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Updated 05/03/16 @ 9:00am

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Online shopping for a pet reptile can be fast, fun and a secure way of doing so. It can also be the beginning of a nightmare when not knowing whom you are dealing with. From our experience, most of the dealers within the industry are very good people. Most dealers go beyond the call of duty to insure that the customer receives what he/she has ordered.

We once placed an order with an online dealer. We later found out that the supplier was working from a Motel Room. Therefore, we think it’s essential for our customers to know our Family, staff members and mission. This way there is no misunderstanding who you are placing your order with while sitting at the computer miles away.

All Natural Reptile Enclosures!

Felton Willis, Owner

Reptile City has been online for over 10 years now. Our mission is to open the first all natural housing facility within the reptile industry. With that said, we are very proud to introduce the staff members below. We hope that the brief description of their qualifications and pictures, give you first hand access to the people behind the scenes of Reptile City and the sites we sponsor.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Felton Willis, CEO
Dallas, Texas
Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Willis founded Reptile City in February 1993. Mr. Willis has over ten years of experience in Sales Management and Business Development in the Pet Industry. He also has owned four retail stores in the Dallas/ Ft.Worth area. As Director of Sales, Mr. Willis is involved in Strategic Business Planning and will oversee the sales team in the achievement of the company’s goals and market share. Mr. Willis goal is to open a multimillion dollar Virtual Adoptive Educational Facility for reptiles.

Chris Siuniak , Webmaster
Davisburg, Michigan
Chirs brings 20 years of internet expertise as a web designer and consultant to Reptile City for the past four years. He is an expert at software development and design, with a concentration in remote deployment. Mr. Siuniak plays a large part in developing the eCommerce platforms, as well as managing our other web stores.

Nina Baum, Human Resources
Honey Grove, Texas
Responsible for development and maintenance for Reptile City web sites financial database, financial reporting & maintenance. Responsibilities also include technical review compilation engagements and maintenance of quality control procedures.

Kevin Cash, Venture Capital Director
Houston, Texas
Mr. Cash position with Reptile City is to locate venture capitalists, which will invest. He will serve as their director and advisors and will conduct reports assessing other attractive markets for the company. Kevin's integrity, intelligence and motivation will help Reptile City research investment themes and identifying huge markets for the investor’s.

Juan Carlos Alejandro, Español Sale Manager
Puerto Rico
Mr. Alejandro joined Reptile City in January 2007. He is responsible for strategic Hispanic business relationships along with technology and professional services. Mr. Alejando will independently conduct, lead, direct and or participate as a team member on complex, sensitive audits. He will assist with planning, organizing and conducting investigations dealing with matters involving financial fraud and other securities practices. He will also be analyzing reports and auditing Reptile City financial records. He will oversee the day-to-day execution of certain assigned projects including supervising and allocating budgeted hours for their functions.

William Winder, Public Relations
Raleigh, North Carolina,
Mr. Winder will work as consultant and develop, and maintain the Reptile City Facebook site. He will provide leadership in the areas of reptile education maintenance and operations. He also will be responsible for developing marketing and public relations campaigns and represents Reptile City to the press.

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