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Testimonials and Reviews of 2014

Reptile City Review - 12/30/2014
Order 56736
I got my babies today they are absolutely gorgeous I'll definitely be ordering from you again real soon I'm so incredibly happy thank you soo much

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2014
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Our turtles we purchased from you are doing awesome! Just wondering when the food will be arriving that we purchased from you. Thanks!

Reptile City Review - 12/22/2014
Extra item in package
I ordered 4 red ear slider turtles from you guys last week and recieved them today. They were beautiful and bigger than i expected. And you also included a fire skink. Im not sure if it was an order mix up or it was just a gift (in that case thank you! Ive always wanted a skink! )But i felt like i should report it. So thanks and i will definitely order from you guys if i ever want another reptile! Cassandra Holiday

Reptile City Review - 12/20/2014
Just letting you know the gal arrived AOK.
Thank you. I will be ordering more. We named her Val for Valmont. She has an 11yr. old boy friend.
Merry Christmas!
Chris Lucas

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Nile Monitors (c.b. babies) Qty 2 for 80.00
You guys are you guys thanks for all of the sales

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Bearded Dragon (c.b. babies) Qty 2 for 75.00
Thats a very good price on these. Im not in the market right now, but when I am I will check you guys first. I bought 2 moon crabs from you which I received in top condition and still have both doing very well!!! Please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you for quick reply, Chris Brown

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Male Turtles
Thanks Felton. They came and they love the tank - they ran right up the ramp and spend a ton of time in the basking area (I use a turtle topper).
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 12/10/2014
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so much!!!! The Jackson chamelons arrived alive and well.. they are awesome.. thank you and ill be ordering soon again

Reptile City Review - 12/09/2014
Order 55945
thank you so much. its a beautiful boa. im always a very thankful customer

Reptile City Review - 12/04/2014
Order 56233
I would just like to say thank you so much this guy is beautiful and packaging was perfect in every way

Reptile City Review - 12/01/2014
Senegal Chameleon "Black Friday" 29.99
Sorry for all of the E-mails, but I really just want to say that I have had literally the best service in my experiences with you guys in the past, and my top concern is the safety of these animals through the shipping process as well as the future. As you can see in the attached picture, I have ordered 3 each of your Senegal chameleons and you armadillo lizard. Citing your very own care sheet, I get the impression I ought to house only one male together with two females for each of these. Can you please ensure that I receive 1 male and two females of each? Thank you! Your help is much appreciated in advanced!

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2014
Order 55792
Omg thank u so much u went above and beyond sending us 5 my Lil girl was so excited she could barely breath! Thank u so much

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2014
Order 55994
Animals arrived healthy and happy. Thank you Cheryl Sherwood

Reptile City Review - 10/23/2014
I got my turtles! The three little guys are very healthy as I expected. All eyes are opening and no problems with the turtles. I hope my parents let me get the mata mata turtle come Christmas time. Thanks a bunch.

Reptile City Review - 10/22/2014
Order 55356
Order Received at 10:00 AM Central time. Skinks are in good condition.
Kevin Murphy

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5165
You guys are great. Things like this is why I continue to go through you. I've had several people tell me to go to this place or that place, they have better prices or a better selection, but like I tell them better prices isn't everything, it's the service that counts. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Reptile City Review - 10/02/2014
I placed an order for a c.b. Ball Python from you guys over a month ago and am just now getting around to contacting you. I received my "new buddy" in a timely manner ( my mail carrier actually saw that I had an express package and brought it 2 hours earlier than expected ) and it was healthy and alert. I was sceptical about ordering a reptile through the mail, but you guys did a good job. It has acclimated well to his terrarium and is eating well. Thanks again !

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5145
Thank you for your prompt service and excellent tortoises. I received two adult red footed and one leopard tortoise. They are all amazing looking and very healthy and eating very very well. Thank You I will never shop anywhere else.

Greg Klim
Sunnyside Tortoise's
Dover, DE.

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2014
Green Anaconda
thank you. you guys are the best.. very satisfied.

Reptile City Review - 09/23/2014
Order 54920
We received the turtles. They are doing great!!!
Thank you!!

Reptile City Review - 09/10/2014
Snapping turtles
Thanks for the replacement snapping turtles. They came in today looking great and with a lot of energy.

Reptile City Review - 09/07/2014
Corn snakes
I received my babies Saturday. They are beautiful! I was needing to find out when was the last time they are an are they eating pinkies or grasshoppers? I am so looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. Have a wonderful day.

Reptile City Review - 09/05/2014
Order 54651 Colorado River Toad
No reply needed!
Very nice, happy, healthy, toads I will be a repeat customer and recommend you to everyone. Thanks

P.S my toads are named after (The lone gunmen) from the tv series (the x files). Melvin Frohike, John Fitzgerald Byers, and Richard Langly

Reptile City Review - 08/28/2014
Order 54490
Received them yesterday and all is well. As soon I put them in, my male (within 5 minutes) was lockup with one of the girls. Thank you so much for hand picking two females for me. Blessings to you and your family and the business, Brian

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2014
Order 53781
Mr.Felton Willis, The black racer ( I'm almost positive it's a male) you sent is just doing great, I'm so happy with him . I was wondering if you had any idea about when the other is going to be sent. I was hoping if at all possible you could try to send a possible female. I am hoping to reproduce some cb babies and ordered these as F1/display animals. I can't express enough just how great the little guy is doing so far. Going to try to start him on anoles here in a few days after his shed. Plan to switch them to f/t rodents so if you know what they were feeding on it would be of help.

Thank you so much for your patience and service,
Nathan Tluchowski ( happy Reptile City customer)

Reptile City Review - 08/09/2014
Your Reptile City Order
Hello, we ordered a Mali Uromastyx from you several weeks ago and she arrived earlier in the week. We wanted to give you GREAT feedback as we were not expecting such a healthy and beautiful lizard! She is strong and active, eating well and such.
We're very pleased with your service. I had talked to one if your staff and requested an older female with yellow coloring if available, you can see in the picture how beautiful she is!
If I can post a recommendation on your website, let me know. Pic attached of Stella the Mali!

Sincerely, Liz Hook

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5505
I love the Geckos,, arrives amazing!!!
Thanks for everything
Glorymar Madera

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2014
snake order, died over night
I bought a ball python from reptile city inc. and In the confirmation it said the snake order would be processed and sent in 7 days so I didn't bother to check my mail. Albeit about two days later I had a snake in the mail. He was a bit wobbly and not in the greatest health (from the hot trip im guessing) he survived the night but was dead the next morning. after reading the reviews I was worried because some say this guy is a con.. yodda yodda yadda . well I emailed them and they were quick on the response(s) and even sent my replacement out the next week. though the first one died (I'm very sad about that as I want all snakes to not die such deaths) I also know sending snakes by mail is difficult. In any event these people are top notch and will definantly buy more in time to come. thanks so very much reptile city inc.

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2014
Order 53089
Good news Felton! Both toads arrived alive and healthy. Thank you for the additional toad. I really appreciate it! If you ever get European (Egyptian) Green Toads (Bufo Viridis) in stock, please let me know. Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 07/15/2014
I haven't ordered yet but I intend too I wanted to thank you and your staff you have answered alot of my questions in a timely manner and that alonen says a lot about your business I've had some really bad luck with other companys specifically bwater they sold me 2 water monitors that were loaded with parasites and worms I know that is chance you take with imports but the response I got was just oh well sorry should have called us within 24 hours like I'm go˝na receive animal take it right to vet you guys have been impressive in comparison thank you - Mike Gerighty

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2014
Order 52830
Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for the Boa. Beautiful animal. In great health ate 6 pinkys was not hatched out early or sick. I'm very pleased with it way better than the pythons. I'll be ordering more soon from you. Thanks Randall

Reptile City Review - 07/08/2014
Order 53014
Hello this is Lena Schoveld I was letting you know that I recieved my ball python and it is beautiful and healthy. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2014
Order 52907
I received the red iguana very healthy thank you

Reptile City Review - 06/30/2014
female red foot tortoise
I received a beautiful tortoise, thank you. We have named her Black Forest because when she arrived she was all sealed up in her shell and my husband thought she was a ham as she was in a cloth bag and I had not told him to be expecting a tortoise

Reptile City Review - 06/28/2014
My new mangrove!
I orderd a mangrove monitor and I like the way it was packed cause it got more air than the Styrofoam was very healthy..I would order from reptile city agian ..I was very pleased... Hes just a beatiful specimen
rhonda chavez

Reptile City Review - 06/20/2014
Your order has been scheduled
Thank you for my turtles. They arrived the day before yesterday and seem healthy.

Reptile City Review - 06/18/2014
Order 52067
Thanks Felton, you are the best. I will buy from you again and refer anyone I can to you.
Charles King

Reptile City Review - 06/12/2014
Order 51961
Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome customer service and the turtles are doing great. Thanks mike burke

Reptile City Review - 06/05/2014
Reptile City Order 51528
Haven't had the chance to compliment the service, but I received all my reptiles alive, and in good health!!! I was really worried at first since they were being shipped over seas for 2 days, but all are doing well!!! Already have some buddies who are planning the next order!!!!

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2014
Your order has been scheduled -
WoW! Thanks, Felton. With regards to the FYI, thank you so much for your integrity to replace the frog, even though you don't have to. We really appreciate it.
In His Love,

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2013
Order 51679
Hello, I just received the turtles and that was quicker than I expected. ..they are beautiful. ..despite all of the bad reviews I saw online. ..I feel as though those people over exaggerated. .....good service and Thank you

Reptile City Review - 05/22/2014
Hampden Sydney College Order
I would just like to CONFIRM that the items below are going to be shipped Thursday (tomorrow morning) for delivery on Friday:

160 Red Ear Sliders (babies)

FYI, you might like to know: we tested the first 10 turtles we received for ranavirus, the wildlife disease that we are working with in our lab. Your animals all tested negative for ranavirus DNA.
Thank you,
Rachel Goodman

Reptile City Review - 05/14/2014
Order 51197
You guys did a great job.. There are 6 happy turtles and 1 happy wife.. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2014
Order 51411
Thank you, their lagoon and bask spaces are patiently waiting. This was the best Mother's Day present ever, thank you Reptile City!

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order 51000
Received my lizard first thing in the morning, looked in good shape. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order #51241 for map turtle
Omg this little turtle is beautiful. He arrived a hour late but he did come safe and sound. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My kids are very excited so am I. I will probably order another turtle in the near future.
Sent from Mrs. Mondaine

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order 51004
I received my order and everything is fine. Thankyou Darcy

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Your Ha Ha Reptiles Order
We have not got Savannah Monitor (c.b. babies) But all the rest look great and I am so happy to do biz with haha reptiles
Thank u so much!
God bless you all!

Reptile City Review - 05/05/2014
Order 51152
Thanks, I received them earlier today. :) They seem to be doing fine and healthy, the shipping was very fast. Thanks I would most certainly recommend you.

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2014
Order 51119
Just wanted to let you know that the snake I received has recovered from the hot journey and is doing well now. I really thought it wouldent make it over night but it did. I got him to eat yesterday without peoblems. Thank you again

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2014
Order 50944
My ATB arrived fine and healthy. He has already been drinking and already ate and it going into shed. Thanks for the gorgeous guy!

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you all so much he is beautiful and thank you for sending me a large hatchling i will most definitely recommend you to my friends and co-workers.
Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2014
Thank you
Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your great customer service,they were very helpful and I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future.I ordered from you guys a couple weeks ago and all reptiles were very healthy.Im very pleased.Thanks John Malizia

Reptile City Review - 04/25/2014
Just got the Iggys and I am very happy! They look great in my custom tank and are doing very well. I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything. You have high quality lizards with high quality service and the packaging was excellent. I would definitely order from you again.
You have a great day!
Charles Salmi
Warrenton, Oregon

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2014
Order 50649
Hey I received my order today and my iguana looks great. After the reviews I read online I was scared but you came through as said. Shipping was fast and communication was great. Thanks once again. Will be purchasing again soon

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 50555
Hi jest wanted to say thanks for getting my orders to me they all look great I'm a little concerned about the savannah Monitor it not very activit right now but I will keep you up to date on it other than that I'm very pleased and once again thank you

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 49964
I have just received my emerald swift, and he's absolutely stunning. He looks bright, healthy, and well-fed. Since he just came out of the packaging, he'll at least need some time to adjust before I can really be sure he'll be okay. I just wanted to say thank you for this gorgeous little guy.

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 4835
My customer called me as soon as he got the order. He was going NUTS. He was VERY VERY happy with the frogs we sold him. Thanks for always being top notch! Allen

Reptile City Review - 04/14/2014
New tortoise
Thank you so much for my Herman's tortoise! He arrived three hours ahead of schedule, healthy and beautiful! I had ordered two aquatic turtles a year ago (hieroglyphic river footer and painted turtle) who are huge and happy now so I knew I was in good hands purchasing from you again! Thanks and you will be the only stop I make for my next purchase!

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2014
Order 50450
Hello! I just received my tortoise and he is very active and seems well! I will be leaving much positive feedback for you as many places as I can! Thanks so much and God bless!
Michael Vinzant

Reptile City Review - 04/12/2014
My Jackson Chameleons
Hi Guys Thank-You,,, so much for Your caring, Even for. Customer you don't even know & I wasn't Very nice to You, in the Beginning... So You are a very caring business indeed... thank-
Thank-you I'll be giving a Shining review

Reptile City Review - 04/10/2014
Amazing service
I want to thank you for you amazing service. My map and yellow belly are healthy beautiful and very active. I can not wait to do more service. I am impressed completely. Thank you Felton

Reptile City Review - 04/09/2014
Order 50428
Thank you so much! My little guys (or girls?) arrived safely around 12:00 PM central time (ahead of schedule which works for me!), alive and very active! They're in their home and very inquisitive! Ive owned salamanders and newts before and have yet to see any that are as tenacious as these two are! I've let a few other enthusiasts know about your website and hope to bring you some business!
James Llamozas

Reptile City Review - 04/04/2014
I just came by to give you some feedback!
That's the pretty baby. Her name is Astrid. She is the senegal chameleon I ordered. As soon as she came out of the box, she started exploring her enclosure -- she was very active. She's about as long as my middle finger. I put some crickets in there and she ate them up! Thank you, Reptile City!

Reptile City Review - 04/02/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so very much for the iguanas. We received them on Friday. I wanted to let you know they are doing great they are eating very well and they enjoy us handling them. We are building a bigger enclosure for them now so they will have more room. Thank you so much we love them.

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2014
I wanted to personally thank Felton and his team for the order that I had placed for my son's birthday. I ordered some fire salamanders and Felton said that he would get them to me in time and he did. I was emailed that they were being shipped with instructions. They arrived on time, properly packed and when I put them into their new home, they were in very good condition. They immediately started walking around. I have had several family members and friends see them and now everyone wants some. I will highly recommend Reptile City and I will be ordering more in the near future. Thanks, Buddy Ray.

Reptile City Review - 03/26/2014
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Good Morning,
I just received my Jackson Chameleons and they are beautiful. I am so happy and pleased with them.
I am still waiting for my Red Back Chuckwallas and will be pleased to do business with you again and again.
Thank you and have a great day!!
Vicky McKee

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2014
Order 49639
Just wanna say Thank you for working with me on this situation.....All seems like you guys are a very stand up company, and I look forward to continued business with you guys...thanks again...
John Burgess

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2014
Order # 49887
I must say that I was extremely concerned about placing an order with your company due to all of the bad reviews that I had read about your company. However after several email correspondences and phone conversations I was put at ease. I received my order much faster than I was told that I would and all of my reptiles were alive and very healthy and alert I could not be happy and will definitely be doing more business with your company thank you very much!

Reptile City Review - 03/18/2014
Order 49757
Felton Willis,
This is Scott Winton.
My black throat monitor arrived 2 hours earlier than the scheduled eta last Friday. He/she is doing very well!
After I placed my order with I decided to look for reviews of your company. And basically all I found was bad reviews. Everything from how rude you are on the phone to dodging calls to not giving tracking numbers for shipments And worse.
Honestly It kinda had my a bit worried.
However, we spoke several times on the phone. You answered all my calls and you never came across as rude.
You emailed me all the info including about my order; the day it will be shipped, tracking info, eta, and my monitor arrived 2 hours early in very good condition. The way he was packed was done very well.
I appreciate everything very much.
Unlike the reviews I read I have nothing bad to say about your company. And I am very pleased to have done business with you.
Thank you,
Scott Winton.

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2014
Order 49803
our snake arrived alive and well and is so sweet, the kids are so excited! thank you very much

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2014
Did You Get the Spotted Turtles
Yes I did! I'm at work so I'm sorry I couldn't return your call. Both of my spotted babies are doing great! Thank you very much for sending such healthy turtles!

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2014
Another Star Tortoises
Once again Felton and Reptile City delivers. Got another Indian Star tortoise from them--this time a female and hope to breed them in the future with the male star tortoise they sold me two months ago. They gave me a discounted price on the female and shipped her out when promised. Have no hesitations recommending this company; and they have one of the largest reptile selections around!
Dr. Todd Baker, President of Brit Hadashah Ministries

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2014
Packing Slip 49656
Rec. my animals this morning All in good shape for as I can Tell thank u for going the extra Mile to get them to me. Will order With more time next time they Moved the date of the show up A week n messed me. U still Have the best prices n animals I've found any where
Thanks Danny

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Newts arrived in great condition and are doing great. THANKS

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2014
Order 49516
hay this is David I want to thank you for the fire salamanders. they look very nice and healthy. do you know if they are male and female and if they are how do I check to see if one is a male and the other is a female. please email me a picture. and thank you again

Reptile City Review - 02/28/2014
Order 49542
We got our Geckos and they are great....
The Wilcoxon's

Reptile City Review - 02/16/2014
Order 49221 - Red-Tail Boa
Picked him up this morning and everything is great. He already ate a hopper mouse. Thanks again!
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 02/15/2014
RE: superworm order
package received twenty minutes ago. thank you. their very nice looking. poor things my daughter and mom were shaking it to see what I got.

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2014
Order 48992
Our turtle has arrived safely and alive. It seems to be doing well, very active and drinking water, and exploring its new habitat. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 02/09/2014
Baby Russian Tortoise
Hello! Thank for confirmation on my order. Fenton Willis was so great on the phone. Sure appreciated that. I have only one request and that is to correct the spelling of my first name. It is Kristine. Not Kristen. Thank you very much. I am excited to get my new baby tort!!
Sincerely, Kristine Ditzel

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2014
Thank you
Hi. I just wanted to let you guys know that i did recieve my Jacksons Chameleon safe and sound on Saturday, February 1, 2014. He is so wonderful and beautiful. Thank You!

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2014
2 Snappers
Hello Felton, just wanted to let you know I did receive the turtles and the look healthy and wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. I Cant wait to do business again maybe a Monitor Lizard next time. Thanks again.
Brian Dickens

Reptile City Review - 01/24/2014
Order: 48752 Green Tree Python
We just wanted to let you know, we received the snake today and we're very happy with it, it's extremely gorgeous and my husband loves the colors!!!!
Thank you very much for everything!!!
Excellent customer service!!!
Sent from my iPhone
Carolina, PR

Reptile City Review - 01/08/2014
Reptile City Order 48390 - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Thank you so much for helping to make this happen. I was so surprised when the 2 turtles arrived, I thought only 1 was being sent, and they were both very much alive/active and kicking. :-) Right now they are swimming in their new home. I never thought I would see the day, when I owned turtles, but I will say they are a lot of fun to watch.
Want to thank you again!

Reptile City Review - 01/07/2014
Re: Available for Pickup
Hello Again!!
The tortoises have arrived and seem to be doing fine!! Thank you so much for all of your help!! We are thrilled!!
- Nancy
St. John, VI

Reptile City Review - 01/07/2014
Order 48447
Got everything today, everything looks fine...great service, thanks

Reptile City Review - 01/04/2014
Order 48191
Hi. The tortoises arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks!
Marc Coyer
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 01/04/2014
Order 48211
hello mr willis i got everybody they are all alive thanks for the great service


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