the water, under water logs, and plants which they love to climb in. A fluval canister filter keeps the water crystal clear but we also have done water changes to clean up leftover food. Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our newts being so healthy and beautiful and to thank you for them!

Elizabeth Smith

Thank you so much for the Tarantula. She came unharmed and flawless. Her color is amazing!! "Blueberry" is happily roaming her new home. I thank you once again for being so cooperative and helpful with my order.

Sent from my iPod
Chris Lowry

Hello Felton its Bryan, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and hard work. My pigmy chameleon and marbled salamander arrived great and in perfect condition. They are eating great since the first day they arrived. Thank you for everything and I look forward to buy all my pet needs from you guys.

I just want to thank Reptile City for the great service I had with you. I received my white-lined gecko today on time and with no problems at all! He seems to be in great condition and healthy. I was very worried about ordering a lizard online, but my worries are over. I will continue business with Reptile City in the future. Thanks again!

Jonathon Bielek

Dear Reptile City,
I am a new reptile owner and have recently purchased a fire skink from you. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for its timely and safe arrival at my house earlier today. After (he?) arrived, I put it in his tank and after observing him for a few hours; he didn't move or do much. He ate 1 of the 3 crickets I gave him, but the other two he just captured in his mouth and killed them, but spat them back out and didn't eat them. Is his lack of eating and activity due to stress and he will become more active when he is more used to the habitat? Or is it just normal fire skink behavior? Please shed some light on this for me.

Thanks for the help,

hello guys
again i love your site and your business. they arrived all alive and seem to be in great health. you guys are great. thank for you services. nina and felton thanks.

I just received my turtle after his harrowing journey. Because of your great love and care of your reptiles he is doing just great. I want to thank you for going beyond what anyone else would have done in assuring the safe arrival of our new family member. Again thank you. You can bet I will be a returning customer.

Joseph R Crawford

Mr. Willis,
Thank you for the tracking information, I just received my toad and he is beautiful! He looks very healthy and alert and was packaged very carefully! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Crawford

dear reptile city,
my name is ryer appeldoorn, in the past i have made only a single purchase from your company, this being to a lack of funds, however there is something i must tell you. In the past year i have called many, many, many times with questions about my new found love of turtles, every time be it day or night i have been met with a cheery man by the name of felton, who is always ready with good answer.....and at times, especially in the late hours a good conversation, it is quite a thrill to hear talks of the business and help with my two small hatch-lings. Thank you reptile city and thank you felton, you have made my experience with turtle keeping all that more enjoyable. I plan to be a long time costumer and will be making purchases again soon with my summer job starting again and with the new wave of new-born that will be filling your hatcheries. Springs a comin here in Michigan and that means long walks with the turts! Thank you once again -Ryer C. Appeldoorn

Hello again I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful service my scorpion arrived today alive and in good condition, I will be ordering from you guys in the future thanks again. :)

Thank You!! I received a beautiful black corn snake--- a bit cranky but healthy-- he ate, drank and hid in his new home.... I look forward to ordering from you again in the future...

May 21, 2010

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Willis,

I received our tokay gecko this morning and he looks great. I wanted to thank you for quickly responding to all of our questions and concerns.

Thank You,
Angela Dimond


Hey Felton!
Thanks for the follow up. She's doing great! She has been eating regularly since May 10th, and has shed twice since receiving her. I've attached a picture that I just took of her. As you can see, she's growing great! She was almost 2 inches thick when I received her, she's now just over 4 inches thick at her thickest point.

I've been feeding her an adult mouse every 5 to 7 days. Any advice on feeding? Or is this still a good schedule for now?

She's a fantastic snake. I handle her almost every day (with the exception of after feeding or during shedding) and she's always been very calm and docile. Very great for a first snake. I love her and am very happy with my purchase! Thanks again for all of the assistance!!


Mr. Willis,
I've received the turtles, and they are very energetic and appear healthy. Thanks for the great communication and all your help. You can expect to see me as a returning customer. Take care and thanks again.

Stephen Matheson

Hey this is Rick Lister with the Pacman frog. I just wanted you to know I got him today and he is perfect. He is in his new home and I already fed him 3 wax worms and 1 cricket. I think he'll like it here. Thank you so much. He's perfect. I'll definitely order from you again. Rick

Hi Felton,

Just so you know I have left the vet and he is amazed at what good health the new family member is in. He asked where I got him from so he can give references to clients wanting a new chameleon....Thanks alot for my new pet and he has taken very well to his/her new habitat....You guys need an endorsement and I would be happy to send one....Thanks so much...I have wanted a senegal for a long time and you sent me a fantastic specimen.

Thanks so much...Michael

I just got them, and they all arrived okay. Wow, some are huge! I could almost put a saddle on them and ride them! Thank you SOOOO Much!!!!!


I just wanted to let you guys/gals know how happy I am with this order. My basilisk arrived yesterday early. It's even better looking than the pictures, I know it's too young to sex, but it's gorgeous. The service and communication through out the purchase was wonderful. I just wanted you to know 5/5 stars! I'd recommend to anyone looking purchasing a reptile to go through Reptile City.

Thanks from a very happy customer!

Thank you very much Felton. The new chameleon is very healthy and doing fine, I think maybe the other one was dehydrated and maybe to old to travel. I know it was not your fault and I appreciate you taking care of the problem, promptly. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
Thank You

Thanks for the link exchange and thanks for sharing the story of your business. It was an inspiration and I told my family about it. I linked to your site on the right side of my blog for lizards and I will also provide a link in my next herp outing post. God has blessed you with motivation and obviously a good sense of business. Moving back to Texas to bring your kids closer to their mom was a kind thing to do. I have a co-worker that would never do that for his ex. I consider the experiences that I have had with my family to be sacred and I know that the greatest work that we can do is within the walls of our own home. It was good to talk to you personally.

Best regards,
Robby Robbins

dear reptilecity,
My turtles , scorpions and hermit crabs we're delivered on time on 10/14/10, and am very pleased with what was delivered on time and all seem to be eating and doing well thus far. I was wondering if u could get what is commonly called the "rainbow land/water crab" or "patriot crab" Latin "cardiosoma cardiosoma" or the the Florida land crab Latin name "Cardisoma Gunhami"...if u could get these crabs I would order ten crabs or more. These crabs seem do well in captivity and have had three for more than two years. Please`let me me know if u can get these these crabs as i am eager to add more to my collection...Thank u very much Nina and Felton for the pets i have received and please email me if could get, find or locate these land/water crabs for me...any help with this matter would be greatly regards....sincerely a loyal customer----michael giambro


She arrived about half an hour ago! She's awesome! Looks great! My one question is are they eating live or frozen? And I should probably let her get used to her new enclosure for a few days before attempting to feed, right? Thanks again for everything! It's been a wonderful buying experience!!

THANK YOU, My turtles arrived today, they are in home already. They look fantastic, healthy and pretty smart.

Thanks again.

Thank you so much for the baby savannah monitor and the knight anole. The monitor looks amazing--his colors are vibrant. I am a little worried about the knight anole, though (don't worry, I'm not asking for any refunds).

If you don't mind, what do you feed your knight anoles? I offered him a cricket today, and the way he looked at it it was like he'd never seen one before. He flared at it and even ran away from the insect when it got too close. I also noticed that the anole has several scars on his head. One of his eyes worries me. I'm assuming you keep several anoles in one cage, and the males fought?

Once again, I am impressed with the savannah monitor (he ate amazingly today--several crickets and two jumbo worms). Would you happen to know the exact, or even the approximage date of which the 2010 baby's were born?

I loved the fast shipping, but as a new customer, I was shocked to see that both reptiles came in the same carrier--the savannah monitor under the knight anole. I realize that your company has been handing reptiles and probably breeding them far longer than I have, and you might call me crude for finding this a bit out of necessity. As a customer, I would suggest utilizing fabricated bags. They're dark, you can separate the animals, it gives them something to hold onto instead of slipping on a plastic tub, is flexible enough for the animal to move around in and they take up less space than a solid, plastic object.

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job--nor am I entirely complaining. I'm a satisfied customer that's offering a bit of customer-insight.

Thank you for your business. I appreciate it.
Jamie McElroy.

November 11, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
People are so quick to complain and cuss and fuss when things don't go as expected. It is rare that we take the time to tell someone or a company that they did a great job. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am thrilled with the service I received and my Red-Eyed Tree Frogs. They arrived when you stated they would, and most importantly, they arrived alive and in great health. Two of them even ate Friday evening, which was a great sign. The third ate Saturday morning. They are absolutely beautiful and I am so happy with Reptile City. I have added your company to my list and will be ordering my frogs from you in the future. I am so glad that I found your company. Thank you so much!

Adonnis Goldstein
Earth Science Information Center
Reston, Virginia

My spider is doing well. Getting big already...thank you

Sent from my iPhone

Just read your email and THANK YOU very much. I will gladly do more business with your company in the future. Once again thank you for staying on top of the situation.

Justin Hiles

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Hey Felton I just wanted to let you know I received my White's in the mail today. He looks amazing!!! It didn't take him long to ease up from the stress of being in a box all night. I put him in the terrarium with some crickets and he took to them right away. My other frog is in for quite a surprise when she wakes up tonight haha! Thanks again, it was really great doing business with you!!

Hi Felton,
I received the package today -- I'm very pleased with everything, the animals all look great! Any chance you've had any luck with the Burmese Python?


Eagle River tortoise order
My Sulcata baby tortoise arrived on a Wisconsin cold day. I was alittle concerned and called reptile city. The man I talked to assured me the lil guy/gal would be fine just given time. He told me to put him under the hottest part of the heat lamp. Well with in fiftenn mins the lil thing was up and running laps around his enclosure. Within fiftenn mins after that he was enjoying a meal of cut up and soaked in warm water orchard grass. He later found his cool spot for the night in his hide box and all is great.

Thank you reptile city for a great experience, I WILL be ordering again in the spring. And I hope to be passing down my lil sulcata to my son and grand kids one day.

Tabitha in Wisconsin

Received the Senegal Chameleon, he's doing fine

Hi Felton,
My carrier lady delivered him to me right away ( that is the nice thing about living in a small rural farm town) after she called to let me know that he had arrived, she told me she could drop him off .Within 15 min. he was home. He is doing fine, very thirsty, but fine. He looks really nice & I am very pleased. I will try to feed him some mealworms( will be feeding him crickets when they arrive). I will definetly be looking forward to doing business w/ you in the future. Thanks for such a nice specimen of senegal chameleon. Thank you, Sincerely, Linda Denton

You’re Eligible for Huge Discounts with Reptile City!

Just thought I would respond to your e-marketing- our 2 baby southern painted turtles (the boys named them snuggles and r2d2) are doing really well.

Happy New Year, and thanks so much for all of your help.
Sorry I was such a crazy mommy/client!
We love our new additions.
Chantal Kreviazuk

Rough Skin Newts

They arrived !!!!! Very Nice and large!!!!!
Thanks again and have a great weekend!!!!
Steve Muchnick

Spike's got a buddy

Just letting you know spike is doing great he fits in just fine. He sits on our shoulder while we clean his cage. He loves getting on my sons head and sleeping up there. Thanks again
Chris Woodard

PS he is eating 4 crickets a day is that too much. Check out picture pretty cute. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Order 23135

Got my pygmies early this morning and they all look great!!! Thank you very much for working with me through all of this and for honoring your word that you would get them to me! Hope all is well and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again!



Thanks for the beautiful ball phyton .I recieved it today is it a male or female and can U tell me of the last day of feeding?Very Happy to have done business with U and most definetly be doing business in the near future.Again I say THANKS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Awesome healthey reptiles

I would like to start this off by saying thank you. I have recently purchased an Asian water monitor from you guys and it is doing very well. I was extremely pleased with the extra precautions that you took to ship it to the cold part of the u.s.a. when I opened the box it was warm in their and when I untied to bag that "she" because I have not seen the hemipiens yet. Was as healthy as could be. she is still kind of flighty thou and is extremely curious about her surroundings I have seen her eat but every time I put in about 20 crickets they are all gone by morning so its safe to say she is a good eater. I was thinking about stating her on some small portion beef liver soon. I have her in a 40 gallon long for now until I get her some substantial growth. I think I have finally found a reliable store to purchase my reptiles from I will see you this summer for either a Nile monitor or a boa. it should be warmer here in Montana by then thank you so very much. I am pleased to have purchased from you guys because you actually care about the animal instead of the dollar you rock thanks.

-Bo Jemison

-Bozeman, Montana

Bless you!. ..We would love another Mississipp map if possible, their personalities are awesome. Or anything else with a quirky personality like that. You guys are great!


I just wanted to let you no that both of my savannahs made in perfect condition. This was my first time buying reptiles online and thanks to your help and easy to use web site it was a great expierience for me. i will definately refer your site to anyone and everyone because you take the extra step in helping and satisfing your customers. From now on i will only be buying reptile via reptile city because its much nicer than going to some crazy reptile expo or show!!!!! And your prices cannot be matched. Thank you again for making this expierience a great one.
Thank you for your help and Great communication skills,

Green Snakes

Safe delivery! I got my new babies home within about 35 minutes of receipt, and now they are in a 30g Extra Tall vivarium, with live plants and circulating water feature! They seem to be settling in very well, especially right after shipping!

Thank you!

Red Slider (3-4 inch)
Order received this afternoon. Was very pleased with the specimen and the attention you gave to shipping and the care of the turtle. Will highly recommend your business to others. Thanks again. Bill Tucker

Thank You very much
I was very pleased with I ordered sun. Night and got my 3 red eye tree frogs wed. They were beautiful and healthy I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else and as for the reveiws I read they didn't know what they were talking about anyone looking to buy exotic pets is the place to go Thank You again Sherra Greathouse

Reptile City Order 24041
thank you ,our reptile has arrived alive and well .hats off to you . ben

Hello Felton
The little monitor arrived in fine shape, and it looks absolutely great!
Thanks so much for the careful selection and outstanding service overall.
All the best!

Reptile City Order 24316
The animals arrived fast, in good condition.
Looking good! Two thumbs up

-- Alan.


Hey, The newt came today at about 1:00. He looks great. Thanks so much for everything. Bryce

A late thank you. But thank you!!!
We got our ball python and the brazillian rainbow boa. Both are beautiful and in amazing health. They are feeding well. I look forward to next years order thinking of them beautiful emerald tree boa. Thanks again. And sorry for your suffering on. My behalf of the phone number again sorry to your wife. Till next season. I,ll give you a thumbs up and a+services. Great doing bissniss with you. Al and Dorothy Thornton

Reptile City Order 24307
Hi Felton
Finally the order arrived, Very amazing!! just one green frog died,
Thanks a lot!! the frogs are beautiful and healthy. Sorry for all the free shipping misunderstanding, Please let me know the express service shipping charges to Puerto Rico. Im planning to make a more bigger order, I made this one like a trial.

Thanks again for everything, Im very satisfied with your product and service

San Juan P.R

Reptile City Order 24392
I was a little hesitant to purchase online but, Reptile City maintained their great reputation. All my questions and concerns were handled in a very timely manner.
My agama arrived on time and in perfect health. He was packaged safely and is already settling in to his new home.

Reptile City Order 24459
Hi Felton,
The frogs arrived perfectly on time, in excellent and healthy condition, I'm very amaze with the sizes, very satisfied.

I'm looking for bullfrog or tadpoles and water frogs, can you give me your advice, what species can I get, if you have it will be best, let me know and thanks again

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Fire Bellied Newts
The newts arrived this a.m. in fine condition and are 'frolicking' in their tank. Thank you for the excellent communication and service.

Best regards,
Mark Leavitt

Pygmy Chameleons
Felton: what an operation!! from being able to pick the delivery date to a delivery time that was within the hour of expected-amazing. the shipping method and packaging was fantastic. when given there jungle they hesitated for a long time about getting out of there cups that they were obviously quiet comfortable in. they are beautiful, perfect little pygmies who ate immediately. it's all great here. my hesitations are gone and you are my new chameleon connection. thanks again. Sue

Fishers Chameleon
He is here and he is ALIVE!! WOO HOO! Thank you. Do you want to skip sending us the Zoo-Med Reptile Bark and apply that towards what we owe you?
Just let me know
Sorry for the hassle Felton!
If you could only see the smile on my son’s face. Just know that there is one excited boy in Iowa!

Thanks again

Blue Tongue Skink
I just wanted to formally thank you and tell you how impressed I am. I will admit that I was terrified to order an animal online for many reasons. That said, my concerns,(and there were many,) were addressed patiently, professionally, and promptly. I was reassured every step of the way. You made the experience a wonderful one and I can't thank you enough for that. My blue tongue skink arrived safely today and is adjusting very well this evening. You guys raise some hardy skinks, I expected him to be to stressed to eat and yet everytime I look at him he's at the food bowl, lol.

p.s. If you have to deal with people like me everyday may God bless you!!!

Nile Monitor
I received the Nile yesterday and he looks very healthy he is already eating crickets and mealworms he's just a little aggressive but I expect that from a Nile. Thanks for being so kind and sending the replacement I will be referring friends and family to you as well as ordering for myself from you so if you have deals on tegus or ball pythons I will be ordering soon

thank you!
The baby turtles arrived in good condition! On top of that, they came right on time as you had promised.
I want to thank you for following through. It's nice to know there are business still left that are committed to the customers who count on quality and integrity. We appreciate you- rbaucum

Reptile City Order 25335 Pygmy Chams’
My son (5 years old) got all interested in Chams'. We both did research and built a habitat together to house the Chams. We found your site and read all the valuable articles and decided to buy 4 Pygmy chams for from you guys. The price was right and the shipping rates were also reasonable. We bought 2 males and 2 females. The were ordered during Memorial Day weekend...i figured they would not get here for atleast 2 weeks. but, I got an email that they were shipped. I got them on June 2nd. Very quick.
We both opened the packaging and found 4 very happy and energetic chams. My son was soo happy. We placed the containers in the tank and they all climbed up into the new home.
I have to say, you run an excellent business. We have book-marked your site and will be doing business again.
Thank you,
Tushar D.
Old Saybrook, CT.

Hard to tear myself away from the pygmies and newts long enough to write this, but I wanted to add my testimonial to the others. You guys are great - always available to answer questions and help a newbie out. You instantly made good on the poor little guy who didn't make it - :0( - and as soon as his replacement arrived he did his job! We are now expecting to see some hole-digging in about 45 days. Everyone is eating well and the crickets are arriving on time to keep everyone fed and happy.

Your fan,
Lisa Neall in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Thank You
Just a little line to thank you for your very educational page on how to care for your pet was actually really interesting. This started out as my son's rescue turtle...they emptied my nephew's pond ...and of course my son...Price...with his big heart...came home toting THREE baby...TURTLES!!!! I had NO idea how to care for these THINGS! NOW...they are MY lil babies!!! I love em. Each with their own lil quirks and funnies!!! Thanks for breaking it down momma terms! I'm so excited to learn how and WHY I need to take care of my new babies....thanks again.Amy

At approximately 2:35 PM, 30 apparently healthy turtles arrived and quickly scampered into my pond. Thank you very much. You may well have more business from me soon.
Bill Berg

Hi Felton:
I want to thank you for the two cute red eye tree frogs! They are eating nicely and are adapting well after that long "trip" from your place to mine! They are in a ten gallon tank now, and as soon as I get my terrarium (it's on back order) I will get two more to keep them company!
I have to repeat what another testimonial stated because it holds true for me too: "If you have to deal with people like me everyday may God Bless you!" Thanks again Felton!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
You've done it again, Reptile City crew! I just got my White's tree frog in the mail about an hour ago. She's gorgeous!! Very healthy and energetic! As soon as I turned her loose, she was all over the place exploring. The wait was a bit longer than I anticipated this time but it was well worth it! You have satisfied me once again. Keep up the good work!

-Brandon Hallberg

Green Ameiva
Hey its Sam again I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you guys did. I am at work but my sister sent me a picture of my green ameiva in his new home. He looks amazing very healthy she said. She put him in his home and he started digging away I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to future business with you.


Reptile City, - (pink-sideneck, hinged sideneck)
Thanks for two awesome baby turtles. They have a lot of character and are adapting well to their new environment. I'm very excited for their new adventures.

Jon Verst

Turtles got here and look great.
Thanks for your help

School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University

My son, Jack, received his turtles by around 11:30 Monday as you said in your e-mail, and he was very, very excited. I know that you gave Jack a personal phone call that afternoon to make sure everything was OK. I thought I would personally thank you for that, and the overall buying process as well. It exceeded what I would typically expect from an on-line pet store. (or even a local store for that matter) Excellent…thanks again,

John Schroeder

Reptile City Order 26017
They always say "The third times a charm." Now, I am inclined to agree as this is the third time they have delivered great results. My 3 armadillo lizards came in and they are in great health. Felton was able to get the size that I wanted and was even able to accommodate the shipping date I requested. I will always be a customer. Thanks again.

Reptilycity has always provided with me with excellent customer service, and excellent species of turtles, hermit crabs and scorpions etc. I HAVE never been dissapointed with the product I have recieved. Mr. Felton Williams and Nina have always been attentive to my needs, and have ALWAYS followed up with the orders, to ensure that the product I recieved arrived and to ensure that I have been satisfied. Both Felton and Nina seriously care about there customers and products. I recommend them above any other reptile company to deal with and give them a 5 STAR RATING. Felton and Nina are a joy to deal with, so anyone looking for quality products, reptiles, hermit crabs, etc should DEFINITELY order from reptilecity, you will not be dissappointed.

Winchester, MA

RE: Reptile City Order 26617
Thank you so much! Our new addition to our family, a baby turtle, arrived today healthy and vivacious! It's 20 gallon tank has been made ready and the little turtle immediately dove into the water from the landing pad!

Warm regards,
Cheryl L.

Thank You Felton! Received Horn Toad 12:45PM PST. He looks to be in excellent shape. The first thing he did was drink water after I misted the terrarium. Will give good feedback.

Thanks again,
Rick Mercer

Thank you for the replacements they arrived live and well! Thanks also for sending me a bigger size baby iguana!Will definitely buy more reptiles from you guys in the future!

Thanks, Walter

New Southern Painted Baby
Good Morning Felton,

First and foremost, thank you for delivering a happy and healthy baby southern painted turtle! I really appreciate all of your help and such a prompt delivery. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and thank you for your patience with me, a worrisome "expectant mother." :)

Here is a picture of #30 :), now known as Gonzo, in his new home.

Thank you so much again,
Kristina Gadek

I received my replacement tiger salamander today and I’m happy to say that he was in great health this time, very active, and has quite the appetite. I just wanted to e-mail you and say thank you for shipping me a replacement even though you were not obligated to. I appreciate this kind of attention as a customer and any future reptiles or amphibians I purchase will most defiantly be through you guys…once again thank you the tiger salamander.

Mr. Willis,
I just wanted to thank you for your sophisticated customer service to a first-time buyer. You made everything smooth and practical from the get-go. The package did arrive safely as you mentioned below, as a matter of fact, it arrived early. The baby turtle looks very healthy and upbeat; it adapts very quickly to my 20 gallon tank. I've attached some pictures of the turtles as you requested. Thank you again and pleasure doing business with you.

Reptile City Order 27706
I just received my new ball python and its beautiful. I love it!
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Thanks Felton! I got my frogs they are alive and well. It was a pleasure form you. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

Thanks again
Kenneth Kemmler

Received the pr. of juvenille Veiled Chameleons ~11:30, and they are LOVING life!! What a lively, curious, cute pr. of chams! I've seen both of them eat already (YAY!!), and am enjoying watching them explore their new home!! Thanks Felton, you're the BEST!!
Jennifer Bussiere

If I had to sum up Reptile City in one word that would be it; I now have two vibrant, healthy additions to my circle of Friends- Aerogon- grn Iguana, Buddy - mountain horned dragon. Both are quickly adjusting and are very positive additions to our family. I may have to change Buddy to Bubba, I swear He looked at me this morning and in his eyes, He was asking, which way did that cricket go boss.

Halloween Moon Crabs Order 28896
I want to say I love ordering from you guys the Halloween crabs I ordered are doing great they are active and already eating. They are just what I wanted and the delivery was earlier then expected. My order number was 28896. I would recommend your site to others I have already told people about your site that buy reptiles online all the time. I am looking forward to buying more animals in the future and I already know where i am going to get them.

My Graceful
Oh my goodness he/she is soooo beautiful! thank you so much! he/she has so much energy so wonderful! thank you for taking care of her/him this time i will definitely be making another purchase again soon. thank you! can you tell me if it's a female or a male? i will be taking him to the vet soon but untill then.