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Testimonials and Reviews of 2013

Reptile City Review - 12/27/2013
Order 48256
Got my water monitor a while ago just wanted to say thank you and she's beautiful! Will be ordering again soon! Thanks again.
Nick Alonzo

Reptile City Review - 12/26/2013
Order 48185
They arrived alive this afternoon – thank you! Made my 12 year old daughters Christmas to be sure!!

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2013
Reptile City Order 48067
They are here and beautiful!!! You sent two yellow bellies...but our 5th grade teacher wants one

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2013
Order 48195
Just wanted to say Thank you both turtles are alive and very cute!!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas !!

Reptile City Review 12/22/2013
Thank you!
dear reptile city-thank you for the gorgeous cuban knight anoles they arrived a little dehydrated but both took water and food right was a gift for our 16 year old and he was VERY happy and excited and our 3 year old spends hours watching the other one in the terrarium we put together for him.This spring i am hoping to get a crested gecko from your company, happy holidays and thank you again! -Patricia Piecek

Reptile City Review - 12/21/2013
Order 47665
Hi, just wanted to let you know I received my Nile monitors this morning in fantastic condition. They arrived a day later than said but it was to be predicted because of Christmas delays. Regardless, unlike other sites I've ordered live reptiles from which arrived very cold (but still alive) on just one day shipping, my monitors I got from ReptileCity arrived perfectly warm and happy even with the extra day. So thank you very much, they may have taken a while to ship but it was well worth the wait. Will definitely do business again with you.
Many thanks,

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2013
Order 47785
These guys went the extra mile for me in getting my beautiful Indian Star Tortoise and made sure the shipper got it to me in time. They gave me this tortoise at a great price and back what they sale. I highly recommend them for the Reptile lover.
Dr. Todd Baker--Dallas, Texas

Reptile City Review - 11/26/2013
Order 47498
awsome thank you so much! i love your store and every time i want new lizards i skip every other store and go straight to you guys!!! i love your store keep up the good work reptile city!!

Reptile City Review - 11/25/2013
Order 47468
Ordered the 2 red Iguanas. Came safe and sound and looking good. I will be using you again in the near future. Thanks...Joe

Reptile City Review - 11/18/2013
Reptile City Order 47188
I received my turtles last week and just writing to let you know that all were in excellent shape and didn't even appear to be stressed out at all and all eating, considering the trip to Hawaii. Thanks again and I will purchase more from you folks for sure. I am looking for North American Wood Turtle babies however which you don't seem to have.

Reptile City Review - 11/03/13
Order 46291 – Replacements
The turtles are deep divers and are doing awesome! Very active. Be ordering again as soon as I can.
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 11/02/13
Order 46885
i love the snake i purchased from you guys. he was really active and even ate the day he arrived, he's also as tame as a puppy dog, if i decide to get another one it'll for sure be from you

Reptile City Review - 10/23/2013
Re: Already eating!
Testimonial. Recieved my two blue tongue skinks this evening. Began eating immediately! Look at those pigs!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2013
Very happy!!!! Order #46674

I have been wanting a retic for along time now and searched all over the internet for the best place to buy it from. I found it in reptile city. I talked to the owner on the phone before my purchase and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. After I received my retic she was one of the most beautiful retics ever. Very healthy and active she eats great and is very very calm. I would recommend reptile city to anyone wanting to order a reptile online. I know I will be ordering every reptile I get online from them from now on!!! Justin Mathews, Kansas

Reptile City Review - 10/18/2013
You got it !!
I just received the Pandinus imperator (Emperor scorpion) today (my birthday).
Beautiful, feisty, gorgeous black, and mammoth pendipalps!!
I can't wait to take this tough guy to my Ecto Critterz shows.

I was expecting a very young tiny critter and was very happy to see one this size.

Thanks a bunch. You folks are groovy!!!

I'll be buying from you again, real soon!!!

Scott Robinson
Ecto Critterz

Reptile City Review - 10/17/2013
Re: Reptile City Order 46542
You guys have been really great! My baby BRB arrived alive, though obviously stressed from the extra day in shipment caused by UPS - he didn't even attempt striking me at all when placing him in his new enclosure. As I headed back to the office from my lunch break, he'd been actively exploring his new home for about ten minutes. He looks very healthy, so I don't anticipate any issues as he settles in. I'm leaving him alone for today and plan to attempt a feeding late tomorrow evening.

Thank you so much! This has been my second purchase through ReptileCity and I'm definitely a fan. Your service is great, and animal quality is awesome. =D


Reptile City Review - 10/12/2013
Order 45942
Mr. Willis,
We got the crickets on Fri. afternoon. They look to be the right size this time. Thank you so much for taking care of that problem so quickly.
Vicki Thomas

Reptile City Review - 10/12/2013
Reptile City Order 45300
I appreciate very much you sent my kids those other two bearded dragons, these appear much more active and are doing well. You will be seeing more orders from us in the future...another loyal customer!
Jeffrey Mena, PR

Reptile City Review - 10/07/2013
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you Felton.
I was very pleased with your site, pricing and ease of use. Wishing you much success.
Sorry our Broncos beat up on Dallas yesterday.

Reptile City Review - 10/03/2013
Order 46291
Got my turtles today, they're awesome!!!! The one with the odd shell is actually pretty neat looking! Thanks for putting up with my blundering impatience! Will be ordering soon again!
Very satisfied,
Tony Parma

Reptile City Review - 09/20/2013
The snapping turtles are doing great!
My son is so excited!! Thanks for shipping the turtles quickly. They are doing well. Both are eating already.
Nice job folks.

Reptile City Review - 09/19/2013
Order 45950
hello reptile city your package has arrived in good condition thank you very much for your services animals are in good condition fast delivery I am pleased this was a trial order the next order will be more large from your wholesale list

Reptile City Review - 09/14/2013
Order 45813
My order came super quick! I ordered wed and came Fri wow! Super Sm box, but were n good condition thanks. I'll do business w yall again.

Reptile City Review - 09/13/2013
Order 45834
The package just arrived. I have released all six pygmy’s into their enclosure and they all began drinking form the droplets on the leaves. Thank you, Daryle Christensen

Reptile City Review - 09/06/2013
Order 45411
I got my savanna monitor this morning and love him!! He's more amazing then I excepted. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering more stuff from you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 09/02/2013
Tiger Salamanders
Thank you so much for your wonderful amphibians! Our order of Tiger Salamanders arrived promptly and in wonderful condition. The two salamanders are healthy, strong and growing daily.

I was very impressed at how well you had packed them for shipment. The Post Masters were quite curious about our new critters, so we opened the box to show them off right there at our local Post Office. They too were impressed at your careful packing job. Other than blinking at the bright light, the salamanders were curious enough to walk around their petri-dishes.

Again, thank you for these well cared for pets. We know they received a good start in life and will remain with our family for a long while.

Satisfied in Chicagoland!

Reptile City Review - 08/17/2013
bearded dragon
My bearded dragon arrived today big and healthy and I love him he was a little cold but I put him in his new home and he warmed right up, he is amazing!! Thank you for the Lizard and such fast shipping

Reptile City Review - 08/17/2013
Order 44998
My little turtle arrived today:) it's the cutest thing ever! Thank you so much!
Diana Bullis NY

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2013
Order 44790
You guys are literally the only reptile business's I've ever used! I consider you guys to be the best. The savannah I ordered from u guys a wile ago is alive and doing very well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2013
RE: Frogs
My frogs arrived an absolutly beautiful will be a sure thing as a returning customer ty so much great service quick delievery healthy and enjoying there new home ty guys

Reptile City Review - 08/09/2013
Order 44699
My little guys arrived in great shape, though they are wearing their "stress" colors until they get settled. Thank you for picking two iggies with different color patterns. I am really impressed with their health and markings. If I ever decide to get another reptile, I'll head right for your website. Thank you so much!!

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
Baby red ear
Got our baby red ear today! Even though it took two days for him to make the trip, he was climbing out of his container as soon as I opened it!!! And if I'm not mistaken, he actually still has his egg tooth (you can see in the picture of him from the side). My daughter loves him and we are very pleased. Thanks so much!!!

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
Order 44709
Hi Felton
I received my turtles today they look great!! Thanks I picked them up at the so they didn't have to sit around in a truck all day :)
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
savannah monitor
Hey guys I'm writing to let you know that my savannah monitor just came minutes ago and I could not be more pleased with this animal. He is a very alert, active and healthy baby already exploring his new home he's even hissing a little. I've seen animals in pet stores that weren't as alert as him and he is showing a lot of signs of a promising pet. Thank you guys much I will definitely be a return customer.

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2013
Order 43769
I just wanted to let you know that we did retrieve the geckos from the post office upon our return and they were alive and well. Thank you so much for sending. I know that you were not obligated to do that, so we are very appreciative. The new ones are very active and playful. Thank you again!
In His Love,

Reptile City Review - 08/01/2013
Thank you for my order
I received my order earlier today and was very pleased. After reading mixed reviews I was hesitant, but decided to see for myself and order anyway. Im glad I did. I was very happy with my order and will order again in the future. I will be writing a good reveiw. Thanks again.

Reptile City Review - 07/31/2013
Order 44372
Hey Felton and all at Reptile City ,
Just had to make a few quick comments on the whole process. Your customer service and patience with all of our questions was top notch! Shipping went smoothly and was packed very well. I've seen a whole lot of monitors and the Nile that we just recieved is stunning to say the least. Thanks for such an easy experience! I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2013
Order 44071
Hello, i'm sorry I don't have my phone with me at the moment but I wanted to let you know that i've received the albino red tail boa and she is beautiful, thank you!

Reptile City Review - 7/25/2013
Order 43883
May god bless u, your family, all the employees and your job. you guys are really amazing. I appreciate your hard work to get your costumers happy. thank you boss.

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2013
Southern Toads – Order 43853
Thank you! My little guys came in, healthy and chirping like mad to be let out of the box!

Reptile City Review - 07/10/2013
Order 43546
Just received the Brazilian Rainbow Boa baby and it is GORGEOUS! THANKYOU SO MUCH! but just a couple questions lol what sex is it? and when was the last feeding? so i'll know when to feed it & how old is it... after that, i'll be complete...

Reptile City Review - 07/09/2013
Order 43202
Hey Felton, my kids called and the anoles arrived, they said they were in good shape so they let them go, thanks for the extras, that was very nice of you. T Kelly

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2013
Order 43437
I've received my order ( baby red iguana) just wanted to say I'm ecstatic for my new pet and I'm glad I purchased from you guys.

L. Craft

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2013
Order 43474

Reptile City Review - 06/28/2013
The frogs are truely amazing. I just want to apologize for bein such a pain in the butt with all my emails I'm really sorry but thank you for all the assistance :)

Reptile City Review - 06/13/2013
Order 42822
Hi Felton, Tortoise arrived this morning and was a big hit at the Office. They'd never received anything live but chicks before, and were amazed (as was I) at the size box he came in. Very alert and active, started eating within a minute of being put in his pen. Excellent color and markings. Easy to pick out in a crowd (should one ever come by).

All in all I'm very pleased with the transaction, and will be looking to yu for future purchases.


Reptile City Review - 06/03/2013
HaHa Reptiles
I received my pets all in great condition. How ever I would like to order some southern painted, and ball pithons, just let me know when you're goin to have the new hatch of souther painted turtles, so I can put all in one order. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 06/03/2013
Order 41823
Felton Willis: Just wanted to drop You an e-mail and thank you for the great service and all the help You gave Me in buying the C.B. Painted turtle babies. They arrived all well and healthy and My Daughter just loves them. Thanks again Felton keep up the good work! Bob

Reptile City Review - 05/30/2013
Order 42404
Got it, alive and well. It's a beautiful snake, and a great deal. Thanks much. It's a female right? I will not hesitate to order from you again or recommend you to others.

Reptile City Review - 05/30/2013
Tokay geckos
I just want to thank you for the beautiful tokay geckos and doing follow up calls and emails with me to ensure I received them alive an well. I very much appreciate you Felton and your staff for your kindness and generosity for replacing the boa that died when you didn't have to. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Have a blessed wonderful day! Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2013
Eastern Spotted Newts
Mr. Wills got the newts on Sat. they are in great shape.

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2013
Order 41673
They arrived today!! My students are learning a real life lesson of the life cycle with these turtles. Thanks for sending replacements so quickly!!
Sherri Tuckett

Reptile City Review - 05/22/2013
Successful arrival!
Felton thank you so much for such a great boa! He/she is getting along greatly! I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future!

Reptile City Review - 5/03/2013

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2013
I jut got the email confirming my boa at the office so I went down to get it and all I can say is wow such an amazing snake, thank you sooooo much!! its a little bigger than I thought but I have larger mice and a larger cage for it too.

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2013
Cathy Critters
Thanks Felton for the advice. I've been trying to get them all morning I think I might have them :-) I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. It really helps.
Your awesome

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
What's up its Craig
Got it ...she's beautiful...great shape very healthy,thanks again Felton
Thanks Craig

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
Happy In Hawaii (order#40786)
Aloha Nina and Mr. Willis,
I picked up my Sally and she's perfect! She is very active and she actually came to me so I fed her 3 baby crickets without hesitation she ate it up! I am crying with happiness and know that she's strong and will survive without any doubts.
I am very pleased with you kind people and my heart is full of joy! Thank you folks for the blessing and caring generosity! I pray that many blessings and good fortune comes your way!
You great people are totally Awesome!! NUMBER ONE in my book!!!!!! Will be putting in an order next week or the following week for a male. Love you all at Reptile City!!!!!!! Totally overwhelmed with happiness!!
Great customer service and very kind people!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Thanks once again!!!! From Elizabeth.

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
Order 41278
Wife took me into town to pick up frogs when post office opened at 8:30 they had called me at 7:30 as I requested.
The ladies all had to see them..........reminded them of their youth.......all happy. Let the frogs out in grass at ponds edge......all in great shape. It was 45 deg out and they said THIS AIN"T MIAMI! I hope they do well I have been looking for NL frogs tor 7years with no luck
Thanks again
Doyle Patterson

Reptile City Review - 04/05/2013
Gender Request for Order 41193
Just picked my jackson chameleons up from the post office. You guys rock! Thanks for getting the male for me...he's handsome. Will definitely make orders in the future.

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2013
Order 40964
Just got my baby green conda....was shipped to me in great condition no problems an on time I've already held her,she's a great snake all in all,deffintly would do business again! Thanks Felton Willis!

Thanks Craig LaDouceur=

Reptile City Review - 03/29/2013
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you for the turtles - please note once again a baby male cumberland is requested - happy with reptile city!
My baby eastern paint is doing great!

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2013
Dear Nina and Mr. Felton Willis,
I received my baby marbled salamander in the mail this morning and she/he is AWESOME! She's healthy and moving around and she's happy in her new home. She was hungry and ate like a hawaiian. (Lol). I am very pleased, happy and satisfied! I will be ordering from you folks again. Love my new connection! Totally Awesome! Once again, Mahalo Nui Loa!
From: Elizabeth Rodrigues

Reptile City Review - 03/23/2013
Thank you
I received my red footed tortoise about a week ago and he or she is prefect. He arrived on time and happy. Thanks again for the little dude.

Reptile City Review - 03/23/2013
Savannah monitor
Thank you very much I received my baby this morning and he is awesome he very active thank you for providing healthy reptiles. I still have my boa that I bought from you guys and he is doing grate thanks again. highly recommend you to all my friends.

Reptile City Review - 03/20/2013
Order 40768

Hi Felton,
We received the marbled gecko and are very happy with him. He is just a bit scared right now. Just wondering if you know how old it is and if it is a male or female?

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2013
amazon tree boa
I received my boa earlier today and he/she looks very healthy and is exploring around the new cage after having drank water for about 15 minutes haha! thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 03/14/2013
We received our gorgeous toads. They are fat and happy.
Thank you!
Sonic Pride Labradors

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2013
Order: 40551
Mr. Felton,
My Brazilian Rainbow Boa "Carnage" arrived this morning and as advised I picked him up from the office. He is absolutely beautiful! He immediately ventured around his enclosure. Thank you so much! I was nervous about mail ordering a live animal. I am pleased with your service and will be buying from you again. Best wishes from Brooklyn, NY. Once again thank you! ~John

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2013
Reptile City Order 40285
Have received my two orders if emperor's and they look very happy from their long trip and probably jet lagged. Thank you.

Eddie's iPhone

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2013
Your Reptile City Order
I received my African Fat Tails this morning and they are doing good! Very curious and active. Thanks again for what all you guys at reptile city do!
Also, can I ask what types of insects they are used to being fed? I know it may take awhile for them to become interested in food with the trip and new home, but they didn't seem interested in the mealworms at all.

Jonathon Haaland

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2013
Reptile City Order 38740
just a quick 'belated' email to thank everyone for the replacement of my male CA ornate wood turtle.
he is eating & drinking voraciously and getting along for the most part with my female CA ornate wood turtle.
thank you again and rest assured i will be visiting back, and ordering from, the reptile city website for all my turtle needs and wants!
rick testa

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2013
Reptile City Order 39739
Just a note of appreciation about the order that you sent to me.
That was a terrific selection of hermit crabs, plus lively anoles.
All arrived in good shape [although for some reason the email note was delayed and did not reach me until after the attempt to deliver the order had been made. Nonetheless, the hot packs were still warm the next day].

--Dennis Murphy

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2013
Order 39610
Thanks the order came and they already eating. They look great and healthy.

Reptile City Review - 02/01/2013
Your Reptile City Order
The turtles arrived today and they are swimming all over the tank.

Reptile City Review - 02/01/2013
Re: shipping time
Felton and all at reptile city,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my tegu about 5 minutes ago. It came very healthy and alive. Also I wanted to know if you knew what sex it was.

Reptile City Review - 01/30/2013
Order 39525
Thank you so much. I received my turtles 2 hours ago, and everything it's fine.
We are so happy.
I want to know what time exactly the turtles have???
They are so pretty.
Just another little question, I traid to gave some food but the painted it's hard, so what kind of food she was eating???? Thank you....

Reptile City Review - 01/26/2013
Order 39392
We picked up the frogs at the post office around 6:15 this morning. All 12 are alive and have already eaten. Thanks for a pleasant transaction, my daughter is a very happy girl!
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone powered by Alltel

Reptile City Review - 01/18/2013
They just arrived, they looking amazing. Everyone wants to stop by and check out the flying geckos and chameleon. Thank you guys for the reptiles.
Sincerely Sukrean Kuy

Reptile City Review - 01/17/2013
Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)
Got my turtles earlier still alive and very healthy the reason I didn't receive them by mail was the fact that the address on the box was wrong its 2676 not 2675.But other then that I'm happy
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 01/16/2013 Order 39205
Hi Felton and All,
Just thought I'd let you know; Mr Chameleon is safe and sound in his/her warm Terrarium, with plants, food and water available. It must feel like a VIP suite at the Hilton to him!
We just got him in there, so hopefully, he will continue to do well over the next initial, few days.
Thank you and we'll talk to you again soon,
John Bristow

Reptile City Review - 01/11/2013
Order 39176
Thanks I love making business with you guys


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