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The 3/16 Crickets are the best all-around reptile food in the world. Choose crickets that are the right size. Crickets live for about 8 weeks. An adult cricket will survive for about two weeks. Pinheads may survive for over a month. Crickets provide much-needed proteins, vitamins and minerals, and enable insect eating pets to satisfy their natural predatory instincts.

Without an adequate diet, they will prey upon each other. Crickets will eat foods such as stale bread, poultry mash, cornmeal, powdered dog or cat food, tropical fish flakes, pond fish pellets, and rabbit chow.

Worms Crickets

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The female cricket has three long extrusions on her back and fully developed wings. The male cricket has two extrusions. In the female, the extrusion is called the ovipositor. This is the sexual organ of the female cricket and is what is used to lay eggs.

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