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Updated 01/22/20 @ 8:30am

   Frogs & Toads Care

Bufo melanostictus
Asian Black Spiny Toad (adults)
Asian Black Spiny Toad (adults) Quantity in Basket: None
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Species: (Bufo Melanostictus)
Size and Longevity:
This toad belongs to the bufonidae family and is usually an olive green color when it is small and turns more of a brown to grayish color at adulthood. Their bodies are bumpy with their heads being smooth. These toads are a mid-sized toad with the female being reported to reach a size of 150 mm and the males reaching a size 138 to 144 mm in length. During the breeding season the male will turn a light orange or yellow under the throat and they like to chirp and croak a lot.
Habitat and Caging Requirements:
This species is usually quite plentiful in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and India. They seem to do well with live plants to climb around on. These toads are kind small and can be kept in pairs in a vivarium or in a 20 to 30 gallon or larger tank with LED or florescent lighting. Do not mix this species with another species of frogs in the same tank.
You can decorate the tank with wood, plants, and rocks, they seem to do well in a semi-aquatic setup, part land and part water. You need to make sure that there is no opening big enough for your pet to escape or big enough for another pet such as a cat or dog to be able to grab your pet. You do not want that to happen.
You can use plain soil, a soil and sand mix, or a commercial brand like bed a beast for substrate. Some people have reported success using gravel. If you do choose soil remember to make sure that it does not have fertilizer in it. You can add live plants and foliage to the habitat along with pieces of wood such as coco wood or drift wood and you can also add rocks.
Filtration of the tank is preferred with this species and I would suggest using an under gravel filtration system for this species.
If you do use a filtration system there is one rule of thumb you need to follow: when using a pump for your filtration system, think small! If you use a large pump it could put your pet frog in danger because over-filtration will filter out the microscopic microorganisms that keep the acid content of the water under control and could allow the PH acid content of the water to rise to unsafe levels for your pet. This is a good rule of thumb to follow for all amphibians whether they are frogs, newts, or salamanders: Do not over-filtrate and you will have a healthy pet for a long time to come.
Temperature and Lighting Requirements:
You want to use low-wattage bulbs for the best results and to avoid over-heating your pet. The comfortable temperature for these animals is 70 to 75 degrees during the day with a slight drop to around 65 degrees at night. It's best to use LED lighting or some other very low wattage lighting system.
Feeding and Nutrition:
Feeding your pet toad is relatively easy. They seem to fare well on crickets, fruit flies, moths, mealworms, wax worms, and super worms. These toads will readily eat once a live food item is put in front of them. This toad does not prefer to eat freeze-dried foods.
Handling and Care:
I know these little guys are so cute that you’re going to want to handle them all the time right? However, when you first get them it is a good idea to put them in their new home and mostly enjoy watching them as they get use to their new home. Feed them well for at least a couple of days. This is a really good idea for any new pet that you get. Then gradually start to handle them from time to time. This is called acclimatizing your animal, which cuts down stress, which in turn makes your pet happier and healthier.
Sexing Your Animal:
Although it is sometimes difficult to tell the sex of your toad when they are small and immature it begins to become more obvious as the animals become larger and mature. The male is smaller and seems skinnier and the female is usually a bit larger and rounder. During mating season the male will turn a light orange or yellow color under their throats and they will chirp and croak.
Written By: Howard Stinson

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