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Testimonials and Reviews of 2012

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2012
Order 38815
Thank you Felton... My three baby turtles arrived today at 11:30 PST. They are all feisty and apparently had a safe, two-day journey from Florida to Calaifornia. I am surprised at how little these guys are! They must only be a few weeks old. My other turtles are three months old and are much larger! Thanks again and if you ever need a reference, please let me know...
Marsha McHenry

Reptile City Review - 12/28/2012
Order 38860
Mr. Willis,
You guys are great. The Bearded Dragon arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you for moving me up so I could have it for my mothers birthday, She is thrilled with it,
Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 12/22/2012
Order 38709
reptile city my order arrived on time, and both snakes are doing great. they exceeded all expectations . cant wait to order again.

Reptile City Review - 12/21/2012
Red Foot Tortoise Baby
Hi Felton,
I just wanted to let you know that my baby red foot tortoise is here, safe, sound, thirsty, hungry and curious! Thanks for the great advice about picking up the turtle at the office. Much better than having him ride around in the truck all day! Anyway, he's perfect and I'm very happy, thank-you very much and have a great holiday!
Mary Hoyt
Independent Avon Representative

Reptile City Review - 12/19/2012
Order 38614 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
thank you i got my snake looks great and looks like he is in great heath .i will be getting all my reptiles from you guys from know on.

Reptile City Review - 12/13/2012
My order 38411
Just wanted to let you know that my buddies arrived safe and sound. You guys made my first online reptile ordering experience a great one! Except another order from me very soon!

Reptile City Review - 12/08/2012
Order 38340
Wow the Python looks amazing. Its all golden and dark. Just perfect. Thank you so much ok))

Reptile City Review - 12/02/2012
Pixie Frog order 37915
Pixie Frog is doing great and I am really enjoy having the Frog and Really Appreciate the service.
Thank you again, Don Roffee

Reptile City Review - 12/01/2012
Thank you
Thank you for the wonderful HMC they are very beautiful and bright in colors and my nephews think they are the coolies things. Please keep up the good work and God bless you all.

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2012
Order 37950 Albino Red Slider
The shipment came in very early and ahead schedule! You made a change on my order very promptly, and my albino res arrived in prestige health!! He couldn't be happier in his 125g

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2012
Tree Dragon
Got our new baby today! She is perfect. exactly as I requested. Thank you so much, we will absolutely go through you for any other reptile needs.

Reptile City Review - 11/16/2012
Dragon Agamas
Felton Willis at Reptile city, this is Pete Hill. I have received my 8 tree dragons, and they look great! All of them are very active, alert, and eating. Thank you so much for your help, sorry there was some confusion at the local post office.
Thanks, Pete

Reptile City Review - 11/16/2012
Asian Box Turtle
Thank you very miss I got today with no problem. She is very pretty. I am kinda curious What do you feed your Asian box turtles so I can know what to feed her?

What is she used to eating? So I can make her feel like home.

Reptile City Review - 11/15/2012
Order 37766

Reptile City Review - 11/14/2012
Order 37754
My Mud turtle arrived earlier today as you stated in your e-mail to me. He/she is very healthy and active in it's new habit and seems to be adjusting well. Thanks so much and take care.

Reptile City Review - 10/26/2012
Order 37310
Yet another happy purchase. Thank you very much. I am super happy with the chelodina rugosa. He came out and was full of life and he is getting along with my other turtles just fine. I have taken the liberty of posting some good reviews of your site. I hope this brings you more business.

Best Regards,
Don LaBerge

Reptile City Review - 10/24/2012
Order 36043
just recived my baby veil chameleon,eastern red spotted newt,and southern american toad gotta say i loved my chameleons rapid color change and as well as my newt climbing ability,and for the toad hes a big guy THANK YOU SO MUCH AGIAN REPTILE CITY WILL DEF. ORDER MORE SHIPMENTS!!!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2012
Order 36947
I just want to say thank you! You saved my children's lizard and now the smiles from having more are amazing! Reptile City is a great store and I will tell everyone I know how awesome you were and the kind deed you did. Thanks again!

Yours truly,
One loyal customer

Reptile City Review - 09/27/2012
Order 36537 Pygmy Chameleon
This is Mike Coffman (again…) I just wanted to say that the Chameleon did arrive early this morning and upon being placed in his habitat he drank well and ate 13 pinheads! I know I was a bear about timing and my concern for the shipping but I wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for timely responses to my questions as well as a good product. I look forward to business in the future If we decide to invest in any others.

Too often people take time to share critical concern but do not pay tribute where it is due. Again I just wanted to say well done to you and your team. My wife was very surprised and we both love it.

Mike Coffman

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2012



Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Dear Felton and Reptile City,
Yesterday my Senegal Chameleon arrived, as promised, from your company. This animal arrived safely, as promised, and in great shape. Communication from beginning of transaction to finish was superior. I'm quite sure that in the big picture this may not be your biggest sale, but you made me feel like your team was dedicated to making my transaction the most important and pleasurable experience ever. This was important because of the somewhat stressful nature of transporting live animal prone to stress, as well as some special requests I had asked for.

From box to his new home, my new Senegal Chameleon drank water, explored his enclosure, and enjoyed some super worms and wax worms. My kids love him!!

This is our second purchase from you, and as this level of quality business continues, you will forever be our only reptile vendor.

I would highly recommend Reptile City for anyone looking to purchase reptiles, amphibians, and anything you offer.

Thanks again,
Scott Dixson

Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Reptile City Order 36360
My turtles arrived before 3pm and seem very happy and healthy. I really appreciate it and I will definitely order again, recommend you and write a great review. Thanks again, Brandon

Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Tiger Salamander
Hi i recently ordered a tiger salamander and I'am so amazed by how quick it got here and it arrived very healthy. I will be purchasing from you guys again!! Thank-you soo much.!

Reptile City Review - 09/08/2012
We got the other Abscess. Thanks Again!

"We bought a pair of red-eared sliders from Reptile City about four months ago for a home-school science project. The arrived healthy and happy then grew like crazy and thrived in our little aquarium. One of them developed an abscess on the side of its face, which apparently happens occasionally. The people at Reptile City were happy to explain how we could treat it at home. We followed their advice and it healed up just fine. With their help, we were able to avoided costly trips to an exotic pet veterinarian, who might not have been able to treat it effectively anyway. The after-sales support from Reptile City has been outstanding! --- Kelly & Steve, Minnetonka, MN "

Reptile City Review - 09/08/2012
Order 35903
Hi Reptile City. I recieved my 2 baby eastern painted turtles and they are awesome!!. They are swimming and eating very good. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and the BOGO was such a deal. I hope to do more buisness with you in the future. Thanks again!!

Jim R.
Rochester, NY

Reptile City Review - 09/07/2012
Order 35862
Hi Felton...Just wanted to let you know that the turtles finally arrived today...!!...They seem very healthy ...alert and active..!! The Reeves turtle has a great appetite, and, quite outgoing and social with my other juvenile turtles...the little pink-bellied side neck is a bit shy, but thing though...she hasnt eaten yet...I am sure she's a little stressed from her trip...any suggestions...?...Thanks so very much...!!!


Reptile City Review - 09/02/2012
Order 34519
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my baby turtle! He is all settled in & he's adorable! I just wondered if you have any (estimated) idea of about how old he was when u sent him. I'd like to keep track of his age. Thank you again. I will be placing an order from your company within the next week of so!

PS. I'm so happy with him & have refered friends to your site! Thanks again!
Robin Isom
Order #34519

Reptile City Review - 08/23/2012
Thank you so much for getting my order to me on my requested day. This was my first time to order from Reptile City. I had a very very good very time experience from yah. I will definitely be placing more order with yah. I admit at first I was a little nervous about him coming. Yah pachaged him so well I can tell that yah know what yah are doing.
thanks Angela. W

Reptile City Review - 08/23/2012
Hello Reptilecity!
This is my third purchase from your online store. (All my turtles are very healthy and are doing great.)
I just ordered a baby razorback musk turtle. Can you guys please make sure that its a MALE and as usual please make sure its healthy, active, and able to eat before sending.
By the way, do you guys offer free food samples for returning costumers? ANYWAYS THANK YOU. I look forward to buying more within the future.
(Troy) Huu Tran
Order #35611

Reptile City Review - 08/14/2012
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my baby turtle! He is all settled in & he's adorable! I just wondered if you have any (estimated) idea of about how old he was when u sent him. I'd like to keep track of his age. Thank you again. I will be placing an order from your company within the next week of so!
Robin Isom
Order #34519

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2012
Reptile City Order 35106
The babies arrived :) and are eating happily in their tiny pond that I made for them in the terrarium. I can't believe they are tinier than my 6 year old was when I got her . she was about the size of a quarter. These guys are a smidge smaller. Not complaining at all. I love them. They were very attentinve and so happy when I gave them tiny bits of restaurant grade fish from my son's seafood restaurant. They went from nervously looking for a way out to "HEY, what's that smell?" Thank you so much . I'm sure I will be back. Karen

Reptile City Review - 07/30/2012
cindy ryczko (mother of autistic boy)
My son Kyle (who is autistic) took a fascination with barking tree frogs. I home school him due to a incident that happened at his school in which he was bullied. I had to give up my job and live on my son income which is only his SSI (social security disability).
He has been on the internet and UTube looking up barking tree frogs and wanted me to get one for him as a reward. He has researched the different colors of them, the sizes. and I think the best part he likes is that a frog actually barks like a dog.
I did some research looking for a frog and found this great website called" Reptile City" and they were advertising buy one get one free. I can not afford too much and figured I would email them about how I could possibly purchase one instead of two.
I figured they were going to call me back and say you have to purchase two and that I was wasting my time but i thought i would at least try and see what they say.
This morning I got the wonderful email back with a phone number to call and this wonderful lady offered to give me one for free so that my son and I could use our home schooling to study about them and at the same time my son will be delighted to have this as he finds comfort in animals since people are very mean to him and don't understand autism.
After researching several web sites on frogs, I decided to pick this one to email and boy and I glad I did. I can’t wait to get our frog. It goes to show there are definitely nice people out there

Thank you so much Reptile CIty for your time and patience and helping me.
Cindy Ryczko

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2012
HaHa Reptiles Order 3864
Felton, I got the 100 Iguanas. No problems. I like this size much better than the babies. I also look forward to ordering from you exclusively in the future. Thanks, Homer

Reptile City Review - 07/26/2012
Order 34369
I received my order this morning all the animals are alive and healthy. Thank you SO much! I look forward to placing another order with you soon! ~Patricia

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2012
Order 34721
Hi Felton. I got my turtles today. All are beautiful alive and kicking. I am sure they will love their new pond home. Next time you have a sale on any turtles that will do well in a ten acre Virginia pond, please let me know. Thanks again! Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Demetrios Tsiptsis

Reptile City Review - 07/25/2012
just wanted to thank you guys for the baby Savannah looks OK has a scar on its head but doable good business fast shipping great prices will buy Again if possible please send me hatching information so i know exact age please and other info will be appreciated thanks again reptile city you all rock. sincerely Joshua Whitehead-Millar
p.s. the sav its incredibly calm and tame had no problems holding and is exploring the new home

Reptile City Review - 07/23/2012
Your Reptile City Order
Received my Map Turtles today, both seam well and are in their habitat now. Thanks for a smooth and happy transaction! If I have any questions I will be sure to ask.
Thanks again,
Patt Johnson

Reptile City Review - 07/23/2012
Very Reliable
thank you very much for the halloween moon crab. his colors are beautiful and i cant wait to order from you guys again! thank you reptile city. you guys are very reliable.
Thanks Adam Blanco

Reptile City Review - 07/19/2012
Thank you for the frogs, it came in very healthy. Just wondering if you guys have any baby surinam horned frog in green or yellow color? Thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/16/2012
Red Slider Turtles
Just wanted to say thank you for the red ear slider babies, They arrived Thursday in fine shape and everyone at work loved them, gave them to my grandson as a birthday present he very very happy they are doing well.
I did not get tracking number as you had my name spelled sp instead of Stitzer but got turtles ok thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2012
Order 34124
Mr. Willis: The two baby Eastern Painted Turtles arrived today safe and sound about 12:30 PM. Thanks for your help in expediting the order! I'll do my best to see that they're well cared for! Lou

Reptile City Review - 06/19/2012
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you sooo much for the Southern hatchlings. I got them Friday and they are doing great. I'm going to give them a three weeks prior to taking them to school for my grandson and this class. I still would like to get 2 Westerns as soon as possible.
Again, Thank you for being so attentive and working with me. Reptile City is a class act.
Ron Little,

Reptile City Review - 06/16/2012
Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know I received my Snake safe and sound. He was quite chilly but after putting him into his nice warm tank, he started exploring his new pad right away. Thanks again for choosing a beautiful healthy pet for me.
You guys rock!
Sincerely, Tracy Events.

Reptile City Review - 06/15/2012
Order 33446
Dear Felton,
The reptiles arrived safely here in NJ today around 1:00 PM. They are enjoying their new 180 gal terrarium. They are beautiful specimens. Thank you for your help adjusting out the shipping fees as per our phone conversation.
May God bless you.
In Christ,
Don Russo

Reptile City Review - 06/01/2012
Dear Mr. Willis;
thank you so much for the Halloween Moon Crabs. Both arrived safely! they are so cute and go well in our 30 gallon aquarium. I will be recommending your website/company to everyone I know!!! Thank you so much for your fast shipping and careful packaging of our new pets....
Thanks again,
Wesley Harbin

Reptile City Review - 05/25/2012
Blue Tongue Skink
Just wanted to let you know that the thing got here safely. It's a little freaked out ... so am I for that matter. Lol. No. 2 son happy though. Whatever!!
Thanks again. Enjoy the Memorial weekend!!
Maria Dorosz
Sent from my iPad

Reptile City Review - 05/15/2012
Tokay Gecko
Thank you so much for all your help. I am so sorry that I was flipping out earlier. He was so excited when he walked through the door today. He said thank you for makking it on his birthday, he loves him....and he was very excited about how fast he is....Mr. Bite Alot our last tokay was like a turtle compared to this one. You guys are great. Thank you again for the service. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know.

Sonya and Walter

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2012
savannah monitors buy 1 get 1 free
i received my order very quick.all of the baby savannah monitors look good , thanks again for the order.

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2012
Question about my order: 32495
You guys are freaking awesome! I just want you to know that I will be coming to you guys for anything I need in the future! Which may be a headache right?! Thanks again!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2012
Redtail Boa’s (buy 1 get 1)
received the red tails today and the are beautiful and very active. i look forward to buying from you in the future. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2012
Thank you
Thank you so very much!!!! I recieved the green amevia and he is doing wonderful :) he has such beautiful colors! I was so excited when he came and when i got to open the box and out he comes :) thank you so much!

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2013
Pygmy Chameleons
Hi Felton,
I want to thank you so very much for takeing the time to talk to me last night & this morning. Also wanted to say how nice it was to have had such a nice conversation with your wife this afternoon. I wish you & your family all the best & do hope that your wife can some day get another horse as she so much seems to want again. You & your wife are by far the best I have dealt w/ in this business. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much for such good service & a good conversation, Linda

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2012
Order 32346
The order arrived in perfect time and condition. The critters are super looking. Thank-you. Greg

Reptile City Review - 05/02/2012
Tiger Salamander
Thank you felton. You guys are the best! :)

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2012
Order 31778
The ball python is gorgeous. That's how a python should look and act....nice and chubby and curious about the world. I'm calling him The Dude. I look forward to meeting the king.
Thanks for everything.
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2013
red eye tree frogs
I got my three red eye tree frogs yesterday and when I opened the box what was looking back at me was three of the most beautiful frogs I have ever seen!!!
what ever you are doing at reptile city you are doing it right!! if somebody is reading this wondering if they should order from reptile city I would say do not hesitate for a minute you will not be sorry!
felton again thank you so much for my beautiful new friends.
david chancellor

Reptile City Review - 04/06/2012
hingeback tortoise
gabriel marcano

Reptile City Review - 04/06/2012
Order 31623
Felton I just picked up my little female Anole, she is beautiful! Thank you so much, Karen Howell

Reptile City Review - 04/05/2012
Order 31610
Thanks for the outstanding service! I recieved the two Savannah Monitors in excellent condition. I am certain I will be purchasing from you in the future.
Brian Bane

Reptile City Review - 04/01/2012
Order 31448
Thank you for putting up with me asking questions over the past few days. The chameleons arrived yesterday and have been eating and drinking just fine.
thanks again

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2012
Order 31377
I got it! Thank you sooo much!:) he gonna lov it! Ill be sure to purchase from you guys again thanks!

Reptile City Review - 03/25/2012
Customer testimonial
I'm no biologist. I'm no zoologist. I am an artist with an intense fascination with nature and animals. I have studied every kind of animal all my life through shows, books, and from life (the best way to understand and learn). I bought 2 black racers, an Asian tree frog, a rose hair tarantula, and an iguana from Reptilecity about a week ago. I got 4/5 animals within 4 days. The iguana will be here shortly :)
For 100$ (and free shipping!) I got five amazing animals who are healthy, well-cared for, and act as they should! The arachnid hides in her squidward house, the amphibian just stares at me in his water dish, my male racer bites me and hides from me, and Lucie the gorgeous 5 foot black racer rules the roost (although I witnessed her being chased by my 3 month old ferret last night).
I would have spent 500$ + at a "chain" pet store for animals like these. And they probably wouldn't be as hearty.
I'd recommend this place to anyone who's interested in getting a critter other than a cat or dog. And people need to give reptiles/amphibians/bugs a chance. They have hearts too.

Reptile City Review - 03/22/2012
Reptile City Order 31232
The turtles arrived today in perfect condition. They really took to the aquarium (90 gallon). Thanks so much for your fast service and these feisty, healthy turtles.

Reptile City Review - 03/17/2012
Hi! I just wanted to let you know the new batch of frogs are doing great! Very healthy and pretty too! Thank you for the replacements, I will recommend you in the future! -Teresa Benton.

Reptile City Review - 03/14/2012
Order 31094
I just received my turtle today, I have to say I was a little skeptical ordering online but you guys are awesome. I got my order on time for my nieces birthday . the turtle was very active. Im glade I did business with you guys. You and your crew are truly amazing.
Brittney gaskins

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2012
Thank you Felton
Felton I wanted you to know how happy I am with my 3 baby Reeves Turtles and Green Anole! They are beautiful, healthy, and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the great service and wonderful pets. You will definitely be my "go to" reptile store for life! Sincerely, Karen Howell

Reptile City Review - 03/09/2012
Order 30821
you are awesome I would definitely reccommend your site to my friends. I will definitely be searching for some forums to rave about your excellent personal customer service and the quality of animals you provide, I love all of my little babies and they are doing soo well. Thank you so much. Crystal Wright

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2012
Order 31004
I just wanted to let you know that I received my two tockay geckos today. They arrived very healthy and active! I really appreciate the great customer support and the great product.
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2012
thank you
I want to thank you for my water dragon. He so full of life.I would also like to thank you for your services and patience with me. I would definitely order from you all an again.
Thank You,
Selena Phipps

Reptile City Review - 03/01/2012
A Letter For Felton - Pilgrim Lutheran
Beginning in the spring of 2012 I began looking into classroom pets for my classroom. During these past few months I have spent hours looking at local pet stores, researching various species, and looking online for information and animals.

During that time I cam across Reptile City. It quickly was apparent to me that this company was different from others. On their web site they not only show pictures of the animals available for purchase, but they also have a large section which shows various educational aspects of the reptile and pet industry.

I have had the opportunity to speak with Felton a number of times and it is obvious that his love for the animals drives what he does. He has goals that reach far beyond making money. He clearly hopes to educate the next generation of students and children to be wise consumers, owners, and citizens in their dealings with pets. All these animals are a gift that has been given to us, Felton wants to make sure that we appreciate that gift and treat it with respect.

I am amazed at Felton’s dedication to this educational effort. I support Felton’s and Reptile City’s efforts 100% and wish them nothing but the best in their efforts to raise the bar in pet sales, care, and education.

I look forward to my continued relationship with Reptile City and Felton. They are a breed apart from the others!

Todd R.
Pilgrim Lutheran School,
Menomonee Falls, WI

Reptile City Review - 02/18/2012
Hi Felton, I bought my small bullsnake from you and wanted you to know he is doing very well. I couldnt be more pleased. I will do business with you again in the future. Thank you,

Reptile City Review - 02/16/2012
Order 30425
My turtles arrived alive and well!!!! They're very active, and have obviously been well cared for!!!!! Why the enthusiasm and exclamation points? Well ill admit (because of your low prices) I had my doubts. I figured i'd be rescuing some poor baby turtles from some kind "over crowded concentration camp" of a turtle farm. (Which seemed to be the case with the last turtle supplier I bought from) So you can imagine how pleased I was when I opened my package to find Beautiful, Lively, Healthy Turtles!!!!!!! Thank you sir,,, i'll be looking forward to doing more buisness with you in 30-40 years when my pet turtles die from ripe old age!!! Haha
Jared A.

Reptile City Review - 02/09/2012
Thank you!
Dear reptile city;
I have always wanted to say thank you for my pet turtle. I bought him almost 7yrs ago. I orignally bought him and a female but 6 days after i got them the female died of sickness. You have always offered the best deal. I have recently opened up my first online pet store at I am very proud of it and of course my pet turtle rocky is the spokesman for my site. Any time I go to reptile blogs etc to talk about reptiles I talk about your company if people are looking for live pets and I show them my turtle. I am writing because I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your business and how much I love my pet and want to Thank you for that. You are a wonderful company and I let the world know it because you are the best. Thank you have a wonderful day.
Brenda Topping

Reptile City Review - 02/03/2012
Recent Purchase
Wow, what a job. I needed a ball python for my son's 9 birthday that was just 4 days away. I called Reptile City and spoke with Mr. Felton Willis. I explained my situation to him and he assured me he could help me out. I made the purchase and remarkably had my snake in 2 days!!! And I don't mind saying that it was a very fine looking snake too. I was very happy not only with the service that I was provided but also extremely happy with the quality of my snake. I can assure you that any future purchases or needs in the reptile area will be handled by Reptile City. Thanks again Felton and rest assured you will be my only recommendation.
M. Ivey
Fayetteville, NC

Reptile City Review - 01/21/2012
Turtle has been here a week and is doing great! Students love checking on him/her every day! Thank you,
Nancy Smerekanicz & a bunch of 6th grade students

Reptile City Review - 01/18/2012
The turtle arrived fine,
Thanks Frank. (Alaska)
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 01/15/2012
Order 29720 – Albino Leopard Gecko (adult)
I got him Felton. Thank you so much, he's gorgeous.

Reptile City Review - 01/13/2012
Order 29117
Dear Mr. Willis
I received the snake. The snake is fine. I will be buying from you again in the warmer weather. I am very happy with your service. You went above and beyond to make everything right.

Thank you very much,
Anthony Wescott Sr.

Reptile City Review - 01/12/2012
Southern Painted Turtles
Hello Nina,
First off, allow me to apologize for not getting back to you sooner with a review on your spectacular turtles. The last couple of months have been a whilwind of meeting with families over Christmas to plan the wedding for this or next year. We are all settled in now, and I finally have some time devoted to writing you the review you deserve. I will speak from my heart, feel free to use anything that you feel would best help. (Forgive me for speaking in the third person).

For as long as I can remember I've always dreamt about meeting the girl who would be my life partner and soul mate. Last year, after moving into the city, that dream came exploding into reality. We met at the Turtle Pond in Central Park on the first day of the Autumn of last year; all of New York City was engulfed in the flames of autumnal foliage. There was a red bellied cooter trying to eat one of the leaves that had gently fallen on the surface of the pond, and as I began to laugh, I heard a restrained snigger from across the pond. They say when you meet the one you love, your eyes catch on fire. I can now safely say, mine were ablaze. I knew this was a now-or-never moment, so I worked up some courage and went over to talk to her. Only in New York!! Needless to say, we really hit it off, and from that moment we knew that turtles would be the one true animal to represent our relationship.

We started slow, and persevered. And after a while, when we knew it was safe, we started coming out of our respective shells. Out of our shells, we were able to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each other's markings. When things began to get serious, I decided to get her a beautiful turtle brooch "called a terra-pin!"; she treasured it as a treasure. And then, it smashed me in the face. We had literally thousands of discussions about it, of course, but we were never ready to take our relationship to the next level of having to care for another of God's glorious creatures together, as a family unit. That is when I knew what had to be done.

I was referred to Reptile City from an old blood brother from my days with the masons. I was a bit nervous at first ordering turtles from an internet web-site. "How safe can that be?" I querried. However, after inquiring with an e-mail, I was able to speak with kind Nina, who assured me that not only would I get my turtles, but in time for the day of the proposal. I ordered them, and even received a phone call from Nina saying that she herself was preparing the turtles especially for me. Never in my life have I received such distinctive customer ministrations.

Within days, the turtles had arrived, unscathed and impregnable. I quickly ran up the stairs to open the box and placed them in their new habitat.

The plan was to have everything ready before my betrothed arrived. I made up a sign behind the tank which read:

"I Love You A Shell of a Lot". I also purchased a teeny weeny treasure chest that I placed at the bottom of the aquarium, and it was there where I hid the ring.

She finally arrived, and started crying as soon as she saw the tank with our little darlings. Tears of unrequited, happy joy.

I told her to look into the tank, and open up the chest. She saw the ring, and nearly fainted. I took a knee, looked up, and asked her for her hand in marriage. Her response was both quick and witty.

"Shell yes!"

And I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Reptile City had given me something more than turtles. They helped secure my future with the one person who makes me smile each and every day. Thank you Reptile City.

Hope that helps Nina!
Sebastian DiNatale

P.S. Unfortunately, there hasn't been all happiness here. Sadly, Beatrice (the smaller of the two turtles) passed away from some unknown reason. We left for vacation for a week, and had the tank set up with a feeder and light timer and everything. Dante Tortellini is fine, but Beatrice was lifeless. Would I be able to purchase a replacement (southern painted)? I have a plan for valentine's day and am hoping we can have two once more. He's so lonely without his sister :(

Reptile City Review - 01/10/2012
Thank you so much for everything. We love our new red tail boa and so do the kids. It was a great Christmas present for sure:) He is very calm and great with people and a great eater. Couldn't have asked for more!!
Cassandra Turner

Reptile City Review - 01/06/2012
Red Tegu
i received him this morning! he is awesome! thank you! about how old is he by chance
Ryan, Great Falls, Mt
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Reptile City Review - 01/03/2012
Order 29521
Just wanted to thank you guys! All 11 tokays arrived in good (typical ready to fight) condition. All seem very alert with no issues what so ever. It was done in a very timely manner even with new years. Pleasure doing business and I'm sure you'll see more orders from my self and people I know in the future.

TJ Murphy
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