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Frogs & Toads For Sale

Frogs and toads all share similar characteristics which makes providing habitats for them easier than many other pets. They all need the same basic habitats for survival with a few minor modifications depending on the specie you purchase.

Remember that generally speaking you can have multiple frogs in the same habitat, but you CANNOT mix species.

The basic frog setup includes the following items:

Big-eyed Tree Frog Leopard Frog
Tomato Frog Bumble Bee Arrow

Frogs For Sale at Reptile City

A suitable tank/terrarium/reptarium that should be able to house the number of pets you order. Rule of thumb here is that the bigger the frog the bigger the tank. The more frogs you have... the bigger the tank. Most frogs only need a 10-20 gallon tank with an enclosed top. If there is an opening in the tank where a frog can stick its head through it can get out.

Secondly your tank needs to have a water source. All frogs and toads require water for drinking and soaking. Your water dish should be shallow enough for your frog/toad to be able to get into and out of easily, but large enough to provide enough moisture for your pet. If you have a pump/filter you can make a false-bottom aquarium and fill the bottom part of the aquarium with water and then adjust the water to land ratio using rocks and substrate.

Aquatic frogs need more water than terrestrial frogs so adjust the water to land ratio accordingly. Some frogs only need 10% of the area to be land while others do fine with 90%. Take your frogs natural habitat into consideration when designing their habitat.

Care Information Continued: Frogs & Toads Care

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