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Looking for an Exotic Pet?

We specialize in the exotic, hard to find reptiles, spiders, hermit crabs and animals that you'd have a tough time finding anywhere. Take a minute and let us know... we'll take a look around for you!

How do wholesale dealers in the US house thousands of these wild, captured reptiles once they arrive?

Most wholesalers do not have a proper way to house these animals and use old Watering Tubs, so many die either right away or shortly after they are shipped to retailers.

Reptile City is building a world class facility, which will give our animals natural holding cages complete with real grass, trees, vines and water ponds. Properly acclimating wild animals back into a natural environment will increase the overall health of our animals before we ship them to our customers.

Turtles For Sale, Lizards For Sale, Frogs For Sale, Snakes For Sale, Hermit Crabs For Sale, Scorpions For Sale, Tortoises For Sale, Salamanders For Sale, Tarantulas For Sale and More!

Where can someone shop online and not only purchases their animals' supplies but also experience pleasant outdoor images instead of a scanned picture of the reptiles for sale?

Along with providing our animals with natural enclosures, we are expanding the reptile supplies we offer to our customers. Now you will be able to see real pictures of our supplies in a wonderful outdoor setting. These new unique outdoor images we hope will help you to understand and appreciate the quality care we have for our business. We hope you enjoy our expanded new Reptile Supply pages and thanks again for shopping at Reptile City.

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Americans spend over 1.5 billion dollars each year on reptiles for sale and the supplies.

Many of us have no idea where these animals are coming from
or what types of methods were used to transfer those animals into the United States.

Think about that for a second.

The United States sends thousands of gallons of oil, gas, and other liquids, in 55gal drums to other countries. What happens to these drums once empty? Unfortunately, many of these empty drums are placed in the jungle to be used as temporary holding pins for lizards, snakes, turtles, and other reptiles.

Why would anyone walk back through the jungle with one or two frogs when they can put 500 or more in these "free" drums? The animals are fine for the few hours inside these large drums. Then they are packed and sent to dealers in the US.