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Testimonials and Reviews of 2016

Reptile City Reviews - 12/31/2016
Colorado River Toads
Hi Mr Felton just wanted to say thanks for the frog. He is alive and well and doing great. He already ate a goldfish. The packeging was awesome also. Thanks again

Reptile City Reviews - 12/30/2016
RE: Blue Tongue Skink
Got the skink, seems to be in good shape. Thanks for your services.

Reptile City Reviews - 12/30/2016
Your Reptile City Order
Hi, this Alabama girl. We received our Savannah monitor today and she is wonderful, beautiful & very healthy. Thank you so much! Would recommend to anyone looking for reptiles.

Reptile City Reviews - 12/30/2016
Order 89612
Want to say thank you for the safe delivery of our sea blue iguana he/she made it home safely, I appreciate it

Reptile City Reviews - 12/27/2016
Gemini and Kato
Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing made sure Gemini and Kato ( sea blue iguanas) arrived to there new home in time for Christmas....they are settling into there new home and still a little stressed from the move but they are beautiful and healthy ....I will be ordering a red flame iguana from you in the future....I ordered them for my daughter but buy the end of Christmas Eve day they had me wrapped lol..... Thank You!!!!!

Reptile City Reviews - 12/25/2016
Amazing absolutely amazing service and prices. Don't be fooled by the reviews you read. This place got a bad rap. Package arrived alive. Not only that customer service answered the phone at 2 am three times before I ordered. Shipping was free and all four Bufo Alvarius arrived alive.
On top of that the owner personally answered the phone three times at 2am like stated and then answered and kept me calm after I ordered and panicked at 8am. Where else can you possibly talk to the owner at these hours. Emails were answered almost immediately. Five star service and products. Give them a try!
Always Around
Albo Alexander

Reptile City Reviews - 12/24/2016
Order 89474
Arrived in good health, yay!
Merry Xmas....

Reptile City Reviews - 12/23/2016
Thank you
I recently purchased a Savannah Monitor from your website and she arrived in perfect health yesterday and she's already eating...normally in my experience newly shipped reptiles can take an average of at least 3 to 5 days before they feel comfortable enough to eat anything, but in her case...not so much. She is exactly as I hoped she'd be, but even more hissing, biting or whipping of her tail...awesome attitude and beautiful in every way...a fantastic transaction all around...thank you very much!!!
Truly and Sincerely...
Travis Lee Moore
East Helena, Montana

Reptile City Reviews - 12/21/2016
Order 89374
Hi there. I spoke to nina over the phone today in regards to an order ,and she was so sweet and so down-to-earth,so honest with me. making sure that I didn't spend crazy amounts of money on products that I didn't need for my animals. How thoughtful. She answered every single question that I had about my monitor and Red first i was nervous about the monitor because this is our first one, now i feel confident in the care I will bring to the moniter having spoke with nina.

I have not even received my animals yet and I am so happy with the service already.I just had to let you guys know what a great job you're doing. And when I do receive my animals I will be sure to send you another review. thank you so much for all your awesome customer service and great staff. It was refreshing to speak to someone who acted like an actual sincere human being !
sincerely, Shawnda

Reptile City Reviews - 12/14/2016
Jackson Chameleons
Felton ,
Thanks they came in amazing shape and are now climbing all over in cage .. The kids also love the males bright colors

Reptile City Reviews - 12/14/2016
Ball Python Arrived
Dear Felton,
Our new girl arrived today! Boys have named her Pecan Pie!
Can you tell me when she ate last? The bag she came in said Bush. Does she need live prey or can we do frozen?
Thanks again!
Jenni, Enzo & Dino

Reptile City Reviews - 12/08/2016
A man of his word.(Felton)
Felton thank you for our reptiles we now have three new family members in our home. I was not into online ordering of anything let alone reptiles until I E-mailed you and you told me to give you a call. Well after talking to you on the phone I knew that you were a straight forward person what you see is what you get. I appreciate your way of doing business. A man of his word, is exactly who you are they were on time as you said they would be and seem to be doing well .The Savannah monitor is worth way more than what we paid for thank you for that Felton and the two bearded dragons are as we expected. I will always do business with Reptile City. Felton you or the man!!!
Thank you, Melvin

Reptile City Reviews - 12/03/2016
Albino Red Slider
I recently purchased a turtle from you I just want to thank you this lil guy got here fast he's healthy he eats amazing pet. Hopefully in the future I can do more business with you. From Bronx New York my family thanks you for the albino red ear slider that u send us great addition for the holidays god bless

Reptile City Reviews - 12/02/2016
Order 88195
I just wanted to thank you. All the babies arrived safe and sound.

Reptile City Reviews - 11/30/2016
Order 87713
Very happy with our purchase and will it be making another purchase soon...thank you

Reptile City Reviews - 11/30/2016
Order 87992
I received my boa today and we are very pleased with him/her so far. Can I get details on it though like birthday and sex? Was it handled much prior to sell?

Reptile City Reviews - 11/29/2016
Colorado Toad
So happy with the service I will recommend u . anyone man thank you again. austin

Reptile City Reviews 11/29/2016
Cane Toads
Hi Felton,
We have had our Cane Toads for a month now and am happy to report they are doing just great! They are each developing individual personalities and are always hanging out together as you can see in the photo below. Horatio is on the left and Thaddeus is on the right. My wife cannot get over how healthy they are and have obviously been well cared for.
We may be sending business your way because many of our friends didn't realize how entertaining Toads could be.
Thanks again.
Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Order #86907

Reptile City Reviews - 11/29/2016
Order 87795
Thank you the reptiles are fine all survived through shipping.

Reptile City Reviews - 11/28/2016
Order 87590
I received red iguana at 2:45 pm 11/28/2016. It 's good thank you . And can you send me a picture blue iguana you have now?

Reptile City Reviews - 11/27/2016
new ball python
I would like to take the time out to say thank you guys. My wife ball python died last Saturday do to feeding a rat way bigger then it's head he was 13 years old. We know now, thanks to your Web site that's a no no but thanks for our new ball python we named her bella

Reptile City Reviews - 11/16/2016
Customer Email
Thanks Felton I received my two Southern Painted Turtles on time alive and well.

Reptile City Reviews - 11/11/2016
Order 87238
hi i just got my iguanas and house geckos they are amazing and doing well,i was surprised to see that the house geckos already had to eggs in the container they must of had them during shipping.i defiantly will be placing more orders from you next week thank you

Reptile City Reviews - 11/11/2016
Order 86755
Everyone arrived alive and well didn't expect anything else but thanks for the extra toads I gave a couple to a friend she really likes them.

Reptile City Reviews - 11/10/2016
Order 87091
Thanks they arrived in fine shape, very happy with them

Reptile City Reviews - 11/08/2016
Order 87061
Thank you received my order this morning . As always healthy and beautiful colors.

Reptile City Reviews - 11/08/2016
Albino Red Slides
Received both turtles @ 10:15 am, very pleased with order. Thank you, Chris

Reptile City Reviews - 11/03/2016
Order 86907
Just want to let you know that the “boys” arrived safely this morning are now getting use to their new habitat.
Thanks again,

Reptile City Reviews - 10/31/2016
Order 86736 – Correction
Hello Felton:
I got the turtles . Everyone is well and jumping up and down!
Thank you !

Reptile City Reviews - 10/27/2016
Order 86559
Thank you! They arrived safely!

Reptile City Reviews - 10/22/2016
Order 86428
We got em, Thanks they are very healthy and awesome specimens. A heads up on shipping would have been nice, but shit happens. Thanks again!! ;)----

Reptile City Reviews - 10/12/2016
Order 85702
Arrived, perfect.

Reptile City Reviews - 10/11/2016
Order 85774
Got it, thanks a lot. Looks great.
Chad Marshall

Reptile City Reviews - 10/11/2016
Order 85770 River Toads
All looks well with these guys despite their journey! They're happily in their enclosure, and seem rather lively for being in a box! ^^
VERY pleased!! Thank you again!

Reptile City Reviews - 10/08/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6610
Just want to say a big thank you - ordered Monday - received Wednesday. All reptiles have settled in and doing good. Will be on the look out for more stock, hopefully in the near future. First time for using your company - will not be the last! Dawn, Pet Supplies.

Reptile City Reviews - 10/05/2016
Order 85639
Hey guys thanks for the beautiful reptiles And other pets you sent very thankful for the response on everything I soon start my YouTube channel and you guys I will love if anything you guys don't want you would send I will post your site with link on videos

Reptile City Reviews - 10/03/2016
Order 85395
Thank you very much! Crabs arrived and they appear to be in good health.

Reptile City Reviews - 10/03/2016
Hi Felton,
I just wanted to let you know that my tokays and house geckos arrived safely today. I wanted to thank you for them. The tokays were much bigger than I expected. And again I am very happy with my purchase.
Tammy S.

Reptile City Reviews - 09/30/2016
Hi, Quick Question regarding Reptile City and Shipping
Hey Felton,
Turtles are awesome and they got here by 3pm yesterday just like you said! Very cool, and thanks a bunch.
One thing though.. when I emailed you before placing my order I sent you the list of the 5 turtles but when I went to checkout on the website I actually added a 6th turtle (another red earred baby) and the package did only have the 5 with the one red earred missing. So I can see how that happened and still I'm super stoked about the process and how it all went. But when you can let me know - maybe we can add it to a future purchase or something because I'm sure shipping the 1 at $4.99 wouldn't do you much justice. But let me know and thanks again man!
Kind regards,
Jeff Blaze

Reptile City Reviews - 09/27/2016
Order 85074
Four healthy vigorous toads arrived today.

Reptile City Reviews - 09/24/2016
Order 85002
Thank you so much love my turtles

Reptile City Reviews - 09/21/2016
Re: 10 to 15 baby iguanas mixed sexes
All arrived in great shape. Thank you very much!!!

Reptile City Reviews - 09/17/2016
Order 84519
Just got red iguana in looks beautiful and healthy so far. Thank you so much. If y'all happen to get a blue iguana would you let me know.
heather Barrientos

Reptile City Reviews - 09/16/2016
RE: Customer Email
Mr. Felton
Just wanted to let you know that the gecko did arrive it was just signed for at my door. He appears to be fine from the trip. Just wanted to confirm you did send me a male per my request after purchasing. Either way I'm happy with the gecko I have thank you very much look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Jim shene

Reptile City Reviews - 09/15/2016
Order 84315 Attention Felton
Hello Felton,
I just received my shipment from your co Reptile City !! I am over joyed with the Asian Forrest Scorpions you sent me. The customer service was excellent and all 11 Asian forest scorpions are eating right away in there Deli cups.

I will order from your company again in the future and would recommend Reptile city to any of my friends. Great shipping and specimens and excellent customer service, a winning combination !!
Sincerely, Keith Suez

Reptile City Reviews - 09/09/2016
Thank you for the skink
The red sided skink came in great condition, beautiful color and is very active. The shipment actually came quicker than I thought it would have, so I thank you reptile city for the awsome speedy service.

Reptile City Reviews - 09/09/2016
Order 84020
The Tarantulas arrived today. The service was very fast. Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Reptile City Reviews - 09/07/2016
Order 83742
I REALLY am THANKFUL! !!! 😉 THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! I don't have the words to express my gratitude! !!! 😉
tee hee!
Princess Cadence

Reptile City Reviews - 09/03/2016
Baby Ball Python
Thank you for the snake it is beautiful I just wanted to know when it hatched for my records Thank you Alicia Touchet

Reptile City Reviews - 09/01/2016
100 Green Anoles
Felton Linda Zier here, I received Dr. Vopal and my anoles yesterday.I delivered His fifty to his home in Stuart He was trilled with them and said he will be ordering more.He actually took them out one by one and placed them in different trees around his property and some of them stayed on his arms,He was able to pet one he said.I let all of mine free,I had planned on caging some,but with my little girls health issues she needs all my attention at this time,maybe next breeding season. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you working with us. sincerely,Linda Zier

Reptile City Reviews - 08/31/2016
Order 83695
I am so happy, I have ordered from other places and the baby turtles have been lethargic, do not eat good, also hide always. Today I received my lil babes from you, they are full of energy, eating alot, and they are not even shy. Thank You so much! I will order from you always, Billie Jo Bishoff

Reptile City Reviews - 08/24/2016
Re: Colorado Toads
Hi Felton. Love the toads they look great. Just wondering how old they are. I always forgot to ask you.
Thank you
Miami Beach, FL

Reptile City Reviews - 08/17/16
Order 82757
Received the order, occupants live and well. Great packing job, pleasure doing business with you! Look forward to possible future business.
V/R Kidd

Reptile City Reviews - 08/14/2016
Thanks so much for the water dragon he is very active and healthy I will be purchasing all my reptile needs for your company! Cheers!

Reptile City Reviews - 08/13/2016
Monster River Toads
I have fallen in love with these two. I will call tomorrow for another set at least. Is it possible for me to get a female? I realize it might cost more. (I am assuming these two are males) I do not plan to ever sell any if that is a concern. I am honestly going to repopulate my property.

My local pet shop guy and I are quite facisanted with them. I bought some of the substrate for them to burrow in. I have ordered a huge terrarium for them while I am getting them climatized.
Thank you for being there and I will call tomorrow.
Christy Calderon

Reptile City Reviews - 08/12/2016
Order 82319
I love the little turtle I received. I can't find where I wrote down his genetics. And I was wondering if you had more. Thanks!

Reptile City Reviews - 08/12/2016
So Greatful
Our new additions to the family have arrived!! These two turtles are magnificent, and just the most precious little darlings.. You have brought smiles to my childrens faces, and for that I am greatful. My son was diagnosed with leukemia a while back, so smiles are hard to come by these days.
Forever greatful,
Denise Ziolkowski

Reptile City Reviews - 08/10/2016
Mata Matas
Thanks Felton,
the Matas were delivered in good shape. Look forward to doing business again.
Chuck Pogan

Reptile City Reviews - 08/09/2016
Customer Email
Yes, I called and spoke to you. I am very happy with my reptiles for the classroom, thank you. Gail Ramos

Reptile City Reviews - 08/08/2016
Hermans Order
Thank you Felton for the amazing Pet. We are glad you took the time to help us with our first Tortoise. We clearly fell for all the rookie mistakes that the internet will gladly offer to anyone looking. Thank you again.
Felton is a man who knows his Tortoises.
J. Hunter
Hapag Lloyd Sales

Reptile City Reviews - 08/05/2016
Order 81948
Thank you so much I will be buying more reptiles for you sir awsome customer service

Reptile City Reviews - 08/05/2016
Amazing Packaging, Very Happy!
Hi Felton Willis. Very impressed with Tiger Sal’s packaging. Looking forward to ordering a lot more from you in the future. Thanks so much for the replacements. They are doing very well. The worms have not come in yet, so I am assuming that they were sent separately. If theirs a tracking number for that I would be very grateful to receive that as well. Thanks so much, Matthew Pennington.

Reptile City Reviews - 08/05/2016
Order 82069
Dear Mr. Willis,
Three new baby turtles arrived this morning. They are alive and appear to be doing well. I'm thrilled!! Thank you so much for the prompt and free replacement of my classroom turtles. Now we will be ready for our school Open House on Monday evening. Your help is much appreciated.
B. Young
Sprunica Science Teacher

Reptile City Reviews - 08/05/2016
Texas Horned Lizards...
Felton, They're some good little lizards. Regarding the need to be picked up from the PO - Don't sweat it... It's really not a big deal. It just caught me at a bad time yesterday. Thanks for the great service and these little guys!

Reptile City Reviews - 08/05/2016
Order 80313
I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond. I had ordered two red ear slider baby turtles for my 4 yr old nieces birthday. She has loved turtles since she was crawling and started asking for one since she could talk. Recently both her parents were incarcerated and my husband and I take care of her now. After doing a lot of research on types of turtles and how to care for them, we had purchased the two baby slider turtles. All had been going great. Had even bought freeze dried shrimp since babies need that extra protein added with regular food. I put drops in to make sure water was suitable for them. They had a basking deck with large rocks around it leading them closer to the UV light. I don't know what happened, the little one that died had turned onto his back the night before and my husband flipped him back over and then Shelton, the turtle, just swam away like everything was fine. Next morning he was biting the plants in the tank and not acting right. We left for work and when we got back for lunch break he was dead. I was very torn up, even buried him in plastic container.

My husband had written you an email to ask if there was something that we had done wrong or something different we should do because didn't want Shelby (the other turtle) to pass as well. Yesterday I received the email saying our order has been shipped. I just had to write you back and say Thank You we truly appreciate it and will definitely not only be future customers ourselves but will definitely be recommending Reptile City to everyone. It wasn't something that you guys were obligated to fix but it means the world to my family that now Shelby the turtle won't be alone now.
From bottom of my heart
Thank You
Charlene Barnett

Reptile City Reviews - 08/04/2016
Customer Email
I just want to say thank you for your excellent service! I received my painted turtles fast and they were safe and sound when they arrived. They are healthy, eating well, and active little guys! And your company has great prices for such well cared for reptiles. Thanks much, I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.
Savannah Dunn

Reptile City Reviews - 08/02/2016
Spotted Turtles
Thank you so much for the spotted turtles. I really like these turtles because of their small size, that's also why I have sawback maps. I do own a wood turtle as well but he is sure outgrowing his enclosure. I do really appreciate doing business with you, just haven't been able to spend as much in the hobby as when I did before I had a child. Thanks again Felton

Reptile City Reviews - 07/31/2016
Reptile City Order 83765
Hello! I can't thank you enough for my 2 baby turtles. Do you happen to know the day they were born? Please let me know.
Leina Serafino

Reptile City Reviews - 07/27/2016
Order 80967
I purchased 2 musk turtles from Reptile City, and could not be happier with the amazing customer service I received as well as the exceptional quality of my turtles. I reached out to Felton with a few questions prior to my purchase, and he went above and beyond my expectations to provide a positive experience. He responded to my phone calls and emails promptly and professionally. I was very impressed with how quickly I received my turtles as well. They are a great addition to my fish aquarium. I highly recommend Reptile City for anybody looking for outstanding reptiles! I look forward to purchasing more turtles in the very near future from Reptile City.

Reptile City Reviews - 07/22/2016
Order 80961
Thank you so much! I received my new turtle a few minutes ago, and he is perfect! Do you have a Facebook page or other social media page I can leave feedback on?

Reptile City Reviews - 07/21/2016
Colorado Toads
Hi there I received both of my toads today . They look super healthy and robust , came out of his packing and ate immediately. Thank you any help is appreciated , I like toward to doing business with you in the future Jared

Reptile City Reviews - 07/20/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6442
Felton: Received the shipment today. Thanks for getting the leopard frog on. Everything was pretty much fine only one little red eared turtle didn't make it. Best Steve

Reptile City Reviews - 07/20/2016
Fantasy Pacman Frog
I just got him, he looks nice and healthy! Definitely will be ordering more frogs from you.
Thanks for the frog Felton. :)

Reptile City Reviews - 07/19/2016
Order 80835
Hi Felton,
I just received my hingeback's They are beautiful!
Thank you very much!
Suzanne Ryan

Reptile City Reviews - 07/17/2016
Order 80773
Hello! Thanks for the turtle. He arrived safely and is acclimating himself to his new habitat, but he hasn't eaten anything since we got him 😨. We have tried ReptoMin floating food sticks and aquatic turtle food hatchling formula, but he isn't interested. What did you feed him and what do you suggest?
Thank you so much for your help!

Reptile City Reviews - 07/15/2016
Order 80638
I received two baby RES turtles from you yesterday. They made the trip fine and are doing great in their new tank. I was surprised how active they were even right out of the box.
Thank you!
Hoke Smith

Reptile City Reviews - 07/14/2016
Order 80675
Felton and staff, thank you for the two RES. They are so small and darling. They are doing well but a bit on the shy side. We are leaving them alone for awhile until they get used to things. You have made my day(year) Felton, the cup for me is not only half full but full. Lol
Valerie Brown

Reptile City Reviews - 07/13/2016
Sulcata Tortoises
Thank you sir for your great customer service. You have answered all my questions very prompt.
Nathan Thomas
Dallas Fire Rescue

Reptile City Reviews - 07/08/2016
River Toad
Thank you!! My toad appears very happy and healthy

Reptile City Reviews - 07/10/2016
Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Nile monitor. It is adjusting perfectly and has a hardy appetite. Very seldom is there a reputable retailer on the internet. Once we increase our reptile room, I will definitely order from you again. I have also recommended you to all of our friends. Once again thank you. Pamela Joslin

Reptile City Reviews - 07/08/2016
Order 80461
I just received the hermit crabs (around noon today) and I just wanted to say they are awesome! They appear to be very healthy and are very active. They've already eaten, taken water, and all but one have changed into the larger shells I previously purchased for them! Thanks again!

Reptile City Reviews - 07/08/2016
Order 79376
You didn't have to send me an extra frog but it was the right thing to do. I do appreciate it. Everything arrived in great shape. I would recommend your company to others if you ever need more references.

Reptile City Reviews - 07/08/1016
7 Colorado River Toads
Thanks Felton. Got my Toads Today .Thank you for your help . Sincerely Paul Donnelly

Reptile City Reviews - 7/01/2016
Green Tree Pythons:
Thank u I'm very happy with my order the tree snakes super vishious but the coolest looking snake I ever Sean and please let me no if u have any more carpet camillions left bc i wanna get on and thank u again

Reptile City Reviews - 07/01/2016
order #79875
Hello Hello, Just received my package an what can I say, Great Job! they all look so pretty and happy/healthy. Thank you again on the Savannah Monitor he/she is so tame I cant believe its a lizard lol but for real perfect! There is one thing the turtle wasn't in this shipment I take it that its in another?? Thank you so much for everything see you again on my next order Bill Owen

Reptile City Reviews - 06/29/2016
Great service and the turtle came in ALIVE so I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Plus he came in early!

Reptile City Reviews - 06/27/2016
I got it!
Thank you guys so much the bearded dragon looks a little stressed out, and I totally understand. I have it in its enclosure now. So thanks you so much.

Reptile City Reviews - 06/27/2016
Order 79715
Hello Felton the turtles arrived 10am & relaxing on drift wood under a sun lamp. I will recommend you in the future.
Thank you for your help Jamie Very pleased

Reptile City Reviews - 06/27/2016
my order
Hello just like to say my pac man was perfect thank you so much the savannah looked good the size color but one died two days ago the other one is doing good an the ameivas are sweet. I'll be making another order I would like the dead one to be replaced an shipped with my new order I thank you so much for your time an effort in each order thank you, Bill Owen

Reptile City Reviews - 06/24/2016
Order 79571
Thanks very much! As usual, everything came in great!
Calvin Johns

Reptile City Reviews - 06/24/2016
1000 Red Slider Turtles to Nassau
Hi Felton,
Just wanted to let you know turtles arrived safely today.
Many thanks,
Anthony Thompson

Reptile City Reviews - 06/24/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6364
Hi Felton.
Just wanted to let you know that I received the turtles ok today. They all looked great. Thank You for adding the two Westerns missed in the first order. Also I appreciate you holding back the Mississippi Maps. I definitely hope to get Northerns. Do you have a timeline for you getting the Northern Maps?
Thank You

Reptile City Reviews - 06/22/2016
Order 78939/ one of my turtles died under warranty
Hey Felton I got the turtle today I just want to thank you again. So thanks

Reptile City Reviews - 06/17/2016
Red Iguana Age
Dear Reptile City,
Thank you so much for all that you've done today. You've been very helpful and have made this very easy for me. You given me much info on your reptiles (specifically your Iguanas). I'm hopefully going to buy one of your Red Iguanas and if I do, I want you to know that it's going into good hands. Thank you very very much and have a good night.
Many many thanks,
A Reptile Lover

Reptile City Reviews - 06/16/2016
Order 79148
"I am so happy with my purchase from Reptile City, after spending weeks searching for a Baby Red Eared Sliders- I finally found a website I felt comfortable purchasing from- with the lowest shipping rates too. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff!
Thank you Reptile City for my baby! "

Reptile City Reviews - 06/08/2016
Thank You!!! Order 78659
I've been afraid of purchasing orders through you (or any other mail-order animal service) in the past, but the BOGO on Halloween Crabs was too good to pass up, and I really like your business model as far as the shipping tiers go.

I've just read a bunch of weird reviews about Reptile City - But based on this order I have a very different opinion - All four crabs and the gray treefrog are alive and look healthy, I'll certainly consider Reptile City in the future, thank you!
Byron Norelius
Cayuga Community College
Science Lab Coordinator

Reptile City Reviews - 06/05/2016
Order 78155
Thank you! Turtle came in healthy and happy.

Reptile City Reviews - 06/04/2016
RE: To Felton
Hello Felton, it's me Howard I am writing to tell you that my wife went ahead and ordered those three green anoles for me on 05/21/2016 and the order number was 77634 I am writing to let you know that they arrived safely and not only did they begin feeding right away but they also begin breeding within 40 minuets after putting them in their new enclosure "how cool is that?", I also managed to get some cool photos of the animals and even photos of them breeding today, if you would like some cool photos of them let me know and I will send you some until then thank you and the Reptile City team for another fast and great delivery Felton
Howard Stinson

Reptile City Reviews - 05/28/2016
Order 77730 – Giant Day Gecko
Hi Felton,
He is incredible! Thank you. Have a blessed Memorial Day.
Don Russo

Reptile City Reviews - 05/27/2016
Albino Black Rat
OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My favorite species of snake of all time! :) If he was more than what I've been charged for, let me know. If he was less, I'm not worried about it at all. He's worth every penny,

Reptile City Reviews - 05/27/2016
Order 77847
Thanks for your quick shipment. I received the turtles today.

Reptile City Reviews - 05/26/2016
Order 77737
Thank you so much. Excellently packaged could say ide done the same way. Thank you. They all look great. Thank you. Will be back soon.

Reptile City Reviews - 05/24/2016
Order 77345 of 10 Ball Pythons & Sav’s
Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for these animals.. The monitors are so docile I've never met a pair so nice .. I got bit by 4 of the snakes but I love them .. very active.

Reptile City Reviews - 05/16/2016
Order 77342
Love my ball pythons, fast and easy service, very active and very docile. Pricing is very reasonable I will be recommending this company to everyone. Best online shop I've ever ordered from
Keith, FL

Reptile City Reviews - 05/14/2016
Adult Bearded Dragon
Just wanted to say a huge thank you! Today I received a very lively healthy dragon and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely wright a great review, recommend friends, and use you again! Thank you again Nina!

Reptile City Reviews - 05/10/2016
Niles & Timor Monitors
Hello I would like to tell you thank you so much on the last 2 orders they came perfect and the baby lizards were so cute and young that's so perfect the package contains them so well thank you very much!
sincerely, Bill

Reptile City Reviews - 05/06/2016
Reptile City Order 76508
I wanted to let you know that we received the turtles and they seem good. One had a little something on his eye, but I was able to wipe it off. These are my first turtles and I am very excited! Thank you so much!
Chandra Johnson

Reptile City Reviews - 05/06/2016
Great Service
Turtles arrived . all alive and well. Thank's Harry Hall Jr

Reptile City Reviews - 05/04/2016
Order 76337
Hi received wood turtles at 10 am look real good thanks David Ashley

Reptile City Reviews - 05/02/2016
Your Reptile City Order
I just have a few questions we received our beautiful Fl King snake. I was very surprised it came in two business days. My family is so excited with this addition to our family. I was just just wondering the sex of the snake and the last time it ate? Again thank you for this transaction. Me and my wife will definitely recommend your service and you have our business for life.
Jeff Dowdy

Reptile City Reviews - 04/30/2016
Asian box turtle
I received my Shipment and I was super satsfied other than my Asian box turtles came in. And one did not make it through the night. I have been super satisfied with you all and I understand that things happen, please work something out with me to either send a replacement or refund. I will be happy to ship his carcus back to you If necessary . thanks Anna Lawson

Reptile City Reviews - 04/29/2016
Order 75982
Wow! Thank You guys so much!! The gecko came perfectly healthy, can i just please know when he was born or is that not possible?

Reptile City Reviews - 04/29/2016
Order 75936
Thankyou Mr. Willis; the three eastern garters arrived in good health and great big specimens. Eating tree frogs already. Robert Carter

Reptile City Reviews - 04/28/2016
Mexican Redknee Tarantula
Thanks it looks great and healthy definitely will be ordering again

Reptile City Reviews - 04/26/2016
30 House Geckos
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the little guys arrived safely... Well except for 2. The ups had them on the truck for 8hrs because there was a substitute carrier. Poor things. At least it was a pretty cool day. The rest were a mix bag ranging from calm to curious to down right spunky. We started to let them into the enclosure but then thought it might be to cold at night. We rounded up all but 7 of them. 3 escaped the enclosure during the round up and are hanging out around the porch and the other 4 made their way towards the back wall and must be hiding in cracks. They are very cute and will definitely be entertaining!
Thank you!

Reptile City Reviews - 04/25/2016
Order 75711
Hi Felton,
Thank you very much for the update on my order. We are very excited to receive her. Her new home is already set up and waiting for her. This will be a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you again for answering all my questions, and for your professionalism. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Thank you and God bless,

Reptile City Reviews - 04/22/2016
Customer service
I recelently purcased red earred sliders. They were at a great price. When arrived they didn't make it. So contacted reptile city. The very next day there were replacement turtles being sent. They are active and beautiful and was so glad reptile city gave great service.
Thank you
Daniel - Seattle, Wa

Reptile City Reviews - 04/13/2016
Order 74951
All arrived healthy and happy. Thank you for the excellent service. I will need 10 more turtles, look for my order. Thanks again.

Reptile City Reviews - 04/09/2016
Thank you I got my savannah monitor it looks beautiful

Reptile City Reviews - 04/06/2016
Customer Email
Hello I received the two iguanas. Beautiful and bigger then I thought.

Reptile City Reviews - 04/04/2016
Red Iguana
Felton thanks I got my red flame red lguana he looks great good tail and body overall when I first unboxed him and put him in his new lguana cage he wasn't really moving around when I spray him with water and clam down he see me and my kid and boy he jumped

Reptile City Reviews - 04/01/2016
Blue & Red Iguana’s
Received my iguana s today. Their gorgeous healthy looking. Thank you!!
Lois Tryon

Reptile City Reviews - 03/26/2016
Thank You soo much for the beautiful pair of red eared slider babies. When they first got here i was a bit worried they got sick from being shipped so far, but as soon as i put them in their tank they started swimming. Its been a week or so, and i absolutely love them! Thank you soo much for your swift responses as well! Will definitely be repurchasing from you in the future!

Reptile City Reviews - 03/24/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order
I talked to you on the phone yesterday but wanted to give another update, Everybody arrived fine and is alive and doing great! Also wanted to inquire about the missing Yellow Belly Slider.
Nick & April

Reptile City Reviews - 03/24/2016
Order 73704
Got all 5 bearded dragons in great shape and all are eating already. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Reptile City Reviews - 03/23/2016
Herman’s Tortoise Arrived
Got the tortoise today. She looks healthy and happy thank you!

Reptile City Reviews - 03/16/2016
I just received a couple of tarantulas from Reptile City. A female Stripe Knee and a female Goliath birdeater. They look great! I was hoping for a large Goliath, and this one is huge. Both spiders are very healthy. Felton was very helpful with all of my questions regarding the animals and also with any questions I had regarding shipping. These critters are exactly what I was hoping for and I won't hesitate to order from Reptile City again in the future.

Reptile City Reviews - 03/16/2016>br> Thank you
Thank you so much for the turtles, they arrived earlier than you guys said, a day before. They arrived the same day shipped. I'm happy and they are so cute. Thank you again.

Reptile City Reviews - 03/15/2016
Would like to say THANKS for the 3 lovely babies i have received. My daughter is extremely happy with hers, as well as i am with mine. They are beautiful, and arrived healthy and alert. One already screamed at me when i moved them out of the package they came in, it was the Mac Snow Leo.
Thanks again Felton Willis you picked out 3 lovely little girls for my daughter and my.

Reptile City Reviews - 03/15/2016
Order 73329
Hi just wanted to let you know that savannah monitors arrived safely and are adjusting to their new home. I have never had Savannahs this young and I was wondering what they have been eating and what size their food should be. Thanks

Reptile City Reviews - 03/12/2016
Red Ear Sliders (babies)
thank you for the red eared sliders arrived perfectly will be buying again thanks !! – Juan

Reptile City Reviews - 03/11/2016
Bearded Dragon
I am very Impressed for this little guy and your service!!!!! Thank you so Much! I appreciate it a lot!

Reptile City Reviews - 03/11/2016
Hi this is Jackson I just wanted to say thanks for the bearded dragon I tried to call but thank you so much

Reptile City Reviews - 03/03/2016
RE: Bearded dragon order
I received my beards today and I just wanted to say thank you so much, they look awesome. All 4 arrived safely and all are active and checking out their new habitat. Thank you again for some awesome looking critters. Job well done.

Reptile City Reviews - 03/03/2016
Blue Iguana
The two blue iguanas that were sent to Norfolk ny seem to be fine now after a little heat thank you I was little worried when we fist opened the box yesterday thought they were dead but a couple hrs of heat and they got pretty active thank you

Reptile City Reviews - 03/02/2016
RE: Reptile City Order 71686
I just want to let you know I got the new chameleons and they're gorgeous and they were healthy right out of the box eating as soon as I put them in the cage not like the other ones at all thank you so much where can I leave you an awesome review?

Awesome customer service! Beautiful, healthy reptiles! Great temperments! Will recommend and order from again! Thank you! A+++

Reptile City Reviews - 03/02/2016
Customer Email
Just wanted to say I am extremely surprised and happy at how fast the scorpion came. I will definitely be using and recommending you all!

Reptile City Reviews - 03/01/2016
Dear Felton,
The Russian Tortoise arrived on time and in great condition-active, walk all over tHe room, ate food, etc. THanks! God bless, Tom

Reptile City Reviews - 02/19/2016
Mexican Redknee
Omg he is so perfect!!!
Mr Willis. Thank you so much for your time patience with me. He is perfect in every aspect . He is healthy and very colorful. Thank you again and if you need to use me as a referrence, please do so. I don't know how to post a good review but you can always have people call me or text me or even email me and I can tell them how excellenct you in packing it up. As well the excellent condition the tarantulas was in at the time of arrival. The package came to me and my doorman Robert brought the package to my door. He sign for it as well. Mr. Willis you did an excellent job. We must remember that to pray for those who are haters. Juses lives in all of us. You have a great weekend and thanks again. Mark Scornaienchi

Reptile City Reviews - 02/18/2016
Order 71833
Just wanted to let you know we did get the baby iguanas and are very pleased with them, how fast the shipping was and how beautiful they are. Beautiful colorations and great temperaments. We are very pleased, perfect addition to our family. Thank you again for everything. We look forward to doing business again with our next reptile purchase.

Reptile City Reviews - 02/14/2016
Order 71561
The turtles arrived safe.. .and my son loves them to death.......we might do a super cool blog for you guys at Reptile City......😊

Reptile City Reviews - 02/13/2016
Order 71692
I got them earlier today ! They're so tiny ! Thank you ! 5 stars for sure !

Reptile City Reviews - 02/11/2016
thank you!
dear reptile city- Got my two baby leopard geckos today and they arrived in perfect health even in the minnesota cold weather! Thank you so much for the beautiful leos and i cant wait to order more! ~Patricia

Reptile City Reviews - 02/09/2016
Turtles arrived and seem to be doing fine. I'll contact you when I'm in need of more animals for our store.
Thank you.
Jeremy Bracken
1 Hawaii Landscapes

Reptile City Reviews - 02/08/2016
Dear Reptile City,
My 4 hatchling turtles all arrived safely today! They are loving their new habitat and are slowly growing accustomed to their new friends. I appreciate the great prices and quality product. These turtles are cute and spectacularly decorated. I can't wait to watch them grow up in my home.
Thanks again,

Reptile City Reviews - 02/03/2016
Order 71234
Columbian Red-Tail Boa
She is beautiful thank you so very much

Reptile City Reviews - 02/03/2016
Budgets Frog
Thank you so much I have wanted this frog for such a long time and it arrived safe and sound thank you!
Andrew Anderson

Reptile City Reviews - 01/29/2016
Russian Tortoises
Thanq so much Bought them home Awesome Loved them lotz They even started taking food. Just few questions What was their diet N are those in out door set up or indoor

Reptile City Reviews - 01/29/2016
Nice 3 feet Iguana
I received my iguana I ordered from reptile city great shape and very healthy thank you reptile city😊……… gerry

Reptile City Reviews - 01/23/2016
Customer Email
I just wanted to let you know there here finally snow delayed them till today there both doing great they have eaten and they love there dock and heating light they can see my little man in his tank would love to get to him but they have to wait till there bigger thank you they are so adorable there so cute thanks again Stacy Moffitt

Reptile City Reviews - 01/14/2016
You get 5 stars from me!
Our baby Tegu arrived safe and sound. What a beautiful addition to our family! I was very impressed with your service- you answered the phone whenever I called to check the status of my order and responded to my e-mails in a timely manner. You did an excellent job in packaging the animal so it arrived safely (with the cold winter conditions here in Minnesota). Feel free to put this customer review on your website - you get 5 stars from me!

Reptile City Reviews - 1/14/2016
Reptile City Order 69971
Hello. i just wanted to say thank you so much. I've received my package today and all in all I am beyond satisfied with your business and how responsible you are with communicating back. thank you and I will be ordering from you again very soon. have a nice day!

Reptile City Reviews - 1/8/2016
Reptile City Order 70121
I received them! I'm sorry I panicked this morning!! The post office website said they wouldn't arrive until Monday! Thank you so much I am so happy with them!!


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