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Testimonials and Reviews of 2015

Reptile City Review - 12/31/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5968
Hello Felton
Got the package everything came in excellent condition, thanks so much and Happy New Year !!!

Reptile City Review - 12/31/2015
Order 69488
All animals arrived alive today. I'll keep a close eye on them for the next couple of days, but so far they all look good. Thanks!
Dr. Tracy
Physiological Ecology

Reptile City Review - 12/25/2015
Your Reptile City Order
thank you so much it arrived on time alive and healthy and my son was thrilled to once again be the proud parent of a salamander

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2015
Customer Email
I just wanted to say that you so much for my babies that arrived safe and sound last night! Totally in LOVE! Cant wait for the remaining of the gang to arrive :)
Merry Christmas!
From the Camci Family

Reptile City Review - 12/23/2015
Order 69298 -- Arrived safely
Hello again –
The anoles have arrived safely and they look good. Thanks again – Have a wonderful holiday weekend -

Reptile City Review - 12/23/2015
Hi I forgot to let you know that reptiles came Saturday super great shipping and all the animal came ok thanks and Happy holiday to you and you family

Reptile City Review - 12/16/2015
Order 68377
Thank you again Mr. Willis!! The slider got here in great shape !!! Can't wait for Christmas Day for my grandson to see it:) Again, thanks.
Ann Cannon

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2015
Map Turtles
your awsome thank you!!! if you could just let me know when your sending so i can know when i should be expecting!

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2015
Order 67792
Thank you SO much for the Snake, but do you know if you shipped a boy or girl? Well he/she is gorgeous, and the colors on her/him are beautiful. She/he was excited to be out of the bag, and did not want to go back she. She/he hung on my hand the entire ride home.

Again thanks! Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 12/11/2015
My Order
Just got my 3 baby red eared sliders yesterday. They look great and I have given your company a great review online. I was wondering what ya’ll fed them prior to shipping out. We bought the most common turtle pellets they sale, and we tried in the tank and all 3 in separate smaller tubs to feed them, but they will not eat. Thanks for your time.

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2015
Thanks will again for looking out bro the amevia is real nice bro and thanks to reptile city staff and have a happy thanksgiving

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2015
My Order
I just got my order from yall everything looks good and healthy I look forward to ordering from yall again

Reptile City Review - 11/11/2015
Order 67396
We received our order, turtles look great, many thanks, Brian

Reptile City Review - 11/10/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order
Super happy by the shipping and all the animals alive thanks Felton Willis

Reptile City Review - 10/31/2015
Order 66798
Thanks...i appreciate the excellent customer guys are my #1...will be doing more business with you soon...and will be referring you to everyone I know practically bragging....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/29/2015
Order 66702
Thank you for the replacement order. All was fine with this shipment and the lizards are now feasting on the many annoying crickets in our yard - we hope!
We appreciate you taking care of this so quickly!
Carl Muller

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2015
Corn Snake Question
Hello! I ordered a corn snake a few weeks ago and it came in last Friday in perfect condition: lively, healthy, and colorful. I was just wondering how old he was when he arrived and if he had shed before shipping or not. If so, how many times?
Thank you so much!
K. Grubb
Bellarmine University

HaHa Reptiles Order 5860
Reptile City Review - 10/16/2015
Hello i have to say that your service was high quality service every single animal was very strong and very good conditions i give it 10 out of 10. thank you very much i am going to put a order before this week ends ill be putting another order up, i am very grateful very happy with the service i recommend your high quality elegant service talk to you in a couple days for the next order
heman lopez, PR

Reptile City Review - 10/14/2015
Jumbo Hermit Crab
Hey Felton, Crab just arrived, absolutly beautiful, healthy and very friendly, thanks again!
Chuck Franks

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2015
guys thank u so much they came in healty n perfect thank u guys

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2015
Perfect Iguanas
Both of the lizards are here and in perfect condition. The one looks a little darker than the other, but I'm not sure if it's from stress or if that's just how he/she was, there was also no signs of aggression. Not to sure on which one is the male yet but but thank you again for the beautiful animals. If I need to make any type of reptile purchase I'll be sure to get through you.
James Johnson

Reptile City Review - 10/3/2015
Order 65945
Mr. Willis, I just wanted to let you know that we got our new turtle through FedEx today and he's super cute! The birthday girl is happy!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a great weekend!
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 10/1/2015
RETF delivery
Just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchase. The frogs were fully colored and ready for their habitat. Sleeping on leaves now. Thanks again. Troy
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 9/26/2015
Savannah Monitor
Hi Felton,
I wanted to thank you for the monitor you sent me. He/she is very good looking and appears very healthy as well. I am having some problems with it though as every time I try and touch it or something it gets very scared and runs and hides.
Thanks again,
Alec Duffey

Reptile City Review - 9/26/2015
Red Sliders
They just arrived safe and sound. Cute as can be and their color and markings are gorgeous! Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 9/23/2015
Customer Email
Just completed my order with the albino PAC man frog. I am very satisfied with the quality of your reptiles and prompt delivery. I will send you pictures of my classroom terrarium. If you ever get alligator snapping turtles, please email me.
Joe Bagley
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 9/22/2015
Thank you
We received our baby western painted turtles right on time! Thank you so much. They arrived healthy and very active. Both turtles are eating and doing well. We would definitely purchase form you again.
Thank again,

Reptile City Review - 9/12/2015
Re: Your Reptile City Order
I received the iguana in perfect condition!! Thank you very much!

Reptile City Review - 9/12/2015
Customer Email
Thank you for processing my order so quickly and efficiently. My baby turtles arrived healthy as well as my chameleon. They were packed comfortably and showed very little signs of stress. Again thsnk you.

Reptile City Review - 9/11/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5801
I would like to say thank you Felton. The turtles came in alive and look healthy. I'm just concerned about two of them. They're eyes are swollen and are moving slow. They don't look like they'll make it but I'll try my best. How does the gaurentee work? In the worst case scenario, and they do end up not making it. Could I just receive credit on my next order? Please advise. Anyways thank you and look forward to making another soon!
Thank you so much,
Jaren Y

Reptile City Review - 9/1/2015
Order 64531
The salamander babies did arrive today, a bit after noon, and the delivery man said he knew the pkg was “perishable” but didn’t realize it was ALIVE. He was kind of carrying it haphazardly! Made me nervous. But the little guys are alive and happy to be first in their water dish and now exploring their tank. Thank you for picking out such gorgeous fellows! One question that I forgot to ask was, what have you been feeding them? I feed our big guys large size crickets, but I don’t turn the crickets loose, as they are lousy at catching them. I feed them on tongs. Is this what you do, small crickets... or are they eating meal worms at this age.. or what? I would appreciate the information! Thanks, again, Felton! Jeanne

Reptile City Review - 8/26/2015
Order 64259
I received my monitors and they are great!!! Thanks, Cornell Penn

Reptile City Review - 8/22/2015
Order 64237
Mr Willis, thank you for sending the baby Greek tortoise so quickly. FedEx delivered him Friday morning. The packing looked good and the tortoise started walking very soon after he was unpacked. He's been eating a little, but his favorite thing is digging down into the substrate until he's completely buried and sleeping. My granddaughter and I are going to enjoy him a lot. Again, thank you.
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 8/21/2015
Hermit crabs
Hermies came and they were perfect. Thank you so much Kim :) will be ordering more.

Reptile City Review - 8/19/2015
Order 78941
You are awesome! My sulcatas and my snappers are AMAZING!!!!
Thank you so much!
N. Kirkpatrick

Reptile City Review - 8/19/2015
Russian Tortoise Baby
Hi Felton!
I received the tortoise today! He is in perfect shape and so adorable! Would you be able to tell me a little about him? Such as when he was born or about how old he is? Are there any special foods I should be giving him?
Thank you,

Reptile City Review - 08/16/2015
Order 63865
Hey Mr. Willis I just wanted to let you know I received my order of 1000 super worms and the almost 3 foot blackthroat monitor I got from you the other day has been slamming them. He is a great eater and I love him. He is awesome. He is like 30 inches long and I was wondering if you have any idea how old he is? I am very happy I ordered from you and will be ordering from you a lot in the near future. Thank you very much for everything you are awesome! Thanks, Jeremy and Crystal

Reptile City Review - 08/14/2015
Order 63894
Thank you Mr. Willis for delivering the pet scorpion healthy and alive in a manner that was both convenient and safe. My desert hairy is both active in body and appetite. Excellent communication made receiving my package easy and picking it up at the office was so much more convenient for any working person to mange over any other method by which one might take possession of there package. When I first contacted you I recall feeling that you were a bit gruff or curt. However this should not disaude people from doing business with your company. Because the live pet sitting in my terrarium is proof positive you get the job done. Best Regards, Brett from Michigan

Reptile City Review - 08/12/2015
Adult Bearded Dragon
Thank you Reptile City for sending me such a healthy Bearded Dragon. As someone who has owned many bearded dragons in the past, I know that the dragon I received has been taken very good care of before I received him. This animal is also very comfortable with human contact. I look forward to ordering a female Bearded Dragon in the near future. Corinna Campbell in South Dakota

Reptile City Review - 08/06/2015
tracking number
Good Morning , I just received my bearded dragon and Im very please with it. It ate imediatly and running and alert. Thank you and I apologize for any misunderstanding. Again Ive never had any problems with animal DOA when I use you guys for my reptile choice. Again thank you and hope to do more business.
Vicente Stitt

Reptile City Review - 08/02/2015
Baby bearded dragon
I have just received the replacement bearded dragon he seem to be doing way better then the last ,I am glad to have done business with you Thank you , Carlos Fierros

Reptile City Review - 07/31/2015
Hermit Crabs
Thank you Felton. The crabs were just delivered to my son & his kids are so happy.

Reptile City Review - 07/30/2015
Order 62857
Hi, I received the Map Turtles today as you promised. I’m more than happy to have three very healthy ones. Please accept my thanks and appreciation.

Reptile City Review - 07/29/2015
The red-eared turtle I purchased has arrived safe and sound. This is a healthy specimen with a firm shell and clear eyes. Thankyou. - Rick Spoo

Reptile City Review - 07/26/2015
Order 62528
Thank you so very much for promptly correcting our order and sending the new turtles. They look healthy and the proper size and absolute love their new home in our pond. I will definitely recommend you.
Have a wonderful day
Wayne and Valerie Mohrlein
Colchester, Conn.

Reptile City Review - 07/25/2015
Adorable Turtles
Thanks for the quick shipping. We received the turtles today. We got your email in the morning and had been waiting for a package to show up on the porch. They are adorable. They seem to be doing OK, both are alive but not very active. We added them into the aquarium with the basking light and gave them some ReptoMin. Thanks!

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62140
the toad arrived alive and healthy. thanks.

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62589
thank you very much for the very nice bright and colorful iguana hatchlings.eating collards and butternut squash. received them at 11am eastern time.
Ashley K

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62381
The frogs arrived safe and sound and earlier than expected. Great packaging. Thank you for your help in getting them here safely.

Reptile City Review - 07/21/2015
Order 62479
you guys rock hope i have a beautiful baby breaded dragon in my hand from you guys thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/21/2015
Order 62474
Chameleon arrived in good shape today. He's not drinking yet, but he is eating. I was not able to catch the shipment at the dist. center. Thanks for suggesting it, though. My son has been working on a set up for months, growing plants, and gathering all the paraphenalia needed to care for this reptile. He's been reading up on how to reduce stress in chams, etc. So getting one that died in shipping was particularly sad.
Thank you for getting us another critter at your greater expense.
Inez Aultman

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2015
Order 62281
Mr Willis and reptile city team,
I received my creamsicle corn snake and it looks healthy, and really active and curious. Very easy to order, and received it the very next day after my order was processed. The team was also really helpful in explaining any questions I had. I would highly recommend reptile city and I look forward to doing business again with you in the near future. (5 stars)
Thanks a lot!
Nicholas Moulinos

Reptile City Review - 07/17/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5673
Thanks you Felton I recieve the 50 Southern Painted are healthy and active.

Reptile City Review - 07/13/2015
Order 62203
Got the turtles.. Thanks for your great service.. hope to do more business with u

Reptile City Review - 07/13/2015
Order 60772
I just wanted to say thanks i probably bugged you more then i should have but i received the turtles this morning and so far all are alive and doing well. Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2015
Colorado River Toad
Thank you for yalls corespondance. My new toad is great:)
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 07/01/2015
Blue Iguanas Bogo
They arrived better then advertised! Pleasure doing business
Thanks again Shawn
Sent from Surface

Reptile City Review - 06/24/2015
Order 61249
Horned lizards arrived safe & sound -- very nice looking lizards.
I still have one horned lizard from you from 2 years ago (fat & sassy), and one that finally died a couple of weeks ago after more than 6 long, happy years. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank You!
Jim D.

Reptile City Review - 06/22/2015
red ear sliders in ct
Hey just wanted to let you know that the turttles got here safe they look wonderful nice and active!!! There color is amazing! They came early then said and the delivery man kinda left them in the sun but gladly i showed up as he was pulling out my drive way. thank you so much , i will send people to you if they want any reptiles
David cruz

Reptile City Review - 06/17/15
(no subject)
I wanted to let you know I got my turtles last week and they were all good and are so much better in the way they get around. I thank you so much for replacing them. They have been fun to watch. Thank you again, Kathy Long
You are truly so sweet for doing this !! Awesome !!

Reptile City Review - 06/15/2015
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Just wanted to let you know that both turtles arrived today alive and active.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 06/08/2015
Order 61007
Thank you very much for such wonderful service. We received our blue tongue skink today. Overall very impressed and will recommend and do business with you again. I just have one question. Do you know if we got a female or male skink?

Reptile City Review - 06/06/2015
Order 60901
Thanks so much, Felton...everything came in great!
Take care,
Calvin Johns

Reptile City Review - 06/05/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5607
I have purchased bulk amounts of Baby Red Eared Sliders from HaHa Reptiles twice now with the same results both times, high quality, healthy hatchlings. My wife and I actually had the opportunity to meet Felton while on vacation April of 2015, fine business man that cares about his customer before and after the sale, even offered some horseback riding the next time we visit! Very very satisfied customer from Kansas City! :). Dave.

Reptile City Review - 06/04/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5598
Thank you guys a lot. I really appreciate getting back with me so fast and the customer service.

Reptile City Review - 06/03/2015
Fat-Tail Gecko’s
Got it u guys are awesome I look forward to more purchases from reptile city As well as haha reptiles Thank you,
Duane Hall

Reptile City Review - 06/02/15
Order 60827
Thank you felton willis and the whole reptile city staff for my pythons i truly appreicate the love

Reptile City Review - 05/31/2015
Order 55870
I wanted to let you know that the lizard arrived. I was worried about her for a few days, she didn't want to eat. Now she is doing fine and I am very happy with her.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 05/25/15
Spotted Turtles
I have made several purchases from you in the last several years and it continues to be a positive experience. Just wanted to thank you for the Spotted turtles that I purchased from you the other day. Very satisfied with the entire transaction as far as the communication was and fulfilling my request of a male and female. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing to purchase from you in the future. Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2015
Eastern Collards Reptile City Order 60505
Just picked them up and they look great. We will be doing business again with you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 05/19/2015
Order 60351
My order arrived in perfect condition. Very healthy, beautiful toads. Thank you!!

Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 05/18/2015
Eastern Collards Order 59695
Our three lizards are here, and they look great!!! Thanks!!
Adrienne Classen, MD

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2015
40 Red Sliders (adults)
Just wanted to let you know that the turtles arrived around 11am this morning. Thanks so much. Reptile City is AWESOME!!!
Maybe you all can bet on a turtle. The chances are $10 each, you get to name your turtle and if you win, you get $100.
Elizabeth Ferguson
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2015
I am just emailing to say thank you so much for advice on my sick snake. Her name is Ramona and she is a 6' long red tail boa. She was not in a suitable environment and was too cold which ended up leaving her with a respiratory infection. I noticed she wasn't doing well for a while (would not eat for four months and couldn't shed in a single piece) and finally one day she started oozing whitish saliva out of her mouth and was having trouble breathing (holding her mouth open and breathing with raspy bubbly breaths) and so I panicked and called as many vets as I could find within two hours of me and still could not find anyone to help! I found your site online and gave you a call and boy was I lucky! The woman who answered was a life saver! She was honestly concerned (more so than many of the vets offices because so many people hear the word "snake" and are very unwilling to help) and was very knowledgeable with great advice! She evaluated my information and suggested it was a respiratory infection, gave me some helpful tips and techniques to help. I had never heard of your business until then and have never bought anything from you and still she was so willing to help! She stayed on the phone with me until I had all the info and help I needed. Right away I went and got a heat lamp, huge Rubbermaid big enough for her, a vaporizer, Listerine for her Listerine bath and bedding appropriate for a snake. That helped hold us over a day or two until I could get her in to the Hawkins Animal Clinic in Hawkins, TX (2 hours from me). The vet was great and fairly priced. She did indeed have a respiratory infection, and an abscess on her top front lip. We got her on a shot and mouth drop regimen for 3-4 weeks. She has now finally shed beautifully in a full piece and her mouth is all healed up and clean, no breathing problems and had her first meal since she was sick with no problem. I have learned so much from the experience and now Ramona is in an environment that she is comfortable and healthy in. Your time, patience and advice helped save her life and for that you are greatly appreciated! This will be the only business I will use in the future for any reptile friends I need and will recommend to anyone else who wants to enjoy reptiles!
Thanks again,
Britt & Ramona
Paris, TX

Reptile City Review - 05/11/2015
Re: Reptile City Order 60116
I am almost too empressed ! My black Asian forest scorpions arrived fast in great packaging very lively thanks Felton your team is amazing !! My buiesnness will now be with Reptile City !

Reptile City Review - 05/06/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order - Female Redfoot
Thanks Felton!
She's beautiful and eating ferociously! --and is getting along well with her new "husband"!
Thanks again.
The Albers
Navarre, FL

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2015
Re: My New Baby SP Turtle
Reptile City did it again. Another Happy Saturday Morning!!
Received my 2nd baby Southern Painted Turtle from Felton and Reptile City.
Awesome Service and Great Company to deal with.
Very Happy Customer.
Providence RI

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2015
Leopard Frogs
Arrived, stunned but clearly alive. I set them free in a reed pond. Thank you so much, :) Marianna

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2015
Order 59531
I received the turtles today. They look great active, no crud around eyes or on their necks. The entire family got into the delivery. They turtles went to great grandma’s house, then great aunt picked them up and then delivered to grandma’s house, she took them into town where dad had taken the morning off to wait on the turtles. Just to make a little 2 year old boy’s day. when the first pair died, the mom put a water conditioner shaped like a turtle. my great grandson was not fooled he knew something was wrong. He is going to be so happy his turtles are back.
thank you again for the turtles. my great grandson checks them everyday. when he gets up and goes to baby sitter and when he gets home. He loves his turtles.
thank you again.

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2015
Order 59563
They arrived today. Both turtles were active and responsive. Thanks again! Darryl Gibson

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2015
Awesome. Thanks a lot man. You guys are #1

Reptile City Review - 04/24/2015
I just received my 20 healthy, lively baby turtles! I was concerned about the cold temps here this week, but they made it!
Thank you!
Paul Adams

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2015
Strawberry Hermit Crabs
Thank you so much. I received my strawberry crabs yesterday and they are beautiful. Very fast service. 5 days since I placed my order and they arrived at my post office in about 22 hours from when they left you. Their color is great, they look just like ripe strawberries. Very active from the minute I had the box I could hear them moving around. As soon as I opened the "bag" they were in they quickly made their way out. Not shy at all.
I shared my experience with hermit crab groups online and definitely think you will be having a few more orders soon!
My 7 year old son wanted me to share this picture with you (it's attached to email). He says, "Nothing but some strawberries here!" He's very happy with his new pets.
The only issue I have is they came with just dry newspaper. I think they would do much better if you could put some damp moss in with them instead.

Reptile City Review - 04/15/2015
Order 59365
I got the chameleons today, they are soooooo cute!!! They love it here too!
Thank you so much!!!
Suzanne Ryan

Reptile City Review - 04/14/2015
Order 59325
Thank you so much. We are so excited. I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent communication and our great experience with your company so far. May God continue to bless your business!
Lonika Utterback

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2015
Green Ameiva’s
I am happily surprised at the health of the Amieva tegus They are very healthy and active and are eating right off the bat. Thank you

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2015
Order 59264
Thank you so much Felton Willis! I received my desert hairy scorpion on Saturday and its alive and well and amazing! What a beautiful golden species. I will definately be ordering another one from you again so it doesnt feel lonely!!

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2015
Order 59338
My turtle was received today as promised and I couldn't be more happy with the way everything turned out. I felt like a kid again on Christmas morning. You have really been an outstanding business owner and you definitely do as you say. You don't get that much anywhere anymore. Bravo Dude!!! I was wondering where I could leave you a review on your web page? Thanks again, and will be shopping more with you and ReptileCity.

Jimmy Hicks
Providence, RI 02903

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2015
Southern Painted Turtle
Received package in perfect condition.Thank-you very much Mr Willis.I really appreciate it. Mike

Reptile City Review - 04/10/2015
New purchase
Hi Felton,
I just received my lizards! Either I have triple vision or I'm in beardie heaven! They are already exploring and eating! You guys are awesome!
Thanks again!

Suzanne Ryan
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 04/03/2015
Green Anaconda
I received the GA. She is a beautiful specimen! I really appreciate you working with me on this. She was worth every scent, truly. Thank you and may God Bless You-

Reptile City Review - 04/01/15
looking for Turtle
Hi it David Chea
I was wondering when will you be caring Rio Grande Red Cooter babies turtle again. I saw that, you where all sold out. If, you happen to have it in stock again, please contact me. Because, I would like to order it from your company.
Not only that, your company have best online service easy, fast, and my package come on time.
Thank you again
David Chea

Reptile City Review - 03/31/2015
Order 56942
Felton you are the Super Best! Thank You So Very Much!!! Excited

Reptile City Review - 03/30/2015
Question about my order
Just received my baby turtles. They are perfect amd so Beautiful. Thank you!! Definitely ordering from yall from now on.

Reptile City Review - 03/26/2015
Over reacted to last message. REALLY SATISFIED with order! Thank y'all again so much!
I would like to disregard my last message to y'all it was my fault I never read y'all's shipment thing saying Monday threw wendsday. Anyways I just received my Savannah monitors They absolutely some amazing animals they seem to be really healthy seemed a little slow when I first got them out but after a few minutes under their heat lamp they was exploring the new habitat. Would just like to say I'm sorry and I'll be doing business with y'all again soon.!
Thanks Cody

Reptile City Review - 03/25/2015
Order 57754
received my order thanks again this was my first reptile i appreciate everything you guys are great
Anthony presher

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5352
Wanted to say, thank you and that I got him and he is in great shape.

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2015
Thank you
Thank you Mr. Willis for your determination to fill my order. My turtle arrived today healthy and active. You weren't Lying when you said a cool turtle! I think it's a razor back musk. It is beautiful and spotted. Thank you again I couldn't be happier with this extremely active little turtle.

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2015
Thank u.
Will look forward to hearing from you. The turtle we got from you is doing great. She is very sweet and my older male turtle has really perked up with the company. Cheryl Sherwood

Reptile City Review - 03/12/2015
Frilled Dragons
My frilled dragons arrived today. They are adorable and very spunky. They were eating in less then an hour and drank quite a bit right away, but they are healthy and happy. My older frilled dragon has inspected and approves of them both! Thank you soooo much! I will be ordering more in the very near future!
Anna Lewison

Reptile City Review - 03/12/2015
Order 58365
Morning everything is alive and looks good thanks talk to you soon!

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2015
Order 58357
Frogs arrived safe and sound and seem healthy. Great packaging...thank you!

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2015
Order 58514
chameleons look good Mr.Mr. Felton! look forward to more business with you soon. I have one quick question before i place more orders! If i spend more then $200 does it automatically turn into wholesale prices? Thanks for the healthy critters!

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
FedEx Service Alerts
Perfect! I must say you are the best wholesaler i have used in a while. I know my emails are a pain but im balencing work and the shop so i need to plan out the trips to fedex. Thank you very much for the constant communication

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
3 stripped mud turtle question
Hello we purchased two 3 stripped mud turtles from you guys the first of January, they were hatchlings. They are doing great and we are loving watching them. My question is one seems to be growing much slower than the other one, and I just wanted to see if this is normal. We are first time turtle owners and just wanted to make sure they both are doing ok. They both seem to eat well and they are active. Thanks for any info. We love our turtles.

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
Hey guys!
We received our yellow Niger uro and our red Niger uro and I just really wanted to take the time and say thank you! Not only where they heathy and extremely active but you guys where VERY fast about sending them out to us and replying to all of our emails. (That's more that I can say for a few different website company's we tried ordering through) I would highly suggest you guys again to anyone that is looking for a reptile.
Again, thank you SO much,
Brittanie & Zachariah. =

Reptile City Review - 03/01/2015
Order 58302
Thank you for my turtles. I picked them up from the post office today and so far they are doing well. Thanks,
Stephanie Gresham

Reptile City Review - 02/28/2015
Reptile order
All the animals made it safely :) they are beautiful!!! Thank you! Will the rest be shipped Monday?

Reptile City Review - 02/21/2015
Amazon tree boa
She's beautiful! Love her orange and black Thank you. Did you happen to feed her?
Darrien Ricks,

Reptile City Review - 02/18/2015
Order 57866
They arrived just fine.
I put the babies in separate water from the Spiny Ridge. They all pooped and started walking around. The Ridge Back is sweet. I named her Mandy. Truly love her on the spot. Thanks from all of us. USPS called and delivered them right away.

Reptile City Review - 02/13/2015
Order 57681
My babies have arrived live and well just tired! Thank you so much can't wait to do business with you again soon. I attached a picture.

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2015
Order 57679
Got them first thing in the morning from post office, all jumping up and down and healthy looking .

Reptile City Review - 02/06/2015
Hi this is Renae,,, Last year's customer,,, I'm officially a Repeat now, Lol I'd like Your sale's price's on all Your reptiles to Do a purchase,,, I also Have referred You strongly to 7 other reptile keeper's I'm sure @least 3of them will purchase or possibly Already Have,,, Thanks So Much 4 My Bonnie & Clyde... Remarkable animal's truly. Sincerely Renae

Reptile City Review - 02/04/2015
Thank you for the healthy turtles it second time ordering from you guys im so sorry about me bothering you guys thanks
Sent from my iPhone=

Reptile City Review - 01/15/2015
thank you
I have ordered from your company twice. Last year I order 2 eastern spotted newts and are doing awesome. My students love watching them walk around the tank. This year I ordered 2 marbled salamanders, they arrived in great condition and have adjusted to their new tank. Thank you for taking such great care of your animals.
Tammy Riggins
WSHS Sci. Dept

Reptile City Review - 01/08/2015
Thank you
I love my Red Iguana I ordered from you guys. Beautiful color and healthy. Ordering processes was quick and easy. Had the same great experience with my second order of Tokay Geckos. Both Geckos are healthy and nice looking. One of the Geckos has a grown back tail which is a little disappointing, but still I plan on getting my reptiles from you in the future.
Thank you,
Wendi Adams


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