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We are proud to announce the release our new (RSOP) Reptile Shipping Options Program which will allow those of you that can’t justify paying twenty dollars for the animal(s) then another 40.00 for the shipping.

To qualify for FS - Free Shipping within 6-10 business days the order must be 100.00 or more and only contain (animals).

If your order doesn’t meet the minimum or you have ordered supplies or feeders i.e. crickets, worms to raise the order over the 100 dollar minimum our staff will separate the file into two different orders then adjust the animal file to the Standard Express shipping charge which is 29.95.

PW - Processes Within - the window of time an order has to be packed, shipped and delivered. Once the item(s) are shipped it’s an overnight package – the order could ship in 1 day or it could be shipped on the 4th day, it all depends on which shipping options is selected too how fast the file is processed.

EE - Expedited Express - is a pre-arranged special request between the Customer and Reptile City prior too the order being placed. The request could consist of a specific arrival date, different ship-to address, gender request, particular animal(s) pictures, a certain shipper or expedited processing such as same day shipping or Saturday delivery.

EC - Economical Express - orders that are processed and shipped anytime within 30 Business Days of the order date. This option is still an overnight shipment but allows you the opportunity place small orders with no shipping for those willing to wait.

RSOP Service

Processes Within

Minimum Order Amount

Shipping Cost

SE - Standard Express

5-7 Business Days



GE - Gold Express

3-4 Business Days



EE - Expedited Express

1-2 Business Days



SV - Silver Express

8-14 Business Days



FS - Express

6-10 Business Days



EC - Economical Express

30 Business Days



Processing Time - isn’t the length of time a item is in transit – it’s the time we allow to process the order – Upon Shipped – It’s Overnight

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The point is, as customers of any industry you have a choice of what, where, when and how you purchase. The online reptile industry has exploded. Now one can buy just about any type of frog, lizard, snake, turtle, tortoise, or scorpion and have that live animal arrive at your door in most cases within 48-72 hours. Unfortunately, it will cost you $29.95, $39.95 and even as much as $49.95 to transfer the order from point A to point B - Take It or Leave It.

What if you didn't want the animal(s) until 2 weeks later or you needed time to order and prepare the enclosure before receiving the live shipment. Do you have of a Choice of not paying the expensive shipping? NO! Therefore, at the end of the day the online reptile industry has monopolized and requires you to pay without Any Options as the customer on how fast or slow you can receive the order.

We received a message (see below) from a potential customer back in July of 2014 which inspired me to redesign Reptile City and create a solution to this shipping charge issue. I replied to David and asked him to call me directly. In short, we completed the order and both parties were satisfied with the outcome. Now, thanks to our new web designers at Strategic Marketing Inc., an online marketing agency in Portland, Oregon, you too have an option other than being bounded to only one choice.


Emperor scorpion

I would really like to purchase one of your scorpions, but I was wondering if there was any way you could maybe reduce the cost some if I’m willing to wait a couple of weeks to receive the order. $30 for the animal and another $40 for shipping is tough to swallow. Any thoughts or help?

David Muszynski

Thanks for shopping at Reptile City.
Felton Willis