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Updated 01/27/20 @ 8:30am

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Testimonials and Reviews 2018

Reptile City Order 133071
Thank you i appreciate it!! Just to let you know i will be doing buisness with yall again! It sucked i has to wait but he is a beautiful bearded dragon and you made it right with the shipping refund, thank you guys!!!! I really do appreciate it!!!!! Reptile city rocks!!!

Product received
Just wanted to let you know package was received the 2 red iguanas are alive and look good thank you heat pad was still warm

Reptile City Order 132872
I wanted to let you know that we received the Tarantula today. So far so good! 👍🏽
Thank you,
Ivie Jackson-Pope

Reptile City Order 132563
Hi Felton
All five hermies arrived alive and active. These are the biggest most beautiful crabs I've ever seen! Thank you.

Reptile City Order 132433
We received our blue-tongue skink on Wednesday and just wanted to thank you so much for the care in which you packed her. She was a little chilly by the time she made it due to our weather but was in great shape given how well she was packed up.
Thank you again! We’re so happy to have her!
Julie Breese

Fire bellied toads
Just got my fire bellied toads they look great and are extremely active. Thank you lots, Shane

Reptile City Order 131418
I want to thank everyone at reptile city for the extra care they put into the packaging when they shipped my animals. I got a stripe knee tarantula (adult female) and a whip scorpion (asked for a male but got a female lol) which only came to 59.99! And they gave free economical shipping on top of that! I was worried I wouldn't receive the same care towards my package as a more expensive order would but they blew all my expectations and took extra steps to make sure my animals were safe and survived the shipment. They called me 2 days in a row leading up to it and made sure the address was correct and they also emailed me when the order shipped out so I would know when to expect it. When I got the package there was no damage to the box and tape on all the places heat could escape. Inside the box there was another smaller box that was surrounded in news paper to ensure that it dosent slide around and a large heating pad! Which I really appreciated! I opened up the smaller box and they were in two separate containers with substrate and ventilation holes in the sides and news paper to prevent them from sliding around. I was amazed at the quality and care of shipping with not having spent too much money and i will definitely be ordering from them again. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for exotic pets and a business that appreciates their customers.

Reptile City Order 130296
The package came in and it is very pretty
Thanks for everything!!!

Reptile City Order 131410 Just got both of them alive and well! Thank you! I’ll leave a good review

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so much for the help tracking down these little guys. They look in great shape.

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Hi Fenton,
I am a very satisfied return customer and this is the first time I have requested a certain gender. I ordered a total of 3 RES, 2 female, and was wondering if they are sent together as normal or is there a way to label which are the females and which is the male?
Thank you, as always, for your fantastic service and beautiful array of animals
Kelly Voyles

Re: Order
Okay, thank you. My daughter loves it. I appreciate your patience with me.

Received my shipment of Fire Belly Toads today!
I’m very pleased with my toads that arrived all safe and very much alive and presently enjoying their new 55 gallon home terrarium. Thank you for the healthy toads!

Free Shipping
Hello!! Very interested in one of your tiger salamanders but cant really afford shipping at the moment. I seen you guys have free shipping for over 25. Does that mean free shipping for the barred tiger salamander? Thanks in advance

Reptile City Order 128388
They arrived and are in good condition.
Spencer Gilford
Math & Sciences Teacher
Central HS-Morgan Hill Unified School District

Hey I just wanted to say thank you my stripe knee is as beautiful as could be and the crabs are sweet but one of them died today is there anyway I could get another one shipped ? I also just wanted to say thanks again man. This will be the place I go from now on. Can't beat the prices or service, all around best

Customer Email
Hello !! I just got the sea foam blue Iguana and I have a green iguana can I put them in the same aquarium? Not a big deal one way or another. Just looking for advice.
Very happy customer!!

My spider just arrived and she is freaking active as hell and looks to be extremely healthy and I am as happy as can be !!!! although I wish I could of gotten both spiders – explain in detail below

After getting jacked around by the ugr guys . I researched numerous others before deciding on these guys. I decided late Tuesday to place an expedited Saturday delivery but needed to split it on 2 gift cards , so I emailed them and a couple hours later i got a reply saying they would contact me in the morning. I got a call from them first thing Wednesday to take my info but since I forgot that Saturday delivery was an extra $25 and I didn't have my credit card as I was at work I unfortunately had to remove 1 of my spiders from my order (since the gentleman on the phone explained that normally they set these orders first thing in the week so there would be no time to add my CC info at home that night to keep my other one on the order.

Well my spider came this afternoon and she was so healthy and active she almost jumped out of the container as I was moving her to her new home and definitely larger than advertised. The only downside is the USPS tracking stinks as even though my confirmation email from Reptile City said by 3 pm Saturday the USPS website tracking number listed it as in transit with a guaranteed delivery by 3 pm Monday LOL

Doug P.

My experience here was really good. I expected them to show disinterest in my inquiry about some basic and inexpensive critters but they gave me an enthusiasm you usually only see when spending hundreds of dollars. I will spend the extra dollar or extra mile any day to deal with these guys next time. The creatures they picked for me were AAA and healthy, delivery was faster than promised, nice safe packing.
The hermit crabs are beautiful. Got them really fast. Thank you for that. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you on the phone. Also, if you can ever run across a few Coconut crabs I hope you will keep me in mind. Apparently they tote shells around like hermits when they are still small.

Keyboard Warriors know, people and the's sad, but these "keyboard warriors" seem to find a twisted joy with that sort of thing. There's no way you can make some people happy if you try! My son and I enjoyed the process of ordering from your company and we love the little toad we received quickly and in fine shape! Much appreciated all the way around. He’s settling in nicely! Great prices, great, friendly and family atmosphere….we’ll be back!
R. King

Reptile City Order 129064
Hey Felton
They arrived safe and sound. Cold though. Had to throw them under heat lamps right away. They've both eaten already. How old are these guys? They both seam about full grown.
Thanks...Dave Fary

Reptile City Order 126609
Thank you for sending me a healthy, fat clubtail. I couldn't be any happier! I can't wait for my kids to get home!

Reptile City Order 128670
Thanks Felton, that's the number I needed. Just got all 4 about 20 min ago, all ate waxworms, look skinny, but in good shape. Thank you sir, again, I'm very happy to do business with you and will be calling again soon....oh, put me on the list for a breeder pair of marbled salamanders if you can. I know you only have the tiger sals right now. Marbled and Fire, both male and female. If you can get, I will buy both, thanks Felton, have a good night

Customer Email
You people are great; you have a good selection and fast shipping.

Tiger Salamander order
Arrived alive and looks healthy ty I might get him a friend next month

Customer Email
Hi I ordered 6 baby red eared slider ordered #128369 everything is fine and thank you. I just wanted to know how do you know if they boys or girls and are they all from the same litter? I’m sorry to ask I have 5 kids and these are the questions they asking me🤦🏽♀️🤦🏽♀️ My kids gave them some cute names but was not sure of what they was Nemo,Zoom,Thor,Lily,Suga,and Tutu

Reptile City Order 128427
Everyone came Happy , Healthy and whole. Thanks so much !!🤙😎🦎🐢🐍

There are quite a few unfair reviews of Reptile City, feel free to use my testimonial. Your service was superb, and I received my order as promised. I received the specific species requested, in a very timely manner. The animals came in good health, with no visible issues.
On that note, Im reviewing you on Google. Your company has too many unjust reviews from people with vendettas. I’ll be one of them to set the record straight. Once again, thank you for the services offered.
Shane D.

This is my customer review:

This is my 2nd purchase from Reptile City,.... my 1st was a baby python with free 30 day shipping. It took less than 10 days for me to receive my new baby python perfectly healthy and eats great. I can't remember what the box was labeled as but I didn't order a box, I ordered a python. I wasn't keeping the box,.. I was keeping my Python. And that's what I got a perfect healthy strong eating baby python.

My Son loved my baby Python so much I decided to go ahead and purchase him a baby corn snake. I also choose free shipping for the baby corn snake. I purchased on August 31 and received my baby corn snake on September 8.

Again my baby corn snake was perfectly healthy, sorry to all people out there that is more concerned about what was written on the delivery box than the actual condition of what was purchased,... but my corn snake was perfect and the delivery box was trashed,..... My son is extremely happy,..... baby corn snakes are very gentle and can move very quickly. Another great addition.

The main advice I would give customers that purchase from Reptile City is to keep an eye on your email account for emails from Reptile City, because you might not get multiple days notice before you receive your delivery. More like 1 day notice before or same day notice early in the morning. I have no issues with this since I always have somebody available at home to receive my package. Just a heads up for people.

I will be purchasing a Bearded Dragon next.

The bad reviews I see able Reptile City is surprising to me since my experience with them has been well. I have even called and spoke to somebody over the phone before. All I can say is different people have different expectations. But for me Reptile City is batting 100.

New Customer Review
I purchased a Bird-Eater Tarantula and Scorpion from reptile city and both arrived quickly, the spider had problems and died unfortunately, shipping live animals across the country has it's downsides, but I was able to contact Felton through email and a quick phone-call later and he sent me a new tarantula which arrived very quickly as well.
I should mention both packages were very well packed and padded sometimes these things happen. He was prompt and polite and I would definitely recommend reptile city.
~Regards, Brynn R.

Reptile City Order 127671
Hi Felton, thank you so much for the turtles. All three are well on arrival. But one of the hatchling is not as active, and I suspect it won't last long. But don't worry I wouldn't ask for any refund, or complaints because I fully recognize the risks when they travel. All I want to say this is the first time being a customer of Reptile City, and I am 100% satisfactory with the transaction and in fact will recommend to my friends.
Regards, Kevin

Reptile City Order 123059
Thank you so much for working with me. I’ll definitely remember this experience and that you came through! The anoles arrived today and were very healthy. Thank you so much!
Have a great week

Reptile City Order 127312
I received my snake at noon today. It is in great shape. Think you its a little bigger than I thought but that's fine. Do you have on file if it is a male or female so we can name it. Thank you again and i will recommend your business to everyone I know.

Reptile City Order 127235
Thank you so much for the speedy purchase! Delivered within the week and arrived the same day as shipped alive and well. Exactly what i asked for! Thanks again and will be purchasing more in the future.

Customer Email
Thank you so much for our newest family members...all of our turtles came to us healthy and hungry and have grown so much since we got them from you....Your animals are healthy, high quality and the best prices anywhere. When we are ready for more pets...I will definitely order from you again!
Willo Crawley

Reptile City Order 126760
Thank you, they arrived looking great and very fast,
Beth Ann

Reptile City Order 124874
Hi Mr. Willis!
I got my new froggies yesterday. They're really active and like their new home. Thank you for sending them so soon and the little green/black ones are cute. I set up a spare tank for them.

Reptile City Order 126745
Thank you! We got it yesterday and setup and it's brand new terrarium it instantly ate one cricket. Thanks so much my daughter loves it

Reptile City Order 126480
I got my babies today. They are so cute!! I homeschool my daughters and we are studying turtles, she is so excited to raise the babies. Thank you!

Reptile City Order 126007
Asian Forest Scorpion CB babies, buy one get one free. I didn't have any problems whatsoever, I emailed Felton with questions that I had and he answered almost immediately. I opted for the free shipping that could take up to one month but I placed my order on September 2nd and it arrived on September 8th. That's Awesome! All the scorplings that I received are healthy and they were packaged great, the container they were in had damp sphagnum moss and they were packaged with newspaper around them inside of a box. Reptile City definitely cares about their customer service and their animals. THANK YOU, REPTILE CITY!!! (You can only see three in the picture but there are more, all are healthy).

Your Reptile City Order
Another order, another pleasantly fast experience! Thanks again for providing the upmost amazing experience in regards to providing exotic animals. I am blessed to be able to help such a truly wonderful organization. Thank you for everything! One happy customer who has nothing but positives to say!

Reptile City Order 123687
Thank you for the two baby toads. They came in good condition and are very lively. I really appreciate it.

Southern Painted Turtles
Thank you once again Reptile City. My turtle arrived quickly & very lively. Mr. Willis was once again a pleasure to deal with. Always available & easy to reach. I like the fact that he believes in verbal communication with his customers. I will definately order from him again.
Dawn T.

Reptile City Order 124838
We received our beautiful babies alive and well. Thank you so much. I absolutely love them. I haven't named them yet but i will once i get to know them better.

Yellow Bellied Turtles
Felton, appreciate the lively turtles. They were fun to watch as I placed them in their new home they swam like tiny seals. The service was great and I hope to continue doing business with Reptilecity. Sincerely, Arturo Alvarado

Customer Email
Dear Mr. Willis,
Thank you very much for my turtles and frogs! They're all healthy and doing great! Shipment arrived sooner than i expected and my grandson is having a blast watching them! He was more excited than i was now he's watching brave wilderness on utube lol. Thank you very much for everything! Will be ordering again real soon!☺❤👍

Review of purchase
Purchased a Rankins dragon August 2018 and was pleasantly surprised with the dedication and persistence to find me the best choice. Great service and kept me informed through the whole process. With any reptile purchase availability is sometimes limited. Felton from reptile City was great in helping find exactly what I wanted.

2 yellow belly sliders
Thank you Mr Felton i received my baby turtles. Ones a red ear not a yellow belly but its ok lol. They are both adorable! Will be contacting you soon to order some more grey tree frogs maybe bout nov. Gonna wait til it gets a little cooler. Everybodys askn but i told them they have to wait. Thank you once again Mr. Willis. May God Bless you every way possible!☺

Aloha Reptile City
May order came sooner than expected. ALL the turtles arrived alive.
Travis Nicholson

Reptile City Order 124193
Arrived a hour ago all alive. Very lively very active. Super happy with them

Customer Email
Thank u reptile City for the gorgeous Nile Monitors u sent me i love its healthy and I give u five stars and I will tell my friends about how awesome it went and i be spending over a 100 my next order

Reptile City Order 123409
Thank you Felton for everything
Little guys arrived alive and well and they love their new home. The next one I will pick up from you will be a flame knee.
B. Baldeschwiler

Review of my purchase
Reptile City sales
I am writing to share my experience with purchasing from Reptile City. Had a great experience dealing with Felton. He was reasonable, caring and stayed with me every step of the way ensuring my purchase came as advertised. Felton provided his personal cell, was always attentive and always available. I would highly encourage future purchases from Reptile City and would be a repeat customer.

Hi there! Thank you for sending me a healthy baby ball Python, now I was just wondering....How old is it? -I'm guessing around 2-4 months old, but I'm not really sure, so I thought that maybe you'd guys know. Thanks!

Reptile City Order 122490
Frog arrived alive and healthy thank you. I had one question ,how old is the baby pixie frog I need to know for my records. Thanks

Hey Felton, The water dragon arrived, later than expected, and I was worried when I saw the box. Crushed about 1/3 smaller. But amazingly enough, the little guy was fine. He's in his new home, and eating, so I'm guessing there are no ill effects. Thanks, greg

Nile Monitor
I am so happy with the Nile water Monitor he or she great color and energy less bitey and just all around great if u wanna know one thing is that the do care for there animals -Kham Johnson u see me in the future

Mata Mata Turtle
Hey Felton,
Mata Mata is doing great thanks for providing such a healthy turtle. Do you have any alligator snapping turtles available right now?

Reptile City Order 122574
Hey I just received my order! While it did take longer than expected I’m grateful you didn’t send me the skinny iguanas and took the time to find me healthy animals. Everybody looks great and in perfect health so far! I was under the impression I was going to receive adult iguanas but these babies are adorable so I don’t mind! Gorgeous coloration. Over all I’m very pleased with how things turned out. Thanks again! I will definitely be ordering again in the near future!

Reptile City Order 122250
My toads arrived safe and sound!! I am so excited to add them to my tank. I hope they live a nice long life like my previous friends. I usually feed them worms, what have you been feeding them?
Thanks again!!
Deb Calabria

Reptile City Order 121798
Received turtles alive and healthy. J. Wagg Hubbardston Ma.

Your Reptile City Order
My deepest apologies. I see that my 2nd order was for green anoles @ $2.50 each. Thank you for the one time discount and for the clarification on the matter. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone. The anoles that I bought from you make me happy. I turned them loose in my tropical pool area and it’s therapeutic to see them running around. I’ve also enjoyed allowing my neighbors daughters the opportunity of turning them loose upon arrival. Your willingness to help me establish a population of green anoles and my good fortune has been incredibly rewarding. The excitement in the eyes of my neighbors daughters when they released anoles is priceless!
I look forward to receiving the next shipment of green anoles and to doing business with you in the future!
Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding.
Derek Iden

Order number: 122155
Good Morning
Just a note to let you know I received the Common Musk ( just too cute ), Cumberland Sliders and the red ear sliders on the 21st. Their all doing well. Still no info on when the 2 Western Paints are being shipped. Any info on the Western Paints would be appreciated.
Thank you

Customer Email
I received the boas and they are absolutely amazing. Thanks, George . A+++ 😀🐍🐍

Customer Email
Hello, you have one of the most extensive and size impressive collection I've seen online. With that being said do sex your T's? If so I would like to make some purchases

HaHa Reptiles Order 7710
Picked the 100 turtles up from the office. They seem to be doing great!!
thank you Felton

I am tempted to get a hold of you folks sooner but I'm the guy you sent two frogs to in Pratt Kansas just wanted you to know they arrived happy alive and they still seem to be quite happy thanks again bye

Reptile City Order 121018
Thank you Felton, the 2 fire bellied toads arrived today healthy

So glad I found Reptile City. It was a pleasure working with Felton on my new pond turtles. Now Waldo, my Western painted turtle has some friends to hang out with. Will definitely come back here when I want another reptile. Thank you!
John R.
Bend, OR

Customer Email
We absolutely love Iroh, our new bearded dragon. We are a little concerned because we haven’t seen him eat (he has crickets and small pieces of veggies), although he is pretty active and drinks without issue. Any suggestions?

Great job
All the anoles came alive and well!
Thanks you
Greg Messemer

Reptile City Order 120740
Good evening, I really want to thank you all I have received my babies. They are beautiful, I will be ordering again.

Reptile City Order 120496
Got my three turtles today. I was very pleased and can't wait till I get the other two. I put them in the water and they took off, So happy doing business with you. Do u know when I can expect the other ones. Just want to make sure I am at home.

50 Brown Anoles
I enjoyed doing business with you and I'll probably order another batch of anoles in the future. How long do you think you'll have the "two for one" deal with the brown anoles?

Reptile City Order 120199
They arrived and are all alive.
Thank you
Cyndi Mauk’s iPhone

Both baby red ear sliders arrived and are 100% healthy and happy thank you so much

Regarding the Savannah monitor I had purchased 3 years ago.
Just wanted to say thanks for the Savannah monitor I had received awhile back years ago. Never had a chance to thank you again an really wanna. Matter of finding the time being on such a busy work schedule but I just figured you would like to see how big she has grown to being at a incredible 4ft7inches. Her name's Bella. She has her own bedroom now due to her size. Thank you again and I will be ordering again soon.

Reptile City Order 119455
Just wanted to let you know my Collared Lizard arrived safely, was a little warm and was very happy to get out of the box. Was pretty angry [drew some blood!] seem to settled down quite a bit after a few hours. It appears to be a female [hope it is], do you have any information about where/who it came from? Appreciate any info you can provide me about it.
David Connell

Eastern Box Turtles
Just received the turtles the male eastern is beautiful thanks.

Rose Hair Tarantula
Good morning,
Picked up the tarantula this morning from the office. It appeared the apartment number was illegible. But the tarantula is alive and looks good. Thanks for your business!

“ Reptile City was conscientious in ensuring that I received an order of healthy animals. They also sent me an Email when the order was mailed. I appreciated their concern.”

Reptile City Order 119094
5 stars
Mr. Willis helped by answering all my questions and getting our beautiful blue tongued skink to us quickly. I would trust Reptile City with any of my pet needs.

Reptile City Order 118414
THANK YOU arrived safe and Very friendly

Veil Chameleon
We got it today he’s so active and big haha so excited ! Thanks so much ! We have one quick question though figured you’d know best, we have live plants in his cage do we need a particular soil ? I’m assuming like miracle grow potting soil isn’t ok?

Your Reptile City Order
I just placed my new order and I wanted to remind you that order number 117721 that I received today May 25th 2018 was missing one of the frilled dragons and on that prior order I was charged shipping when I chose and qualify for the free plus Express shipping. Thank you again for the quality shipping on my order, it is nice to open the box and see all of the critters inside neatly organized and properly packaged. I think that is probably one of the main problems that many of your competitors have, as I know when I bought from other places in the past their ability to package properly for a safe ride was very lacking.
Thank you, Rod

Reptile City Order 118380
Good afternoon Felton,
I just wanted to say that I received the Eastern Box Turtles. They are beautiful and healthy. Thank you for the great service you've provided. I loved the communication, as you answered my emails promptly and the follow up call was the icing on the cake. Thanks again and I hope to do business with you again in the near future.
Thank you,

I ordered 3 snakes, had a panic attack when only one arrived, when I asked, the company assured me others would come as soon as they got them, they did. Healthy animals, I appreciate the texts to tell you time and day to expect shipment. Will happily do business here in future:)

Reptile City Order 118577
Tokay gecko arrived, looks good. What is its origin?

Customer Email – Testimonial
I ordered two black knobbed map turtles. The ordering process was easy and straightforward. They arrived healthy and timely. After a brief time of getting to know their new surroundings they were already eating. They are not shy when I approach the tank. They are in beautiful condition.
I would not hesitate to order again. Thank you so much!
🌾🐓🐐~Jennifer Murcks~🐐🐓🌾

Reptile City Order 118267
The turtles arrived today. They are doing great. After a couple hours of getting used to their new tank I gave them a snack and they ate it quickly. They are very “tame” so to speak. They don’t shy away or act afraid when I approach the tank.
Thank you so much!

Customer Email
Hello! I spoke to a gentlemen yesterday in regards to a shipment to confirm the delivery on my (2)b1g1 ribbon snakes and pacman frog. Firstly, I appreciated the amazing fast shipping as it was way before my 30 days! Amazing! Secondly, my animals were very healthy and active when I received the package. Lastly, a question. I only received one ribbon snake an the gentlemen I spoke to said they were out of stock and there will be a hold on shipment, I have no issue with this of course. I am writing because I recently placed another order, on 2 knight anoles and if it is easier for you I would happily except them all in one order and wait a little longer!
Knight anole order (#118619)
Ribbon snake order (#117604)
-Natasha Martinez

Reptile City Order 117405
Omg! Mr Willis thank u so much for all my beautiful frogs! What a wonderful surprize! I was feeling like crap today and u put a big smile on my face! Thank u for the xyra blessings and may God bless you abundantly with everything! Theyre all alive! I will be contacting you shortly to order again!

This is my first online order ever for a reptile. I initially had concerns about placing the order, however Reptile City and Felton Willis were extremely responsive to my questions and needs. My turtle arrived as promised and was in good condition and an absolutely beautiful specimen. I was so happy with my order that I immediately turned around and ordered a second turtle. She just arrived as promised and again I could not have been happier with my second order. I would definitely order again for Reptile City and Felton and I plan to do so in the near future. Thank you so much!!
Sacramento, California

Reptile City Order 118137
Thank you I got her and she is very pretty thank you

Thank you,
All arrived fine today, Thank you.
Hunter Jones

Your Reptile City Order
Hi! Turtles got home fast and safe, thank you very much for your service!!!
I was wondering if you could help me to know what would be the best food (the one you have them eating) or feeding routine to keep the sliders healthy, I’ve tried a few methods but not sure if they really eat. especially the red ears, they are very shy.
Thanks a lot for your help and business.

Reptile City Order 118074
Hi Felton,
I'm so excited. Thank You So Much for shipping them so early. I truly appreciate. 😁
Be Blessed
Nedra Wilson

This is Mark from Hawaii , I’ve received the 2 tortoise and it’s still alive ! Just want to tell you. Thank you so much for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

Reptile City Order 117672
Hi Felton,
The two ornate box turtles arrived yesterday in excellent condition! After exploring their adjoining "Tortoise Houses" they both ate a strawberry which indicated to me that they were in good spirits. Our ten year old triplets are so excited... hardly ten minutes went by yesterday afternoon and evening when one or more of them went out to observe how "Rio" the male and "Coconut" the female were doing in their new home. (Our daughter came up with the names.)

I can not thank you enough for a great price and the great care in shipping.
Jeff Ankley
Virginia beach, VA

Adult Ornate Box Turtle - Read Again
Wow. looks awesome! You sure it's a female as the underneath is somewhat curved and not flat?

Reptile City Order 116958
The baby turtles arrived this afternoon and I appreciate you sending the extra hatchling. Thank you so much.

Very Pleased
I'm very pleased with my new baby southern painted turtle. Thank you very much.

Good Morning Felton,
Oh, just to let you know, my Clown Tree frogs, Newts and Green Tree Frog are all doing well! The clowns are getting big. They hide a lot, but I like to watch them at night with my black light. They're SO cute!

Ornate Box Turtles
Just received my turtles and they look healthy. Everything went perfect.

Probably make another order soon. By the may could you get terrapene yucatana or nelsoni.

Reptile City Order 117113
Thank u Mr Willis for my beautiful tree frogs they are alive and healthy i will be ordering more as soon as people give me the money i did not tell them where i get them from cuz im not givn up my source lol i appreciate you very much thank you again much ALOHA FROM MAUI HAWAII!

New Home
The uromastyx is great so far and liking his new home in Morristown, NJ!

Reptile City Order 116453
Felton, got my crabs all look great

Wanted to let you know that I received my reptiles today and they all look wonderful and are healthy. I did only receive two frogs and I was supposed to get 8 total and I did not get the chameleon but I'm assuming that they're going to come in a different package. Thank you so much again for the Fantastic little creatures! Catherine kargel

Reptile City Order 116131
Thank you felton Willis i received my tarantula n iguana in great help i appreciate the communications with me i absolutely love them and will be definitely keep on doing business with you ..once again thank you

Your Reptile City Order
I received all the lizards alive and well thank you. I did not receive any super worms at all however.

Red eyed tree frog
Just wanted to think you for the great reponce. On getting my order to me.i don't think I have ever seen such a more beautiful colored reptile and i have three chameleons. I was also very impressed with baby Nile monitor. Witch I have just finished it New 3 x 5 cage.eats very will.i will continue to look at the web site and maybe New pets in the future . Thanks shawn

Reptile City Order 116510
They made it here fine, Felton. Thanks and get well!

Dear Reptile City,
I would like to thank you for all of my orders that I have placed over the years! All of my reptiles that I have ordered have all been delivered alive and very healthy! All the reptiles have eaten the same day or the day after they are put into there new enclosures! I definitely recommend Reptile City to everyone I know that are reptile enthusiasts! Reptile City prices are great and their reptiles are top quality! I will definitely order from Reptile City again!

Reptile City Order 115899
My daughter called me today and said she received her baby turtles and she loved them. Thank you for fixing the problem that happened. I will definitely be ordering from you again soon.

Reptile City Order 116185
I just want to say thank you for my Savannah monitors they arrived safe and are eating and doing well thanks again.
Wayne lewis

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you for calling. I am glad that you will be fixing the mishap that occurred. I have never had an issue with you before and I am glad to say I will be conducting business with you in the near future. You're your business is very professional.

Very Very Happy!
Dear Reptile City this is Miguel Salgado and my package his arrived, My spotted salamander is big and healthy, and the packaging was positive, salamander safe right now and its enclosure and I want to thank you that my package arrived sooner.
thank you.👍

RE: Savannah monitor
So I just got home an to my shock the babies where here!!!! They came soook fast an are adorable!!! I was totally confused becasue they came from Miami area which is where im from an was like my aunt? My cousin? No reptile city babies!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁 u guys made my birthday amazing!!!! Thanks so much I love them already💜😁😍

Reptile City Order 115436
Thank you Mr Willis for your wonderful service both common snapping turtles arrived well and alive. I wonder if you can have an alligator snapping turtle i would love to have a couple of those as well. Will buy for you soon again thanks alot!

Reptile City Order 115442
I RECEIVED IT!!! It’s beautiful! Is it a girl or boy?

Reptile City Order 115530
Receive the reptiles today all are doing good so far they look amazing thank you very much I appreciate it and look forward to doing more business with you once again thank you very much
Brandon Pirkle

Reptile City Order 114417
Got the order, they look good. Thanks, Jared

Really Great Service Order# 113237
Give Mr. Willis 5 stars for taking care of business like he said after the little delay that happened during my order. But I received my water monitor exactly when he said I would and he's healthy and doing great! The whole family love him already thanks again and thanks for responding every time I sent an email!

Reptile City Order 113376
The turtles arrived in good condition. They appear to be adjusting well to their new habitat. Thank you so much.

Green Tree Monitor
Hey everything went great my monitor is looking good so happy with this transaction thanks a lot will be leaving a good review for you guys!

Your Reptile City Order
Good afternoon, Thank you very much for the pair of Flame Red Uromastyx lizards.They are most active and very healthy looking

Reptile City Order 114709
Thank you for your help! He came safe and sound couldn't be happier

Delivered, In/At Mailbox
Thank you, she arrived alive and well

Reptile City Order 114792
Animals look to be healthy and alert. Pleasure doing business with you.
Hey guys,
It was my first time ordering from you guys. I just wanted to say thank you. The turtles arrived and they were healthy. Im defntly buying off you guys again :) im going to notonly buy but reccomend everyone to you. Thank you so much :)

Reptile City Order 114534
Thank you! The T arrived today no problems!
Thank you again

Lex Da Funk

Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so much! Just recieved 2 little cuties and they are so alert and doing wonderful! I am excited to purchase a few other turtle breeds and I am thinking of adding some frogs with them too! So plan on seeing more orders soon! Thanks again!

Your Reptile City Order
Hello reptile city my monitor got here today and it’s doing great!!! It’s alive it’s safe and sound and the packaging was perfect !! Thank you guys so much for all your hard work !!

Your Reptile City Order
Hey man just wantes to let you know that she arrived safe and soundly, she was a bit cold but I warmed her up and she is perfect. Thanks for all your hard effort these past 2 weeks, means a lot man!
Thanks again!

Reptile City Order 113577
I got my baby Savannah monitor lizard,he is so cute,thank you very much.

Reptile City Order 113529
Got the snake - he is awesome and very healthy - thank you
Nick Palihnich

Reptile City Order 113429
Scorpions received and appear to be in good health.
Tom Smolka
UFT Chapter Leader

Customer Email
Dear mr Felton wilis and reptile city crew Just received my two T’s the Mexican molted and was active the pink toe was cold but the heat and dark helped him out despite the weather both T’s are doing well and are active very pleased with the t’s Thank you Aaron

Hi felton i received the order today everything excellent thanks im going to let you know at night to make another order!

Customer Email
Reptile City is with the business I ordered a Male cobalt blue tarantula. Reptile City makes sure you are taken care of. I would only go to Reptile City for a good business.
Chris Frankowski

Your Reptile City Order
Dear Reptile City, I would like to say thank you for my recent order, (two iguanas), I have received them, they are very healthy and active I am very pleased with my two new friends, looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Very interested in purchasing a pair of Nile Monitors when you have some in stock.
Thank you, Gary Vitalie

Hi Felton got my order in good condition the turtle is a little sluggish..jet lag? Spider is nice.. but there was only 1 problem we are good Thanks HGD Greg H

Baby Leopard Gecko
Hello! I just received my baby leopard gecko and she is gorgeous! I want to know how old she is though! Please let me know!
Thank you!
Sierra Fortenberry

Re: Hermit crabs
The crabs arrived just now. Thanks for the extra two, Felton! Hope you find the website marketing book helpful!
-Paul Kaufman

Order #112156
One of my desert hairy scorpions was dead upon arrival the rest were in good condition. I am unsure as to how you handle these situations so I thought I would reach out to you and at least notify you of the order. Thank you. I will be ordering more at a future date.

Reptile City Order 110673
I just wanted to say thank you for my Timor Monitor. So far he's doing great, I am really impressed. He arrived safe and sound a few days ago and was eating within seconds of me giving him some crickets, and seems very comfortable being held, both very impressive considering his species' general demeanor. Shipping was a little later than expected but I do appreciate how communicative you guys were about it and ready to answer any of my questions. I hope to buy again sometime in the future, thank you for your business! :)

Re: Bearded dragons
The bearded dragons and leopard gecko are eating and have superb quality color and behavior.

Thank you order 111536
Sailfin dragon arrived as promised in great health and well packaged. He is already eating.
Thank you,

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Hello Mr Felton Willis, thank you again for the amazing service. This BRB is absolutely beautiful and she is very healthy, already nipped me too. The packaging and packing were great, the cup was labeled as was the package and she was nice and warm with that heat pack. I understand the shipping delay due to the weather being too cold as I previously ordered a rainbow from another company and they shipped during a storm so my snake ended up dead due to delays. But thank you again for this amazing snake, I included pictures to prove that she was packaged correctly and professionally as well as healthy. I look forward to future business with your company.

Reptile City Account
They arrived today and they're all alive and I'm happy with my purchase.

Red eared slider turtle advice
I want to thank you very much for telling me to use business eye drops it's working the turtle is starting to open the eyes and it's eating now so thank you Bonnie

Reptile City Order 110563
Hello i have received my little friend and it is alive and well

Regarding 400 Newts to Cedars
Dear Mr. Willis,
All of the newts have arrived happy and healthy. We are very grateful for your service.
Thank you,

RE: Customer Email
I received my turtles today and they are great. Thanks. 01/08/2018
Reptile City Order 110128
The geko's were delivered alive and are comfortable today in their recommended environment. They're beautiful. Thank you!

Reptile City Order 110027
Received my order of 2 softshells. All is good. They look great. Hope I didn't rub you the wrong way the other day. If I did I apologize. Had a bad week going on in every way possible. Hope to do business again sometime. Thanks.

Successful Delivery
Thanks Felton Willis, for the baby sliders. They arrived in perfect health and remain so. They are spunky and alert, so much so that when they see me coming up the stairs from 15 feet away, they dive off their rock and head for the depths. But I’ll have them bringing me the newspaper very soon. Eating very readily.

Tom in Pennsylvania


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