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My son really wants a salamander, but the shipping of 39.95 is killing the deal on other sites. It says free shipping on orders over $25.00? I'd like to get him one for $30 to my door if possible.
Les Van Pelt

Testimonials and Reviews 2019

Reptile City Shipment Confirmation
Hi I just wanna say I received my 5 red ear slider babies all alive in good health looks like just want to say thank you and I will recommend you to all my family and friends ! Thank you so much again Elizabeth Russell n her happy 4 year old son !!!

Reptile City Order 158325
Thank you so much for my husbands variable thayeri king snake!! He is healthy and beautiful and we are very happy!!! Definitely look forward to buying from you again!!

12/25/2019 Lizard pics
Hey Felton,
Happy promised, I'm finally getting around to sending you some pics of the beardie and Anoles I got from u guys...Rather than weed through all of them, I figured I'd just send them all, lol. After all, is there anything more photogenic than a lizard? Beard it es are great subjects as they'll let you do anything with them. Maybe just shoot u some dirty looks, lol.
The Anoles are hilarious, I really like them but they can practically fly and are escape artists...unfortunately, the male, Belafonte, is now down to one wife...The other females got past my best efforts to barricade their tank top...found one in a big plant in my bedroom, but the others....nowhere to be found. I will get him some more girls in near future. They have their own tank; I only had them in with Stevie during cage cleaning etc...Stevie has a really cool, curious personality. Eats well and us almost 8 inches long now I think . I'm anxious for her/him to get big though. A very, smart, active little lizard.
They're all hella entertaining...I literally sit and watch them for hours...I handle Stevie everyday which she mainly puts up with.. ok, that's all that is current in lizard land for niw... will send more pics as I acquire them ... slightly obsessed, O am...
I'm so bummed out that I cant get another horned lizard...they are among my favorites. If you can recommend amother docile lizard like the bearded Dragon I'd be interested in hearing an opinion. I have extra tank space available now and would like to get another variety that can be handled Etc
Thanks, Michelle Molloy
Portland, OR

pacman frogs
Thank you so much for the frogs! They arrived this morning, healthy and alert. Thanks for everything, hope to do more business with you in the future!
-Vince W.

Blue Iguana
Thank you very much I love him

Reptile City Shipment Confirmation
Got them thank you for the beautiful pink toes

The southern toads arrived today, all 3 are living.
Thank you,
Tenafly Nature Center

Nile Monitor
Felton just a thank you 4 my Nile the ups finally delivered but in the mail box Not to the door By the way its rain&strong cold wind even with that it's in good health and eating well

Tokay Gecko’s
I greatly appreciate a boss have a great holiday I just wanted to ask is it are they definitely male and female right? And if you can can you tell me what they were feeding on I appreciate it I'm going to give you a great review.
Thank you
t. gunnz

Merry Christmas
Thank you! ps. you guys are my absolute favorite place to order reptiles, keep it up :))

Yellow Bellied Slider
Got 'em, thanks! Look forward to growing them out this winter for our pond
Andrew MacLean

Green Iguanas
Just got both in today, my little boy loves them thanks bro bro I'll definitely order from you again thumbs up and thank you

ornate uromastyx
Hey Felton, just wanted to thank you for the ornate uromastyx. Arrived on time and looks great! Look forward to doing business in the future!
Mark J.

Sulcata Tortoise
Thanks for putting this together for me I knows it was a pain hope you made some on it he’s great shell is 18 inches how old would he be is this what you called a sub adult?
Brain Miller, CA

Blue Iguanas
Just got both in today, my little boy loves them thanks bro bro I'll definitely order from you again thumbs up and thank you
Fredrick Landry
Lake Arthur, LA

Mangrove Monitor
Wow! Incredible customer service thank u!

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Cool beans thanks man, just wondering are they going to be from the same clutch? And I want to thank you for your hospitality and customer service, your good in my book Thanks again Felton

RE: My bad
Me being a jerk aside do you have any more green snakes?
S. Farrow

Water Dragons
Just want to thank you so much. And they are so cute. They were alive and ready to go

Re: Shipping Cost
Mr. Willis,
Thank you so much :)
I really appreciate your kindness and cooperation as I know you are very busy and such.

Order number 155359
The turtles I ordered are doing great, Will order again, probably in the Spring, Thank you!

Free Shipping
I had shopped numerous sites for an okeetee corn snake and your site offered free shipping, I was so thrilled to also receive a discount and have a choice of male or female for the same price, the other sites wanted more for the female, Thank you for helping with my pet snake.
Also got to speak with live rep. first call. Answered all my questions.


Reptile City Order 148144
Our happy little turtle arrived this morning. I see that you have a 3 day warranty, but so far all is well.
Thank you and God Bless,

Sulcata Tortoises

OMG!!! we got them and they r alive and healthy!! All i can say is Wow u guys r awesome talking about overnight to Alaska.. Thank you very much, you definitely got everyone in my house very happy
Definitely!! u guys rock

Free Shipping
Thank you for your work and fine products. I purchased two “buy one get two” baby snapping turtles but there was no way to choose one male and one female. I defaulted to two males on my order. I hope to live long enough to bring these to maturity in a natural fenced pond and would like a pair if you can ship me both sexes. I will wait quietly now and send my thanks for your free shipping option. Thanks!

Great Order of Toads
Felton the toads arrived just a little while ago and they were in beautiful shape they did a great job of packaging them and the big toads I've never seen any on my own property that big you really did a good job thank you very much for the good service really appreciate it and again it was packaged very nicely of the little ones and each on the little container and then the big toads in their sack and they made it here perfect thank you again definitely will recommend your services

Your Reptile City Inc. Order
we did and thank you for making me understood and it show how much you really care where all your little guys are going!! you had no i idea how much this kids excitement was and my wife still doesnt know shes getting those tortoise also.

Re: Brown Anoles
Got them, all are in great shape. That's for putting that heat packet in there for them!

Blood Red Cornsnake
Thanks again. I couldn't be happier

Jumbo Hermit Crabs
Good evening,
We received our hermit crabs and they look great. We just want to thank you
The LeBlanc

All the lizards just arrived! On time as per the FedEx email a d all in good shape. They are all so cute and appear to be really healthy. Thanks for taking care of this for me and for picking out such nice animals. Well, I'm off to the bug store to get them some food. Thanks again.

Best, Michelle

Love the Turtle. Thanks!

Reptile City Shipment Confirmation
Once again, another successful delivery of 2 baby red eared sliders! My daughter is thrilled!! Thank you!
We have noticed that one turtle sleeps All the time on a rock and doesn't move unless you put it in the water! What do you recommend?
Cody Pope

Reptile City Shipment Confirmation
Thank you have received them it was well packed with a heat pack and everything I’m glad that they came here alive... thank great job

Fire Bellied Toads
Received in good condition. Thank you!

Turtle Order
Dear Mr. Willis
Thank you for your shipment of baby turtles for our display. They all arrived safe and sound and are now eating, swimming, exploring, basking and obviously enjoying their new display tank. We could not have asked for a more perfect group of specimens. We are extremely pleased with your animals and your service. Our customers are are amazed at the beauty and cuteness of some of the turtles that can be found in our area.

We would like to ask for one clarification on the shipping confirmation order, in that the order only identifies one each of the turtles shipped and we would like the order to show that 2 of each turtle was shipped and received for our paperwork.

Thank you again for your great service and we look forward to your reply.
Dan Wykowski
Coral Reef Pet Center

Re: Ecuadorian
Do you have any ecuadorian hermit crabs. Thank you so much, Kim . The ones I have received are so healthy.

Re: Reptile City Order 154476
Tiger Salamanders
Thank you and sorry if i was annoying by following up so much. They arrived today Alive and well

Mangrove Monitor Purchase.
My Mangrove arrived happy and healthy. Thank you so much Im very pleased with her. Excellent buy.
Anthony Bongiovani

Colorado River Toads
Got the toes yesterday very healthy they look great thank you. Look forward to getting the rest next week. I think shipping Monday for Tuesday would be best

Customer Email
Thank you guys so much for my baby red ear sliders you guys are the best 3rd time ordering from you Guys and it’s the best

Reptile City Order 153593
I got the green iguana. I'm very happy with it. Thanks for your help.

Southern Toads
Two toads arrived today!!! Thank you!!! Sooo I’m assuming these were the ones shipped out If not I don’t need another two being shipped out tomorrow as noted

Reptile City Order 152782
GOT THEM They were all kicking and scared my receptionist a bit but thank you as I thought aybe I ordered from scamer. Not a big fan of ordering online. Are you able to deliver camelians? They have been very fragile in my experience?


Hello everyone I just received one of my two Greentree monitors this week! If you notice, on the website they are listed at $900 a piece... In addition I paid the expedited $49 for shipping (which you should do if you’re buying any live animal over the Internet)...After speaking with the owner FELTON WILLIS who answered every email and every call of mine in a appropriate manner I was relieved. Honestly I was skeptical at first because I spent just under $2000 on these animals and saw all these 50/50 either 1-star or 5-star ratings here @
Part of me was worried it was gonna take weeks for my animals to come or that they wouldn’t come at all after reading some nasty reviews... Willis not only provided me with OUTSTANDING customer service but also expertise and recommendations on how to introduce these two lovely animals safely so I can eventually breed them. I am beyond satisfied with his services! Just speaking with him I could tell he truly cared about my interests, my worries, and my two baby juvenile lizards! I’m giving this place a solid
⭐️5-STARS⭐️ 10/10!!!
Thanks for all the help Willis we will be in touch!!
Cody Coppola

Common Musk
Turtle came today faster than expected well done cannot wait to write a good review.

White’s Tree Frogs
Thank you, it actually arrived today and they look great. Already burrowing into the substrate. Just so happens I was home, everything worked out perfectly thank you and have a good day!

Colorado River Toad
Hi Felton,
I'm pleased to inform you I received my toad yesterday. He seems to be happy and adjusting to his new home just fine. Thanks again, i'll be using you guys in the future.

Reptile City Order 151111
The ball python is gorgeous. That's how a python should look and act....nice and chubby and curious about the world. I'm calling him The Dude. I look forward to meeting the king.
Thanks for everything.

red eye tree frogs
I got my three red eye tree frogs yesterday and when I opened the box what was looking back at me was three of the most beautiful frogs I have ever seen!!!
what ever you are doing at reptile city you are doing it right!! if somebody is reading this wondering if they should order from reptile city I would say do not hesitate for a minute you will not be sorry!
felton again thank you so much for my beautiful new friends.
david chancellor

Red Foot Tortoise
gabriel marcano

Reptile City Order 145587
Felton I just picked up my little female Anole, she is beautiful! Thank you so much, Karen Howell

Reptile City Order 149218
Thanks for the outstanding service! I recieved the two Savannah Monitors in excellent condition. I am certain I will be purchasing from you in the future.
Brian Bane

Reptile City Order 148922
Thank you for putting up with me asking questions over the past few days. The chameleons arrived yesterday and have been eating and drinking just fine.
Thanks again

Reptile City Order 150963
I got it! Thank you sooo much!:) he gonna lov it! Ill be sure to purchase from you guys again thanks!

Colorado River Toad
Hi Felton,
I'm pleased to inform you I received my toad yesterday. He seems to be happy and adjusting to his new home just fine. Thanks again, i'll be using you guys in the future.

Reptile City Shipment
I know that You're all EXTREMELY I'll keep it short. Received the Tree Frogs yesterday- BEAUTIFUL!!( & Healthy!!)
Have ordered before; will shortly be ordering again. Thanks for the Shipping notification w/ tracking & for Packing them so well. Can't Thank You Enough! Blessings to You All- I know that You're always going through a great deal of stress.
Semper Fidelis,
J.A. Ramirez-Duquette

Reptile City Shipment
Turtles Arrived Alive & Health. I'm very happy and satisfied. Also, Thank for sending all 4 Turtles. Thank you for your great customer service.

Customer Email
Thank you so much for the very healthy, active red ear sliders! I paid for the 2-week shipping and you got them to me in less than a week! Thank you so much for your great service and quality of animals! My daughter (9) is absolutely thrilled and wanted to cry when she saw them! She lost her first Turtle last Monday and cried for hours! Thank you for making her day!!
Dallas, TX

Wanted to say thank you for the package. I totally understand that you guys a probably swamped this time of year. I will admit that i was a little nervous since i have never bought from you all before. Im very excited about these little guys since these are my first geckos.
Thank you again

Good Morning Felton,
I received turtles today. Both seem well.
Thanks again!

The snake is doing great, thank you! Do you know if it is a male or female?
Galina Hall

Reptile City Order 152091
Hey Felton. I recvd the 6 spiders today. All arrived alive. That's a great thing. All were pretty active and ate except the largest Thai. He seems a little lethargic but is moving some. They all have been hydrated. Thanks again. D

Thank you for the turtles my son loved them

Reptile City Order 152453
I got my turtles thank you 🙏 all look great

Reptile City Order 140190
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! I value your business and will definitely be ordering more from you again. I understand the mishap and appreciate the detailed fix.

Thanks so much! I received my animals in great shape. Thank you for quality animals with affordable pricing and free shipping! It was the only way I could afford animals for my elementary school science lab. My students will be so excited!

Your Reptile City Order
Got my southern toad today, very nice specimen! He took to his new home right away and ate a cricket I offered him. Thank you very much!

Red Knee
This is Jeramiha. My order as the red knee trantula 1-2 inch. This morning I did receive my family's new little friend alive and well. I know you had to go the extra length it's is much appreciated and I thank you. I do not know you personally, but you helped make a little girl's day ( and the wife) and that is awesome, so again thank you sir.

Reptile City Order 146510
Our 2 geckos arrived and have already shed once!! The crickets, however have not arrived yet. Please let me know when they will arrive.
Thank you,

Dear Reptile City,
I got my turtles a few weeks ago. Absolutely love them. One of the yellow bellied sliders died a few days later sadly. But great turtles nonetheless.

Reptile City Order 147804
I did receive my little baby yesterday and I love him. I think I need to tell you that the driver just left the package at the front knock on the door, no signing. If I had not gone outside I would not have seen the package. The baby is doing great..... swimming, eating, and basking. Thank you!

Reptile City Order 145812
I got the 8 baby turtles in good condition. Please let me know when you get some Mississippi Map Turtles.
John Schofield

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you for your quick shipping! The turtles arrived healthy add energetic!
Kindest regards

Hello I ordered a ball python from u guys an she's beautiful just wondering if u had her on mice or rats since there notorious for not eating? Would be a huge help.

RE: My newts
Thank you so much for my little cute Newt. You have no idea how happy she has made my depressed male. I haven't seen him this active since he lost his female friend nearly a year and a half ago. I have been looking for a replacement for him and it's taken me this long. Though she has a long way to go before she is the same length as him, just the fact she is there is all the difference in the world.
Thank you again,

Re:no need for refund
I did get them there a live and healthy. I sent this email before. I. Had. Got them thanks . Again Happy to do business together Matthew Roberson

Reptile City Order 144354
Yep, I got them both nice and healthy only 1 issue that wasn't any ones fault is it appears that 1 had scratched the other ones eye in the bag. Its healing and is very cloudy, but the lizard is still happy healthy and eating great so I can't complain

Hello I ordered one of your emperor scorpians and it came it was ok but I just wanted to let you know that some thing happened where the box was crushed almost like someone stepped on it good animal perfect just wanted to let you know sorry about the mess. Thank you for my scorpian

Reptile City Order 114400
The order arrived amazing only thing is no crickets are they coming later

Really Great Service Order# 113237
Thank you so much! shes a lively little gal and my male loves her 😄 ❤️

Reptile City Order 141131
We received our beautiful Savannah Monitors today! Thank you so much! They are moving around getting used to their aquarium. I do have a question of what you were feeding because they won’t eat the meal worms we got.

Happy Satisfied Customer
Dear Reptile City,
I am very my happy to received today May 1, 2019, my 3 very happy active Ecuadorian hermit crabs. Although, I'm anxious to find out if my order will arrive dead or alive. Fortunately, they are well and alive. Just a little concern about the labeling of the package, it would be better for the live animals to have "handle with care" Label on them.
Thank you for shipping them not too long and just in time. Thanks again and I will definitely will order more.

Reptile City Shipment Confirmation
Thank you reptile city! My snapping turtle arrived safe and healthy! Will definitely be buying more from you guys!

Missing Turtle
While I am happy to have finally received the majority of my order (141001), it appears that the razorback musk turtle was not included. If it is coming in a later shipment, please let me know. I am very happy with the Atlantic hermit crabs, Asian forest scorpions, and stripe kneed tarantula.
Jake C.

Thank you, she arrived alive and well
I love them!!!!they are adorable!!! Thank you so much for your business! Thank you! I’m so happy!

Hey it’s Sarah I just want to thank you for my order everyone arrive alive and beautiful I already got a strong bond with the green iguana and working with the tokay and the house geckos thanks so much !!!!

These are some photos of the Ecuadorian Hermit Crabs and the Three-Striped Mud Turtle you sent us, thought you might want to see how they are doing.
Thank you, I’m so excited to finally have Strawberry Hermit Crabs!

Reptile City Order 114534
Thanks again 5 stars the turtles are nice and healthy 👌 2/2 shipments 📦 perfect
Thank you again
Brett Reinke

Reptile City Order 140162
Turtles arrived today, all 11 are happy and hungry, idk what happened in Chicago with the Post Office but I appreciate all you did for me.
Thank You, Danae Ketter

Customer Email
I received my snake, thank you she’s beautiful, is there anyway possible you can please tell me when her last feeding was? As I did not receive a record of feedings. I would appreciate a prompt response so I can determine if she needs more time before feeding.

Thank you Mr Willis. Healthy alive and well! Totally awesome!🙂❤️👍
Thanks again!

Breaded dragon
I received the baby lizard. He was friendly, not stressed at all & hungry. I warned his house & he chanced & ate 6 small crickets. He is perfect.
Im very happy with him. I would like to know when he hatch & his age. He seems to be about 4 weeks. Very tiny but healthy & active.
Please let me know what color his parents are & how could you tell his sex? Thanks so much for my beautiful baby. Sending pics.
Have a blessed day.
Judy Bell

Reptile City Order 140602
I received my blue iguana today. I'm absolutely in love. Is there anyway you can tell me how old it is? & is it a female? Thank you. -Audrey Turner

Reptile City Order 140096
Thanks got my sulcatas appreciate it!!!

Good Morning , Just wanted to Thank you for Your great service, I've forward your email address to a few more stuff members in my building
Terri Snowden
Ballenger Creek Middle School


Hi. I recieved my turtles today and they are awesome. Thank you. I didn't receive my sulfur blocks though. Will they be sent separately?
Millie Waigand

Reptile City Order 138410
Just wanted to say thanks for replacing the hermit crabs. I received them yesterday they were very lively and healthy. Thank you mr. Felton for replacing them. I'll be ordering again in the future.

Thanks Mr Willis got them at 10 this morning all alive and healthy. Much appreciation! Will be contacting you soon for another order.

Leopard Gecko for Sale
The girls arrived today & are doing great! Are a little & getting comfy. My husband & son are so excited! Thank you so much!

Reptiles for Sale - Super Happy
We received the iguanas today and we are super happy! Thank you for everything and keeping in contact with me. I will be leaving a excellent review on your website tonight when I get off work. Thank you again

Iguana for Sale
I received my iguanas and they are very healthy. I love them. They are doing great

Reptiles for Sale Customer Email
Received package, thanks pleasure doing business with you!

Reptile for Sale Order
I received my order today. Thank You so much. I will order more products from you in the near future.

Reptiles for Sale Email
Hank you so much for your great service. Have a great New Years and I will be ordering again from you in the near future.
Tara Holloway

"I am so happy with my purchase from Reptile City, after spending weeks searching for a Baby Red Eared Sliders- I finally found a website I felt comfortable purchasing from- with the lowest shipping rates too. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff!
Thank you Reptile City for my baby! "

Citrus Beardie for Sale
Hi there! Just wanted to let you guys know that it's been about 5 days since I received my little guy and he's doing fantastically still! The day we got him after he warmed up he was eating VERY well and was taking greens from my fingers and from tongs :D I am very impressed and happy with this little guy, and his coloration is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see him get even more colorful as he gets older. Thank you so much for the perfect beardie!

Tarantula for Sale
The tarantula is doing very well Mr. Willis. Thank you for your business. 👍👍👍

Reptiles for Sale Order 134741
Hi Felton,
Just wanted to thank you for all your time and help with this. Just wanted to tell you the uro is doing great, nice healthy and active. Do you have a place on your site where I could leave a review?
Thank You,

Bearded Dragon for Sale Delayed Safe Arrival
Felton--thank you so much for the shipment. Packaging was perfect and the three dragons are doing really well.
Thanks again.
Karl Steinkraus

Reptiles for Sale
I got my stripped knee tarantula in one day. She was heathy and great shape. She immediately fed and had begun to spin a pretty cool web for my kids. Thank you Felton. Already making plans for next order‼️
Great Service and Great reptile,
Tara Holloway, Rolling Fork,MS...

Reptile for Sale Order 135347
They just arrived. Both seem ok. Thank you
Sent from my iPhone

Reptiles For Sale Order 134358
My shipment arrived in good shape yesterday. All four toads have survived the first 24 hours and are eating well. Thank you.


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