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Scorpions for Sale

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Scorpions for Sale

Are all scorpions venomous?

Yes. All species of scorpion are venomous. If you are an insect, and therefore potential food for the scorpion, then all of a scorpion stings would be deadly. However, only a very small number of the over 1050 known species are dangerous to humans.

Most produce a bee-sting like reaction in humans. It is very painful, but not life-threatening. The sting or stinger, also called a telson, is located at the very end of the postabdomen of the scorpion.

The base of the sting, or vesicle, is globular and tapers posteriorly to a very narrow, curved spine called the aculeus.

The vesicle contains a pair of glandular sacs that produce and store the various components of the scorpion's venom. The aculeus is like a hypodermic needle. It is hollow and very, very sharp. There is a pair of openings near the tip from which the venom is delivered. Each venom sac is connected to one of the openings by a venom duct. The venom sacs are controlled voluntarily so the scorpion can regulate how much venom is injected with each sting. Some scorpions don't inject any venom when stinging.

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